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Allah The Greatest Name He who repeats this name 160 He who repeats this Name 100

time to a sick person, will help times for seven days without
Who repeats this name at him to regain health. He who break, Allah will create an
least 1000 times his heart will repeats this name frequently angel whose duty willbe to act
be free from doubts and righteously for this person
will be safe from all calamities.
suspicions. Ifany body until the Day of Judgement.
suffering from some incurable 6 Al-Mumin The Inspirer of The reward for angels actions
disease repeats this Name Faith will be given to that person.
many times, then prays to See also under Al-Musawwir.
Allahfor recovery, he will He who repeats this name 631
recover from the disease, by times will be safe from harm. 12 Al-Bari The Maker of Order
the Grace of Allah. 7 Al-Muhaymin The Guardian He who creates all thingsin
1 Ar-Rahman The All-Merciful He who takes bath and offers proportion. See also the
two rakats of prayer and suggestions under Al-
Who repeart this name 100
repeats this Name 100 times Musawwir.
times after each
fard(Obligatory) prayer will with sincere concentration, 13 Al-Musawwir The Shaper of
have good memory, a keen Allah will purify his external as
awareness, and be free of a well as internal condition.
If a woman who desires to
heavy heart. 8 Al-Aziz The Victorious give a birth, but cannot, fasts
2 Ar-Rahim The All-Beneficient He who repeats this Name 41 seven days, and each day at
times after each Fazar prayer the breaking of the fast (iftaar)
He who repeat this name100 she repeats thesethree Names
times after each Fajr (Early will beindependent of need
from others and gain honour twenty-onetimes, breathes
Morning) prayer will find into a glass of water, and then
everyone to be friendly after disgrace.
breaks the fast with this
towards him and he will be 9 Al-Jabbar The Compeller water, Allah will bless her with
safe from all worldly a child.
calamities. He who repeats this Name will
not be compelled to do 14 Al-Ghaffar The Forgiving
3 Al-Malik The Absolute Ruler anything against his wishes,
and will not be exposed to He who repeats this Name will
He who repeats this name be forgiven his sins.
many times every day after voilence, severity or hardness.
the morning prayer. Will 10 Al-Mutakabbir The 15 Al-Qahhar The Subduer
become rich by the grace of Greatest
Allah. The soul of him who repeats
He who repeats this Name this Name Will conquer the
4 Al-Quddus The Pure One frequently will be granted desires of the flesh, and his
status and respect. If He heart will be made free from
The heart of those who repeat the attractions of the world
this name 100 times each day repeats thisName frequently
at the commencement of and gain inner peace. this
will be free from anxiety. Name also frees one from
everyact, He will achieve
5 As-Salam The Source of success by the grace of Allah. being wronged.
Peace 16 Al-Wahhab The Giver of All
11 Al-Khaliq The Creator
If a man suffering from Those who fast three days, afternoon prayer, Allah will
poverty and starvation repeats and on the fourth day repeat give this person light in his
this Name frequently or keeps this Name 70 times in a sight and enlighten his heart.
it with him written on a piece gathering, Allah will free them
of paper or repeats this Name fromharm by their enemy. 28 Al-Hakam The Judge
40 times in the last Sajda if the Allah will fulfill the need of He who repeats this Name
Chasht prayer, Allah will one who repeats this Name many times at night, many
relieve him of his poverty, 500 times daily. secrets (sirr)will be revealed to
want and starvation in a him.
wonderful way. 23 Ar-Rafi The Exalter

He who repeats this Name 101 29 Al-Adl The Just

17 Ar-Razzaq The Sustainer
times day and night, Allah will On Friday night or day, ifyou
He who repeats this Name will make him higher, as far as write this Name on apiece of
be provided with sustenance honour, richness and merit are bread and eat itpeople will
by Allah. concerned. obey you.
18 Al-Fattah The Opener 24 Al-Muizz The Bestower of 30 Al-Latif The Subtle One
The heart of him who repeats He who repeats this Name 133
this Name will be open, and he He who repeats this name 140 times daily will have increase
will be given victory. times after Maghrib prayer on in his sustenance and all his
Monday or Friday nights,Allah affairs will be settled to his
19 Al-Alim The Knower of All will make him dignified in the satisfaction.
He who repeats this Name, his eyes of others. That person
heart will become luminous, will fear no one but Allah. 31 Al-Khabir The All-Aware
revealing divine light(Nur). 25 Al-Mudhill The Humiliator If a mam is a victim of selfish
desires and bad habits he will
20 Al-Qabid The Constrictor He who repeats this Name 75 be relieved of these if he
He who writhes this name on times will be free from harm repeats this Name regularly.
4 pieces of food (fruit, by those who are jealous of
bread,etc.) and eats them for him and wish to harm him. 32 Al-Halim The Forebearing
40 days will be free from Allah will protect him.
He who write this Name on a
hunger. 26 As-Sami The Hearer of All piece of paper, washes it with
21 Al-Basit The Reliever water and sprinkles that water
He who repeats this Name on anything that thing will
He who repeats this Name 10 500, 100 or 50 times without become safe from loss and
times after Chasht prayer with speaking to anyone on calamities.
open hands (palms up), then thursday after the chasht
rubs his face with his hands, prayer, Allah will bestow on 33 Al-Azim The Magnificent
will be free of need from him anything he desires.
Those who repeat this Name
others. 27 Al-Basir The Seer of All many times will berespected.
22 Al-Khafid The Abaser He who repeats this Names 34 Al-Ghafur The Forgiver and
100 times after Friday Hider of Faults
He who has a headache, fever He who faces any problem in his work, and Allah will
and despondent, and should repeat this Name many open to him the door of
continuously repeats this times. wisdom.
Name will be relieved of his
ailment and will have Allahs 41 Al-Jalil The Mighty 47 Al-Wadud The Loving One
forgiveness. He who writes this Nameon a If there is a quarrel between
35 Ash-Shakur The Rewarder piece of paper withmusk and two people (e.g. wife and
of Thankfulness saffron and keeps it with him husband) and one of them
and repeats this Name repeatsthis Name 1000 times
He who is afflicted with frequently will attain honour over some food and has the
monitory troubles or with any and status. other person to eat the food,
other calamity and suffering, if there will be no disagreement
he repeats this Name 41 tmes 42 Al-Karim The Generous between them.
daily. He who repeats this Name
48 Al-Majd The Majestic One
36 Al-Ali The Highest many times at bedtime will
have esteem in this world (and He who repeats this Name
He who repeats this Name the Hereafter among the gains glory.
regularly and keep it with him learned and righteous people).
after writing it on a piece of 49 Al-Baith The Resurrector
paper will attain high rank, 43 Ar-Raqib The Watchful One
He who repeats this Name
affluence and success in his He who repeats this Name gains the fear of Allah.
(lawful) desires. seven times on himself, his
family and property, all will be 50 Ash-Shahid The Witness
37 Al-Kabir The Greatest
under Allahs protection. He who has disobedient
He who repeats this Name 100 children or wife and repeats
times each day will have 44 Al-Mujib The Responder to
this Name in the morning over
esteem. Prayer
them 21 times daily with his
The appeal of him who handplaced on his/her forhead
38 Al-Hafiz The Preserver
repeats this Name will be he/she will become obedient.
He who repeats this Name answered.
frequently and keeps it with 51 Al-Haqq The Truth
him will beprotected against 45 Al-Wasi The All-
If one has something and
calamities. Comprehending
repeats this Name, he will find
If one who has difficulty in what is lost.
39 Al-Muqit The Nourisher
earning, repeats this Name
If someone with a bad frequently, will have good 52 Al-Wakil The Trustee
mannered child repeats this earnings. He who is afraid of drowining,
Name into a glass of water, being burnt in a fire, or any
and gives this water to the 46 Al-Hakim The Perfectly
Wise similar danger, and repeats
child to drink, the child will this Name continuously (from
havegood manners. He who repeats this Name time to time), will be under
40 Al-Hasib The Accounter continuously (from time to the protection of Allah.
time) will not have difficulties
53 Al-Qawi The Possessor of 60 Al-Muhyi The Giver of Life He who repeats this Name
All Strength many times, Allah will provide
If a person has a heavy burden his need, and as result he will
He who cannot defeat his and repeats this Name seven not need others, but they will
enemy, and repeats this Name times each day, his burden will
need him.
with the intention of not being be taken away.
harmed, will be free from his 69 Al-Qadir The All Powerful
enemys harm. 61 Al-Mumit The Taker of Life
He who repeats this Name, all
54 Al-Matin The Forceful One This Name is repeated his Desires will be fulfilled.
todestroy ones enmy.
If one has troubles and 70 Al-Muqtadir The Creator of
repeats this Name, his 62 Al-Hayy The Ever Living One All Power
troubles will disappear. He who repeats this Name will He who repeats this Name will
have a long life.
55 Al-Wali The Governor be aware of the truth.

He who repeats this Name is 63 Al-Qayyum The Self- 71 Al-Muqaddim The

likely to be a walyullah, the Existing One Expediter
friend of Allah. He who repeats this Name will He who repeats this Name on
56 Al-Hamid The Praised One not fall into inadvertency. the battlefield, or who has
64 Al-Wajid The Finder fear of beingalone in an
He who repeats this Name will
aweinspiringplace, no harm
be loved and praised. He who repeats this Name will will cometo him and will
57 Al-Muhsi The Appraiser have richness of heart. become obedient to Allah.

He who is afraid of being 65 Al-Majid The Glorious 72 Al-Muakhkhir The Delayer

questioned on theJudgement He who repeats this Name in He who repeats this Name in
Day, and repeats this Name privacy and sincerely, his heart the heart 100 times each day,
100 times daily, will have ease will be enlightened. only loveof Allah will remain.
and clementy. No other love can enter.
66 Al-Wahid The Only One
58 Al-Mubdi The Originator 73 Al-Awwal The First
He who repeats this Name
If This Name is repeated and 1000 times in privacy and in a A childless person will
breathed towards a pregnant quiet place will be free from beblessed with a child if
woman who isafaid of fear and delusion. herepeats this name 40 times
aborting, she will be free of daily for 40 days. Ifa traveler
danger. 67 Al-Ahad The One
repeats it 1000times on a
59 Al-Muid The Restorer He who repeats this Name Friday he will reach home safe
1000 times will have certain and sound.
If this Name is repeated 70 secrets opened to him.
times for someone who is 74 Al-Akhir The Last
away from his family, that 68 As-Samad The Satisfier of
He who repeats this Name
person will return safely in All Needs
many times will lead a good
seven days.
life and at the end of this life 82 Al-Afu The Forgiver 90 Al-Mani The Preventer of
will have a good death. Harm
He who repeats this Name
75 Az-Zahir The Manifest One many times, all his sins will be One should repeat this Name
forgiven. 20 times at bedtimes for a
He who recites this Name 15 peaceful and happy family life.
times after Friday (jumma 83 Ar-Rauf The Clement
prayer) divine light (Noor) will 91 Ad-Darr The Creator of The
He who repeats this Name
enter his heart. Harmful
many times will beblessed by
76 Al-Batin The Hidden One Allah. He who does not enjoy peace
and tranquility in life should
He who repeats this Name 84 Malik al-Mulk The Owner of repeat this Name 100 times in
three times each day will be All Fridaynights.He will find
able to see the truth in things. peaceand tranquility by the
He who repeats this Name will
77 Al-Wal The Protecting have esteem among people. grace of Allah.
Friend 92 An-Nafi The Creator of
85 Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram The
He who repeats this Name and Lord of Majesty and Bounty Good
breathes it into his house, his He who repeats this Name 41
He who repeats this Name
housewill be free from danger. times at the begnning of every
many times, will be rich.
78 Al-Mutaali The Supreme act, will be successful in all his
One 86 Al-Muqsit The Equitable good acts.
He who repeats this Name 93 An-Nur The Light
He who repeat this Name will
many times will gain the Those who repeat this Name
benevolence of Allah. be free from the harm of the
devil. will have inner light.
79 Al-Barr The Doer of Good 94 Al-Hadi The Guide
87 Al-Jami The Gatherer
He who repeats this Name to Ho who repeats 1100 times
his child, this child will be free He who repeats this Name will
find the things that he lost. the sacred Namesyahadi
from misfortune. ihdinas-siratal-mustaqim
80 At-Tawwab The Guide to 88 Al-Ghani The Rich One after the Isha prayer will be
Repentance free from all needs.
He who repeats this Name 70
He who repeats this Name times will be contented and 95 Al-Badi The Originator
many times, his repentance not convetous and will not be
needy. He who is confronted by any
will be accepted. distress or difficulty should
81 Al-Muntaqim The Avenger 89 Al-Mughni The Enricher repeat this Name 70,000 times
for relief from the distress.
He who repeats this Name
He who repeats this
1000 times daily for ten 96 Al-Baqi The Everlasting One
Names for 3 Fridays many Fridays will becom self-
times will be victorious against sufficient. He who repeats this Name
his enemies. every Friday night 100 times
all his good deeds will be
accepted, by the grace of

97 Al-Warith The Inheritor of


He who repeats this Name

after sunrise 100 times, will be
safe from all sorrows, by the
grace of Allah.

98 Ar-Rashid The Righteous


He who does not have the

know-how about a particular
task or unableto work out
plans for a certain task should
repeat this Name 1000 times
between Maghrib and Isha.

99 As-Sabur The Patient One

He who is in any
trouble,difficulty or sorrow
and repeat this Name 3000
times, will be rescued from his