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HRD 3310

Action Plan

Module 4

1. Identify the steps you plan to take to continue learning in order to meet the

demands of the future workforce.

a. Next Five Years: In the next 5 years, I hope to obtain my masters

degree in accounting and also to become a CPA.

b. Life-long Plan: For this long term goal, I hope to able to get a stable job

that can support a living. In the next 7 years, I would love to get my own place. In

addition, save up a lot of money and use that money to invest in a business. Start

planning my retirement and give some back to charity if I could. To sum up, I

would like to have a skill that I know best and use that skill to make a living.

2. What are the kinds of networking you plan to pursue in your field? (60% of

jobs found are identified through mingling and interacting with people

socially who are connected to your field of choice)

a. Identify three networking strategies that you plan to pursue?

1. Be friendly and nice at work. Form a working relationship/friendship with


2. Attend professional networking events at school or community. This is an

opportunity to meet different people and get different insights of the area of work
I am interested in. That way I will be able to decide what suits me best and make

the right decision.

3. Participate in events that may relate in your field. It is a chance to meet new

people and show them your skill.

b. Identify professional associations you plan to join.

1. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)

2. Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA)

c. Identify electronic sources that you will routinely search for networking


1. Bauer Gateway

2. LinkedIn


3. How do you plan to market yourself, in addition to networking (i.e. Resume

submission, business cards, business dress, and personal image)? Name five


1. Communication. Maintain an effective communication with colleagues.

2. Be active and keep updated information on LinkedIn

3. Be outgoing and dont be shy to talk to professionals

4. Volunteer to professional events. Attend networking events

5. Be alert and keep a positive attitude

4. Write a 3-minutes introduction of yourself in response to that typical

interview question: Tell Me about Yourself (This should include your

strengths and areas you think will help you sell yourself to possible


I am currently pursing Bachelors degree in accounting at University of Houston

and will be graduating in Fall 2017. After graduating with my undergrad degree in

accounting, I will continue to become a CPA eligible and plan on sitting to take the exam

in the next 2 years. Currently, I am interning with Group1 Automotive as an accounting

intern. Although I am busy with school but I still take the initiative to work part-time in

order to learn and gain any skills possible.

I am a highly motivated and dedicated student with strong detail oriented skill and

determined personality. I see myself as someone who keeps going and never gives up.

In addition, I have had significant working experience since I started working after high

school including customer service, office duties, clerical work, etc. ) I have quite a lot of

work experiences and they taught of how to organize and manage time wisely, also

improved my leadership experience and handle problems effectively.

The skills that I have learned and maintained the most is the ability to multi-task,

the importance of teamwork and how to handle myself as a professional. I am the person

who works hard for things I want and brings dedication to the job.

5. List four steps you will need to complete to be ready for your first interview?

1. Research the company you are applying to so that it will give a good

impression to the interviewer why this job and company interest you.

2. Practice the questions that are typically asked at the interview.

3. Dress to impress. Maintain good hygiene.

4. Be confident, have a positive attitude and dont forget to smile.