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Detailed Lesson Plan in Health

I. Objectives

At the end of lesson, the students will be able to:

1. Identify the important kinds of drugs and their uses
2. Discuss the common effects and risks of abusing drugs
3. To determine behaviours that increase well-being.
4. Allow students to achieve life goals.

Subject Matter: Classification of drugs according to use and effect

MAPEH-I textbook, pp. 370-372

Video clips,

Values: For them to become aware to the classification of drugs according to

their use and effect.
II. Procedure

A. Learning Activities

Teachers Activity Students Activities


Good morning class Good morning Maam

Okay, so let us pray first. Miss Domingo (Miss Domingo will lead the prayer)
kindly lead the prayer

(Checking of attendance) (The students say present as the teacher

Say present if you are present. calls their name)

So how was your day? It was absolutely great Maam

Good to hear that Yes Maam

Before we start with our lesson for Today,

let us have first an action song entitled Its Yes Maam
I who build community

Its I ( 3x) who build community(4x)

*You (The students will do the action)
Roll over the ocean, roll over the sea
Go and do your part to build community.

Very Good! Yes Maam

Do you like it?

Class, what was our lesson last meeting? Maam, our lesson last meeting was all
about the meaning, source and form of

Very good! Where does the term drug The term drug derived from the Dutch
derived? word droog which means dry.

In the field of medicine, drug is any

Well said! What do you mean by the word chemical substance intended for use in
drug in the field of medicine? diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment and
prevention of diseases in animals.

Where these drugs do came from? They may came from plants, from
animals, and chemicals.

Excellent! What are the different forms of Drugs have varied forms like in capsule
drugs? form, tablet, pill, liquid and powder.
B. Lesson Proper


Class, I am going to show you a short video

clip. What you are going to do is to observe
and afterwards Im going to ask your Yes, Maam
reactions based from the video presented.
Am I understood class?

Now, what have you observed from the We observed that the person suffered
video presented? from depression and she got suicide

What do you think are the reasons why These situations happen because of the
these particular situations happen? effects of taking or abusing drugs.


This morning, we are going to discuss all

about the classification of drugs according to
use and effect.

But before that, what will you do while Listen, behave, sit properly, understand
your teacher is discussing in front? the lesson, cooperate, and participate.

Can I expect that from you? Yes, Maam

Lesson Proper

Okay I repeat, our topic for today is all

about classification of Drugs according to
Use and Effect.
First, we have Stimulants. (Pauline will read)
Pauline kindly read

Thank you

For example, students are using this kind

of drug because it improves mental skills

Can you give me another situation aside

from students who are taking stimulants?

Yes, Yanie
Maam for example players who use
stimulants to make them strong.

Very Good! Thank you.

Addition class, stimulants also use to lose

Examples of stimulant is shabu.

Can you give me another example?

Yes, Jerlene Maam cocaine

Thank you

(PowerPoint) (April will read)

Kindly read April

Thank you

Some people abusing of taking drugs are

under control because drugs can change
your mental aspect

Next is depressants. Depressants are

drugs called downers, sedatives, and
tranquilizers. These drugs slow down
mental processes. These are the opposite
of stimulants. The examples are
barbiturates and sedatives, which are
prescribed to people with insomnia,
epilepsy, and nervous breakdown, to
induce sleep, and to allow the nerves to
relax. Like stimulants, depressants could
have bad effects in our health when
abused. The guidance of a physician is
needed when depressants are used.
Class always keep in mind that alcohol is
also a depressants.
Next we have the Hallucinogens
Hallucinogens or psychedelics are drugs that
affects sensation, thinking, and emotions.
They produce illusions and hallucinations,
provoke the imaginations, and disturb
persons thinking. Examples of this drug is
marijuana. These drugs are of little help in
field of medicine.
Did you notice those who are taking drugs
can cause people to hear voices, see things,
and feel sensations that do not exist.

Okay so what are the 3 classification of

drugs again?

Yes, Febrian Maam the 3 classification of drugs are

Depressants Hallucinogens And

Very Good. Thank you.

Make a drama presentation about the effects of drug abuse either in oneself,
family or community.

In a sheet of paper.
*Enumerate 5 prevention of drug abused.