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Jump-Start Guide to a Life

20 Ways to Jump Start Your Health

1. Ditch the Diet: if diets worked, we wouldnt have obesity
epidemics. Ditch the false belief in quick fixes and instead focus on
gradual, long-term lifestyle improvements.

2.Embrace Plant-Based: make the shift towards eating more

foods of plant origin. Avoid foods of animal origin.

3.Add, Add, Add: when making this shift, think of foods and
ingredients you are adding as options to your overall intake, instead
of focusing on what you are taking away.

4.80/20 or 90/10: a balance between good and good for you.

Eating well 90% of the time, and giving yourself permission to eat
treat foods 10% of the time allows for a healthy mindset and sustainable practice.

5. Eat In Company: when possible, eat in the company of others and not alone (if alone, avoid distractions such as TV/computer).
6. Stay hydrated: carry a small BPA free water bottle with you at all times and continually sip throughout the day. Flavour your water with
fruit, drink teas, enjoy plant-milk lattes and soups, and enjoy fresh fruits as snacks or as after-meal desserts to increase your fluid intake.

7. Increase Fiber: luckily, the plant-based lifestyle already boosts fiber. It is found in vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, lentils, seeds, and
nuts. Make sure to drink enough water so the fiber can help to keep you regular.

8. Whole Foods: when possible, limit eating foods that are bagged, boxed, or canned. There are exceptions to this, including bagged/boxed/
canned items that contain whole-food ingredients only, such as bagged frozen peas, boxed steel cut oats, and canned pure tomato sauce or
beans. Ditch foods that include artificial anything, including artificial sweeteners, preservatives, fillers, colours, etc.

9. Oils/Fats: limit added oils, such as coconut, sunflower, olive, and vegetable oils; but dont be afraid of fat. Aim for whole-food sources of
fats over oils when possible, such as olives, avocados, coconut meat and canned coconut milk, nuts and nut butters (peanut butter, almond
butter), seeds and seed butters (tahini = sesame seed butter).

10.Omega Fats: include ground flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and/or hemp seeds daily for your omega. Omega supplements are generally
not needed.

11.Supplements: If following a vegan lifestyle, a Vitamin B12 supplement is
recommended. Living in a colder climate during fall and winter months? Vitamin
D is recommended also. For exact amounts, see your doctor or dietitian, or
schedule a one-on-one nutrition counselling session on the Pick Up Limes
website. Otherwise, supplements are generally not needed.

12.Choose Organic: its true that purchasing all foods organic can get
expensive. If possible, aim to purchase foods organically if they are from the Dirty
Dozen list - this is a list of food that are most heavily affected by pesticide use.

13.Batch Prep: meal prep one per day week (or two days if possible). Batch cook
grains for the week, chop vegetables, portion snacks, make a large enough meal
to freeze extras for leftovers to enjoy later. Meal planning two meals in advance
helps with this.

14.Grocery List: keep a grocery list on-hand so trips to the store are less
daunting. When you notice an ingredient running low, get in the habit of adding
this to your list. Running low on fresh produce is often what leads us to reach for
convenience foods instead. Stick to the grocery list when at the store, but allow
for one or two impulse purchases. See below for printable lists you can
post on your fridge.

15.Meat Alternatives: Gradually introduce more meat alternatives to your meals and snacks. This includes beans, lentils, hummus, tofu,
soy-based meat replacements, seeds and seed butters, as well as nuts and nut butters. Gradual introduction of beans and lentils helps avoid
the associated bloating that may result. Start with adding a a couple spoons a day, then after a week increase to a quarter cup, and so on.

16.Dairy Alternatives: aim for at least 2 servings of dairy alternatives per day. One serving is about 1 cup (240 mL). Plant-based
alternatives include milks and yogurts made from soy, almond, rice, oats, and coconuts. Check the label to make sure they are fortified with
calcium (~100mg calcium per 100mL plant-based milk or 100g plant-based yogurt).

17.Limit refined sugars: as mentioned with oils, limit the refined foods when possible. Allow for it sometimes, in keeping with the
80/20 or 90/10 guideline mentioned above. Instead, sweeten with whole-food ingredients such as dates, dried fruit, and fresh fruit. Avoid
artificial sweeteners entirely.

18.Befriend Frozen: frozen fruits, vegetables, and grains, such as bread, ensure ingredients are on hand for quick meal preparation. Keep
ripe, peeled, and frozen bananas in the freezer at all times to make smoothies, to add to oatmeal, or to blend into a sweet banana-sorbet
dessert. Freeze ripe fruit that wont be eaten before it spoils. Store leftover soups in the freezer to enjoy later.

19.Sleep It Off: lack of sleep poorly affects decision-making and alters metabolism. Aim for no less than 6 hours a night, ideally 8 hours.
20.Sweat It Out: it's not only about the food. Regular activity is key to mental health and helps with making better choices. Starting with 5
minutes a day is better than no minutes a day. Sitting for most of the day? Sitting is the new smoking. Try to get up at least once every hour
to get the blood circulating, even if for a moment. Grab some water, step outside for some fresh air, or simply stretch your arms and legs.

Grocery List: Comprehensive
Fresh Vegetables Meat Alternatives Pantry Spices
Asparagus Almond butter Applesauce Allspice
Beetroot Beans Type: _______________ Artichoke hearts Bay leaves
Bell peppers Chia seeds Bouillon cubes, vegetable or mushroom Basil
Bok choy Chickpeas Dried coconut, flakes or shredded Black pepper
Broccoli Commercial meat analogue (mock meat) Dried fruit Type: _______________ Cardamom pods
Brussels sprouts Edamame Dry beans Type: _______________ Cajun
Cabbage Type: _______________ Falafel Dry lentils Type: _______________ Cayenne pepper
Carrots Flax seeds, ground Kimchi Chili powder
Cauliflower Garden burgers, egg- and dairy-free Nori sheets Cinnamon, ground and sticks
Celery Hemp hearts Nutritional yeast Cloves
Coriander/cilantro Hummus Oils (coconut, olive, sesame, vegetable) Coriander, ground and whole
Corn Lentils Type: _______________ Olives Type: _______________ Cumin, ground and whole
Cucumbers Nuts Type: _______________ Pasta/marinara/tomato sauce Curry powder
Eggplant Peanut butter Pizza sauce Dill
Garlic Peas Pickles Fennel seeds
Ginger Seeds (poppy, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower) Rice paper Fenugreek seeds
Green beans Seitan Sauerkraut Garam masala
Herbs, fresh Type: ______________ Tahini Sun-dried tomatoes Garlic powder
Jalapeo peppers Tempeh Vinegars (apple cider, balsamic, rice, white) Ginger, ground
Kale Tofu Type: _______________ Italian mix
Leafy greens Type: ______________ Mint

Canned Goods
Leeks Nutmeg, ground

Dairy Alternatives
Mushrooms Type: _______________ Onion powder
Onions Type: _______________ Beans Type: _______________ Oregano
Parsley Non-dairy milk (almond, coconut, rice, soy)* Coconut milk , whole- or low-fat Paprika
Potatoes Type: _______________ Corn Pumpkin pie spice
Non-diary yogurt (almond, coconut, soy)*
Radishes Lentils Type: _______________ Red pepper flakes
Spinach Peas Rosemary
Sprouts Type: _______________ Pumpkin Sage
Squash Type: _______________
Grains Tomatoes, whole or diced
Tomato paste
Salt (iodized)
Yams Type: _______________ Star anise
Bread Type: _______________
Zucchini Tarragon
Baking Goods
Turmeric, ground
Fresh Fruit Quinoa
Agave syrup
Baking soda
Apples Type: _______________
Noodles (buckwheat, rice, soba, vermicelli)
Pasta Type: _______________
Baking powder
Chocolate, dairy-free Kitchen Supplies
Bananas Cocoa powder, unsweetened Aluminum foil
Popcorn kernels
Berries Type: _______________ Flour Type: _______________ Baking/parchment paper
Rice Type: _______________
Figs Maple syrup Cling wrap
Rice cakes
Grapefruits Sugar (brown, cane, coconut, white) Dish cloths
Rolled oats
Grapes Vanilla extract Dish soap
Steel-cut oats
Kiwis Yeast Dish sponges/scrubbers
Tortillas or taco shells
Lemons Garbage bags
Limes Paper towels

Mangoes Toothpicks
Melons Type: _______________
Condiments Coconut water
Wax paper
Zipper bags (freezer, sandwich)
BBQ sauce
Oranges Coffee Type: _______________
Chutney Type: _______________
Papayas Juice Type: _______________
Hot sauce Type: _______________
Hoisin sauce
Sparkling water Personal Care
Pineapples Tea Type: _______________ Vitamin B12
Plums Vitamin D
Lemon/lime juice
Impulse purchase #1
Miso paste
Impulse purchase #2

Frozen Foods
Relish Snacks
Salad dressing, dairy-free, egg-free Baby carrots

Dairy-free ice cream/sorbets Crackers/pretzels
Frozen fruits Type: _______________ Dried fruit
Soy sauce, low sodium, or tamari (if GF)
Frozen veggies Type: _____________ Granola bars, dairy-free ____________________________

Gum ____________________________
Popcorn ____________________________
* Look for calcium-fortified dairy Potato/corn chips

Rice cakes
alternatives (check the label) ____________________________

Grocery List: ESSENTIALS
Fresh Vegetables Meat Alternatives Pantry Spices
Bell peppers Almond butter Bouillon cubes Basil
Broccoli Beans Dried fruit Black pepper
Carrots Chia seeds Nutritional yeast Chili powder
Corn Chickpeas Oils Cinnamon, ground
Cucumbers Edamame Olives Cumin, ground
Garlic Flax seeds, ground Pasta/marinara/tomato sauce Curry powder
Ginger Hummus Vinegars Garam masala
Leafy greens Lentils Garlic powder
Mushrooms Nuts Onion powder
Onions Peanut butter Oregano
Seeds Canned Goods Paprika
Yams Tahini Beans Salt (iodized)
Zucchini Tofu Coconut milk Turmeric, ground
Corn Thyme
Tomatoes, whole or diced
Fresh Fruit Dairy Alternatives* Tomato paste

Apples Non-dairy milk (almond/soy)* Kitchen Supplies

Avocados Non-diary yogurt (almond/soy)* Aluminum foil
Berries Baking Goods Baking/parchment paper
Cling wrap
Lemons or limes Agave syrup Dish cloths
Peaches Grains Baking soda
Baking powder
Dish soap
Dish sponges/scrubbers
Pears Bread Chocolate, dairy-free Garbage bags
Pineapples Quinoa Cocoa powder, unsweetened Zipper bags
Noodles Flour
Pasta Maple syrup
Rice Sugar
Frozen Foods Rolled oats
Steel-cut oats
Vanilla extract Personal Care
Vitamin B12
Dairy-free ice cream/sorbets Tortillas or taco shells Vitamin D
Frozen fruits Impulse purchase #1
Frozen veggies
Beverages Impulse purchase #2

Condiments Tea
Hot sauce
Ketchup Notes
Soy sauce
Snacks ____________________________


Baby carrots ____________________________
Dried fruit
Granola bars, dairy-free
* Look for calcium- Gum
Nuts/seeds ____________________________
fortified dairy alternatives Rice cakes ____________________________

(check the label) ____________________________

Grocery List: Themed Dinner Nights
Burger Night Chili Night Nourish Bowl Night Pasta Night
Garlic Bell peppers Avocados Asparagus
Leafy greens Type: ______________ Carrots Beetroot Basil, fresh
Mushrooms Type: _______________ Coriander/cilantro Bell peppers Bell peppers
Onions Type: _______________ Corn Bok choy Broccoli
Parsley Garlic Brocoli Coriander/cilantro
Potatoes or yams Jalapeo peppers Carrots Garlic
Tomatoes Mushrooms Type: _______________ Cauliflower Kale or spinach
Onions Type: _______________ Coriander/cilantro Mushrooms Type: _____________
Garden burgers, egg- and dairy-free Sweet potatoes Corn Onions Type: _______________
Beans Type: _______________ Tomatoes, diced (fresh or canned) Garlic Oregano, fresh
Nuts/seeds Type: _______________ Green beans Parsley
Beans (black, cannellini, kidney, pinto) Potatoes or yams or squash
Kale or spinach
Burger buns Limes or lemons Tomatoes
Bread crumbs (if making own burgers) Rice Type: _______________
Mushrooms Type: _______________ Zucchini
Rice (if making own burgers) Tomato sauce Onions Type: _______________
Oil Type: _______________ Potatoes or yams Nuts Type: _______________
BBQ sauce
Sprouts Type: _______________ Tofu, firm and seasoned
Hot sauce Black pepper
Ketchup Squash Type: _______________
Chili powder Almond milk
Mustard Zucchini
Cumin, ground
Oil Type: _______________ Pasta Type: _______________
Garlic powder Beans Type: _______________
Relish Onion powder Hummus
Pickles Oregano, dried Lentils Type: _______________ Artichoke hearts
Balsamic vinegar
Black pepper Paprika Tofu Type: _______________
Red pepper flakes Hot sauce
Cajun Seeds Type: _______________
Lemon or lime juice
Chili powder Tahini
Nutritional yeast
Cumin, ground Rice or quinoa Type: ______________ Oil Type: _______________
Garlic powder
Onion powder Curry Night Bouillon cubes, vegetable or mushroom
Olives Type: _______________
Pasta/marinara/tomato sauce
Paprika Carrots Hot sauce Sun-dried tomatoes
Cauliflower Kimchi
Coriander/cilantro Miso paste Basil , dried
Eggplant Nutritional yeast
Burrito/Fajita/ Garlic
Oil Type: _______________
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
Quesadilla/Taco Night Mushrooms Type: _______________
Onions Type: _______________
Olives Type: _______________
Chili powder
Garlic powder
Avocados Italian mix
Bell peppers Parsley Spice #1 Type: _______________
Onion powder
Coriander/cilantro Potatoes Type: _______________ Spice #2 Type: _______________
Oregano, dried
Corn Spinach Spice #3 Type: _______________
Garlic Tomatoes, diced (fresh or canned)
Red pepper flakes
Jalapeo peppers Rosemary
Iceberg lettuce
Lentils Type: _______________
Oatmeal Breakfast-dinner Tarragon
Mushrooms Type: _______________ Apples
Onions Type: _______________ Rice Type: _______________ Bananas
Berries Type: _______________
Beans (black, kidney, pinto) Bouillon cubes, vegetable or mushroom Mangoes
Tofu, firm, beetles ground Chutney Type: _______________ Peaches
Coconut milk, whole- or low-fat Pears
Rice Type: _______________ Oil Type: _______________
Tortilla or taco shells Non-dairy milk (almond, coconut, rice, soy)
Tomato sauce or paste
Hot sauce Almond butter or peanut butter
Salsa Chia seeds
Cardamom pods
Guacamole, bought or homemade Flax seeds, ground
Oil Type: _______________
Chili powder
Cinnamon Nuts Type: _______________ Notes
Coriander, ground or whole Seeds Type: _______________ ______________________________
Chili powder
Cumin, ground Cloves, ground or whole ______________________________
Rolled oats
Garlic powder Cumin, ground or whole
Steel-cut oats ______________________________
Onion powder Curry powder
Fenugreek seeds Chocolate or cocoa powder, dairy-free ______________________________
Garam masala
Jam/jelly/preserves ______________________________
Garlic powder Maple syrup
Ginger powder Vanilla extract ______________________________

Onion powder ______________________________
Paprika Cinnamon
Pumpkin pie spice ______________________________

Grocery List: Themed Dinner Nights Contd
Pizza Night Roasted Veggie Wrap Night Stuffed Veggie Night Soup & Salad Night
Basil, fresh Avocados Asparagus
Bell peppers Bell peppers (ex: bell pepper/potato) Apples
Coriander/cilantro Cucumbers Avocados Avocados
Eggplant Eggplant Bell peppers Berries
Garlic Jalapeo peppers Broccoli Beetroot
Mushrooms Type: _______________ Leafy greens Type: ______________ Coriander/cilantro Bell peppers
Onions Type: _______________ Mushrooms Type: _______________ Corn Broccoli
Oregano, fresh Onions Type: _______________ Garlic Brussels sprouts
Potatoes or yams or squash Potatoes or yams Kale or spinach Carrots
Spinach Tomatoes Mushrooms Type: _______________ Celery
Tomatoes Zucchini Onions Type: _______________ Corn
Zucchini Potatoes/yams Type: _____________ Cucumbers
Beans Type: _______________ Figs
Squash Type: _______________
Nuts/seeds Type: _______________ Falafel Garlic
Tofu, firm and seasoned Hummus Ginger
Green beans
Tortillas or pita bread
Pizza crust Beans Type: _______________ Leafy greens Type: ______________
Tortillas or pita bread BBQ sauce Edamame Leeks
Hot sauce Type: _______________ Lentils Type: _______________ Lemons or limes
Artichoke hearts Oil Type: _______________ Mushrooms
Nuts/seeds Type: _______________
Hot sauce Onions Type: _______________
Olives Type: _______________ Tahini
Nutritional yeast Potatoes/yams Type: _____________
Tofu, firm and seasoned
Oil Type: _______________ Basil Radishes
Olives Type: _______________ Black pepper Squash Type: _______________
Couscous or quinoa or millet
Pizza/tomato sauce Cajun Tomatoes
Rice Type: _______________
Sun-dried tomatoes Curry powder Zucchini
Garlic powder Artichoke hearts
Basil , dried Onion powder Hot sauce Type: _______________ Beans Type: _______________
Garlic powder Oregano Oil Type: _______________ Lentils Type: _______________
Italian mix Paprika Olives Type: _______________ Nuts/seeds Type: _______________
Onion powder Rosemary Sun-dried tomatoes Peas
Oregano, dried Tarragon Tomato paste or sauce
Paprika Barley
Red pepper flakes Spice #1 Type: _______________ Couscous
Spice #2 Type: _______________ Quinoa
Stir-Fry Night Spice #3 Type: _______________ Millet
Wild rice
Pho/ramen night Bell peppers
Bok choy Bouillon cubes, vegetable or mushroom
Basil, fresh
Bok choy
Cabbage Type: _______________ Sushi/Salad Roll Night Coconut milk, whole or low-fat
Oil Type: _______________
Broccoli Carrots Asparagus
Olives Type: _______________
Carrots Coriander/cilantro Avocados Salad dressing, dairy-free, egg-free
Chili peppers Garlic Beetroot
Garlic Ginger Bell peppers
Sun-dried tomatoes
Ginger Green beans Carrots Vinegars Type: _______________
Green onion Limes Cucumbers
Limes Mushrooms Type: _______________ Mangoes Bay leaves
Mushrooms Type: _______________ Onions Type: _______________ Mushrooms Garlic powder
Napa cabbage Sprouts Type: _______________ Sweet potatoes or yams Onion powder
Onion Type: _______________ Garlic Spice Type: _______________
Sprouts Type: _______________ Edamame Green beans Spice Type: _______________
Seitan Kale or spinach Spice Type: ______________
Edamame Mushrooms Type: _______________
Tempeh , seasoned/marinated
Tofu, extra firm Tofu, firm and seasoned Onions Type: _______________
Potatoes or yams
Ramen or rice noodles
Noodles Type: _______________
Bouillon cubes, vegetable or mushroom Rice Type: _______________ Peanut butter (salad roll dipping sauce)
Tofu, firm and seasoned/smoked
Chili sauce Type: _______________
Miso paste Hot sauce Type: _______________
Rice or quinoa Type: _____________
Oil Type: _______________ Hoisin sauce ______________________________
Rice vinegar Sesame oil
Ginger, pickled ______________________________
Sesame oil Soy sauce
Hot sauce
Soy sauce Oil Type: _______________ ______________________________
Miso paste
Chili powder Nori sheets ______________________________
Cinnamon sticks
Garlic powder Rice paper ______________________________
Cloves, whole
Ginger, ground Rice vinegar
Ginger, dried ______________________________
Onion powder Wasabi
Star anise

Easy Recipe Substitutions: Baking
Egg Replacement
* Replace 1 Egg with:
1 Tbsp ground flax seeds + 3 Tbsp water (mix and let sit for 5 minutes)
1 Tbsp chia seeds + 1/3 cup water (mix and let sit for 10 minutes)
1/2 mashed ripe banana
Tip: cream with sugar
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce, canned pumpkin or pureed prunes
Tip: add to wet ingredients
3 Tbsp peanut butter

Buttermilk Replacement
* Replaces Buttermilk 1:1 With:
1 cup soy milk (or other plant-based milk) + 1 tsp lemon juice (or white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar). Whisk until bubbles form.

Butter Replacement
* Replace 1 cup Butter With:
1/2 cup pure nut or seed butter (almond butter, peanut butter, tahini, etc.) + 1/2 cup vegetable oil mixed
3/4 cup full-fat coconut milk cream
Tip: refrigerate the can overnight. The fat separates from the water, creating a cream layer on top. This cream replaces butter.
3/4 vegetable oil
1 cup coconut oil

Oil Replacement
* Replace 1 Cup Oil With:
1 cup applesauce, unsweetened
1 cup fruit puree (apricot, banana, peach, pear, prune, pumpkin, squash)
Tip: to make prune puree, blend 1 cup dried prunes + 1/4 cup water in a food processor
Tip: consider decreasing added sugar in the recipe slightly as the fruit puree itself adds natural sugars also
1 cup peeled, shredded zucchini
3/4 cup roasted, pureed beets
Tip: use only in chocolate baked desserts, as the chocolate masks the taste of the beets
Tip: roast beets at 375F (190C) for about 1 hour, until fork tender
3/4 cup mashed, ripe avocado
Tip: use only in chocolate baked desserts, as the chocolate masks the taste of the avocado

Ice Cream Replacement

* Replace Ice Cream With:
Frozen banana, blended in food processor
Tip: vary the flavour by blending with fresh/frozen berries, cocoa, maple syrup, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, etc.
Tip: to make more firm, place the blended product back in the freezer for 1 hour before serving

Grain to Water Ratio
Barley 1 cup grain to 3 cups water

Bulgar 1 cup grain to 2 cups water

Couscous 1 cup grain to 1+1/3 cups water

Quinoa 1 cup grain to 2 cups water

Millet 1 cup grain to 1+1/2 cups water

Oats (Old-Fashioned) 1 cup grain to 2 cups water and/or plant-based milk

Oats (Steel-Cut) 1 cup grain to 3 cups water and/or plant-based milk (if not soaked in water the night before)
1 cup grain to 2 cups water and/or plant-based milk (if soaked in water the night before)

Rice (Brown) 1 cup grain to 2 cups water

Rice (Long-grain) 1 cup grain to 2 cups water

Rice (Short-Grain) 1 cup grain to 1+3/4 cup water

Temp Conversions Measurement Conversions

Fahrenheit Celsius Measurement Half Recipe Double Recipe
500 260 1 cup = 240 mL = 8 fl oz 1/2 cup 2 cups

475 245 3/4 cup = 180 mL = 6 fl oz 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp 1+1/2 cups

450 235 2/3 cup = 160 mL = 5 fl oz 1/3 cup 1+1/3 cups

425 220 1/2 cup = 120 mL = 4 fl oz 1/4 cup 1 cup

400 205 1/3 cup = 80 mL = 3 fl oz 2 Tbsp + 2 tsp 2/3 cup

375 190 1/4 cup = 60 mL = 2 fl oz 2 Tbsp 1/2 cup

350 180 1 Tbsp = 3 tsp = 15 mL 1.5 tsp 2 Tbsp

325 160 1 tsp = 5 mL 1/2 tsp 2 tsp

300 150 1/2 tsp = 7.5 mL 1/4 tsp 1 tsp

275 135

250 120

225 107

Dietitian & Nutritionist
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