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Shri A.K. Saxena,
Joint Secretary to the Government of India,
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation,
Sardar Patel Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001.
(Through Shri Vishnu Kumar, Additional Director General)
Subject : Show Cause Notice Regarding
Reference: Memorandum No. 18011/6/2006-ISS, dated 27.07.2006


I was totally shocked to receive Order No. A-22012/6/2006-Ad.I, dated

25.07.2006 (copy enclosed), which was delivered to me by hand. Vide this
order I was supposed to have been transferred to Kolkata with my post. This
transfer order is blatantly illegal, but I would not wish to go into the same
now. For a day I was totally dumb stricken and when I reached home I was
inconsolably crying. When my husband came home and saw me in this
condition, he was also taken aback, as this was a severe set back to our
family life.

2. I came to know that I was alleged to have committed a criminal act

and the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation is supposedly in
possession of the proof of the same, and on this foundation, my transfer
has been ordered with the unusual element of transferring me along with the
post. I knew the allegations were false, but then I had no alternative but to
keep quiet. As you know, I am not a lawyer myself, but I know I have
committed no offence under the law, for I have all along acted only in good

3. On 28.07.2006 I received by hand from the Indian Statistical Service

Section Memorandum No. 18011/6/2006-ISS, dated 27.07.2006 (under
reference). I also received a copy of the same at my residential address on
29.07.2006. From these two Memorandums I have come to understand that I
am alleged to have submitted some forged letter. I fail to understand my fault
in the entire matter, but I would need some time to remember, investigate
and refresh my memory to give the correct factual position and a proper reply
to the Show-Cause notice.

4. I was in Sardar Patel Bhawan on 28.07.2006 to apply for my TTA

Advance etc. and the buzz there was that Shri T.R. Mohanty has applied for
information to the Central Public Information Officer, Ministry of Statistics and
Programme Implementation, Sardar Patel Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-
110001. I was given to understand that from the letter of Shri Mohanty it is
clear that the person who has first raised the doubt about the authenticity of
the letter in the relevant file is either the forger or has entered into criminal

conspiracy with unknown persons to bring the forged letter on record. I hope
that you are not the said person, but I am sure you know his/her

5. I am aware, that the above is only an allegation, but the same is true
for me too. As the rule of equality says, what is sauce for the goose is sauce
for the gander. Therefore, what the Ministry has decided for me is equally
applicable to the person who has been alleged by Shri Mohanty to forge, or
conspired with the person, who has forged, the document and we should
both be given equal treatment. Thus, the said person should also be
transferred to Kolkata, along with his post.

6. Your good self will kindly notice that I have worked to the best of my
ability and sincerely all along, which fact can be verified from all the persons
under whose supervision I have worked for these many years. I am sure you
will take appropriate decision on the representation of my husband for
canceling my transfer orders and I will be very grateful if you accede to the
request. However, if you do not accede to this request I assure you that I will
go and join my post at Kolkata, in continuation of the tradition of impeccable
service and blameless discipline that has been so steadfastly held dear to my

7. However, I wish to inform you that my youngest sister was widowed

three years ago in a car crash that happened in the outskirts of Paris, France.
By gods grace we have found a match for my sister and the marriage is being
solemnized in Andhra Pradesh, to which State we belong, on 13.08.2006. I
hope the officers of this Ministry would not begrudge me some leave to
attend the marriage of my sister, especially when I am the eldest sister.
Besides, I may have to leave my young children behind and for the same I
may need some leave. I hope the officers will not be unkind enough to
disallow leave in such circumstances. Thereafter, being a woman, placed in
an unknown city, it would take some time for me to come to grips with the
situation and settle myself.

8. I hence request for time to reply to the said Show-Cause notice, and I
shall be extremely grateful if you could grant me time till the end of this
month to reply to the Show-Cause Notice.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(G. Lalita)
Statistical Officer/Senior Investigator
August 04, 2006