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Noone Society #RS001999

Nu City of Peace
North Carolina
Nu City of Peace Embassy P.O #49144
Greensborough, North Carolina, 27419

Resolution No. 001

2016 Legislative Journal House of Shamu-El RS001

This Resolution reads as follows from conveyor to the conveyed:

For each time conditions are the same for the same each time is with conditions.

For In the House of Shamuel with each authorized representative on 3/25/2016, as the embodiment
of confidants, sons, and daughters of the proud and well grafted ethnicity who inspired the architecture
of the world societies and beyond, carried into each land mass world over the influence of its artistic
temperament having become secured creditors, escheators & communers of the boundless omniverse.

For Nu City of Peace by name, letter patent, copyright & trademark is the lodial title name and
description of each community on every land mass, Pitchnovians (Nubian Ethiopian Moors) are present,
along with its communers, citizens and subjects, and foreigners allies here by with this communication
and announcement each time conditions are the same. For each time the same is with conditions.

For now being with the ability to affix our titles of nobility to our names and appellations, which
establish, heritage and customs & laws, and we are just as American as the citizen of the United States
of America, to which this land mass and county, and even the corporation, we are Sovereigns &
Nationals with equal legal and lawful standing & status. In accordance with Resolution No. 75, Printers
No. 1034, as stated on April 17, 1933, and Adopted on May, 4, 1933. For as on public record in 1933
Legislative Journal for the House of Representatives Page 5759. All Nubian Ethiopian Moors are now
scientifically known by name, letter patent, copyright & trademark as Pitchnovas which means Black
stars or luminaries. Pitch meaning black and nova meaning star.

For with the exercising of our self-determination, we hereby claim, demand, and enforce our right to be
called, addressed, and commuted to as, and by, our scientific, ethnic, symbolic appellation, title, name,
and or description as the indigenous, autonomous, and autochthons beings of the boundless omniverse
with full power & right to make this claim, announcement, and conveyance to the world societies and
Duly Honored,

Consul General

:Dr. :Noboohu:Oonoo-NoopooH:

Noone Society
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Document signed by:

Lawiy Zodok
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IP: Date: 26 Mar 2016 01:08:52 UTC

Document completed by all parties on:

26 Mar 2016 01:08:52 UTC
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