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Hamlet Soundtrack

By: Joshua Bandura, Mathew Karram, and Thomas Capobianco

Act 1 scene 1
1)Thriller by Michael Jackson. Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo see the ghost for
the first time late at night. The atmosphere is filled with darkness and it is probably
close to midnight.
Act 1 scene 2
2) I dont wanna live forever by Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift. Hamlet has a
soliloquy about how he wants to die and how he wishes suicide wasnt wrong. In the
song they I dont wanna live forever, cause I know Ill be living in pain, they also
sing I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home. This is exactly
what Hamlets soliloquy is about, he doesnt want to live anymore because of
situation he is in, all he wants is his dad to come back and for his mom not to be
married to his uncle.
Act 2 scene 1
3) Crazy In love by Beyonce feat Jay Z. Hamlet's state of madness becomes more
noticeable, In the scene Ophelia and Polonius talk about hamlet's crazy love for her.
Polonius says this is the very ecstasy of love. Whose violent property fordoes itself
this quote is talking about how Hamlet has fallen deeper in love with Ophelia since
she has distanced herself. The lyrics from the song that resemble polonius thoughts
are Crazy and deranged, they can't figure them out they like hey is he insane.
Act 2 Scene 2
4) I See Right through To You by DJ Encore. This song is about seeing through
someone and being able to know the truth behind the act that someone puts up. The
lyrics I see the truth behind your every move. This shows how in Act 2 scene 2
Hamlet was able to know that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent for. They told
him they were only there to visit him for fun but he knew the truth behind that act.
Act 3 Scene 1
5) Mean by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is singing about how someone is using words
to try and destroy her, and she sings about how one day she will be successful and
all that person will be is mean. You with you words like Knives is a line from her
song. This relates to how harsh Hamlet was being with Ophelia. He was telling her to
enter a nunnery and not be a breeder of sinners. He was trying to keep her away by
using hurtful words and this relates with Taylor Swifts song.
Act 3 Scene 2
6) I know what you did last summer by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes.
This song is about a couple and one partner knows that other person has done
something wrong. They sing I know what you did last summer, tell me where you've
been and also He knows dirty secrets that I keep, does he know it's killing me.
This relates to Claudius and Hamlet. Hamlet knows that Claudius has done
something terrible and he is trying to establish Claudius guilt. Even though Claudius
and Hamlet aren't in a romantic relationship this song still relates. It is about know
what someone did and trying to establish their guilt.
Act 4: Scene 7
7) If I Die Young by The Band Perry. In this scene Claudius and Laertes come up
with a plan to kill Hamlet and Gertrude comes with the tragic news about Ophelia's
death. She describes how Ophelia floated a while and sang a song. The lyrics sink
me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song describes how
Ophelia dies.
Act 4 Scene 4
8) Blood of my Enemies by Manowar. This song is about killing your enemy and
not showing any mercy. It has a ruthless tone to it and it relates to Hamlets attitude
after he sees Fortinbras army. He sees how passionate they are fighting for
something worthless and he now wants this passion about killing Claudius. He says
My thoughts be bloody or nothing worth.
Act 5: scene 2
9)Long Live by Taylor Swift. Hamlet tells Horatio not to kill himself and to liver on
and tell his story. Just as the song says Bring on all the pretenders. One day we will
be remembered, Hamlet will still be remembered for living up to his fathers words,
even with his pretender Claudius in his way.
Act 5: Scene 1&2
10)Mad World by Gary Jules.The song is about someone who slowly dips into
depression and going crazy. At the end of the play it seems that many characters go
crazy. Ophelia's possible suicide, Gertrude drinking the poisoned, and Hamlet being
cut by the poison sword. The title Mad World is about the whole of everyone being
mad at the end of the play.

Act 3 scene 2
11) Lose yourself by eminem. The lyrics don't miss your chance to blow. This
opportunity comes once in a lifetime, relates to how Hamlet blows his shot at killing
Claudius when he thinks that he is praying and almost doesn't get a second chance
to do so and fulfill his father's words.
Act 3 Scene 2
12) Paranoid by Jonas Brothers. This song is about how someone is trying to deal
with stress but cant handle it so they are becoming paranoid. They are seeing the
cause of their stress in everything they do. This relates to Claudius dealing with the
burden of killing his brother. The play reminds him of what he has done and he is
paranoid in this scene. Claudius has to leave the room while the play is being