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SHS Classroom Rules and Regulations

It is the responsibility of the class advisers with the help of SHS teachers , as part of the
preventive services of the Maronquillo National High School to constantly remind students of the
rules and regulations of the school and the importance and reasons why these rules should be
followed. This is done in order to develop in the Seniors the habit of observing and adhering to
regulations. Close monitoring of students are conducted daily especially during their break times
and during dismissal by the floating teachers and their respective class adviser. Students who go
to the restrooms are also monitored to ensure no untoward incident happens. Likewise, release
of students during dismissal is done in a timely and orderly manner for safety and security
Maintaining student discipline is a joint effort among the class advisers, floating teachers,
& Guidance Counselors. Each plays a part in molding the SHS to persons of character and
competences. Preventive measures are undertaken to avoid students from becoming discipline
challenged students.
In line with these, we start our discipline inside and outside the classroom by maintaining
cleanliness. First each students were assigned weekly on their respective areas. Second, we
trained to separate the Biodegradable to non-Biodegradable waste. They learned to separate
plastic from papers as well as plastic bottled were also separated. Third was the application of
CLAYGO ; The school is strictly observing the Clean as You Go policy (CLAYGO) in order to instill
in the students the discipline and importance of maintaining the cleanliness in the campus. They
were taught to start cleanliness within themselves and not to rely on the school janitors to pick
up after them. Fourth, each SHS Teachers had their own unique seat plan of students, in order
for the students to be motivated and guided. Seat plan depend on the teachers style and
approach in teaching. Last regulation of course is the complete uniform. SHS were lucky indeed
because parents personally requested that their sons and daughters should be in proper uniform.
It was proposed and approved by the PTA president.

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