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Sixth Semester

Branch: Aeronautical Engineering

AVIONICS (AN 010 601)

Time: 3 hours Maximum: 100 marks

Part A
Answer all questions
Each question carries three marks
1. What are the advantages of introducing digital technology in avionics systems?
2. What are the basic principles behind data transfer using ARINC 629?
3. Name the key elements of a touch screen.
4. How is radar classified?
5. List any three data entry control system.
(3x5 = 15 Marks)

Part B
Answer all questions
Each question carries five marks
6. Write short note on distance measuring equipment.
7. Differentiate between survivability and vulnerability.
8. Briefly explain data buses.
9. Write short note on CRT.
10. Explain VHF omnirange.

(5x5= 25 Marks)

Part C

Answer all questions

Each question carries 12 marks
11. a) Explain the need for avionics in civil and military aircraft and space
systems. OR
b) Explain the typical avionic subsystem with neat sketch.

12. a) i) Draw and explain the Bus structure of 8085

microprocessor. ii) Explain the hardware interrupts of 8085
b) i) Discuss the important features of semi conductor memories
ii) Explain the steps involved in interfacing the memory devices with microprocessor
13. a) Distinguish and Explain the various avionics system
Architectures. OR
b) Compare data transfer using ARINC 429, ARINC 629 with neat sketch.
14. a) Explain HMD along with their features, elements tracking systems and its integration with
night vision devices.
b) Write short note on the following
i) LED
ii) LCD
iii) Touch screen

15 a) What is digital fly by wire control and Explain the features and advantages of It over
conventional flight control system?
b) What is the need for navigation system and explain any one of the modern navigation system
with a neat schematic diagram?

(12 x 5= 60Marks)