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2.Devolution of Power Plan was presented by

a.Pervaiz musharraf

b.Ayub Khan

c.Yahya khan


5.Which one of the following is a function which local government is usually required to perform.

A: External affairs. B: police administration

C: Defense. D: Finance.

6.Which one of the following is not a merit of local government.

A: it helps in the creation of Harmony B: it promotes disharmony

C:it ignores Harmony D: None of the above

7.Lahore and Rawalpindi, the Municipal Act was passed in

(A) 1867 (B) 1890 (C) 1894 (D) 1899

8.In Pakistan first general election

(A) 1970 (B) 1947 (C) 1956 (D) 1962

9..Provide more than------ days to train polling staff and publish a list of officials before
the election.
(A) 10 (B) 15 (C) 20 (D) 30

10 is the capital of itali

a. Venice c.Rome d. Paris


12.two famous brand of itali.

a.Farrari ,Boss b. Nike ,Addidas c. None of all

13. Current local government system introduce in

1)2011 2)2012 3)2013 4)2014

14.Functions of local government

1) Health care 2) social welfare 3) environmental protection 4) all of the above


16.What is the main line force in country?

1)army 2) law and order 3) social needs 4) both 1&2

17.What is the most important role of the local government?

1)set directions 2)long term plans 3)make strategies 4)setting the vision



20: In urban areas towns committees were set up for towns having a population of less than

(A) 14000 (B) 16000 (C) 20000

21: In first time democracy local govt. election in Pakistan

(A) 1975 (B) 1971 (C) 1956

22: Child marriage restraint Act

(A) 1929 (B) 1932 (C) 1936
23. Fisrt local govt election held in
a.1979 b.1959 c. 2000
24.China Presedent name is
a. Xi jinping b.Li yuanchao c.Li Keqiang
25. china autonomous rigion is
a. 12 b. 8 c. 3 d .5
26.Country name his 34 division
a.India b. China c. Itali d. Canada
27. The United Kingdom, made up of
a. England b.Scotland c. Wales d. Above All
29. The golden Tample is Situated in
a.Bangladash b.Dubai c.Pakistan d. none of all
30. fifth-largest national economy in the world
a.Itali b.Uk c.Canada d.China

01.A, 02.A, 03.B, 04.D, 05.B, 06.B, 07. ,08 , 09 ,10.C, 11.C, 12.A 13.C, 14.D, 15.C, 16.A, 17. D,

18. A, 19.B, 20.A, 21.A, 22.A, 23.B, 24.A, 25.D, 26.B, 27.D, 28.B, 29.D, 30.B, 31.B 32.D, 33.D