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The Quarterly Newsletter of Elmar | Issue 21 | Quarter 1 2017

Get to know Elmar...

The axial load on a 15,000 psi lubricator

during pressure testing exceeds the fully
laden weight of an Airbus A380

Winches Automation
Wireline Control
from heavy duty
& Masts
offroad all-wheel
drive to superlight
Control Wireline &
Tubulars Flow Control
Worlds first
winches 30,000 psi
made working
lightweight control
lubricators The strongest slickline tool quick equipment
made connect in the market

Global 24/7 aftermarket
support from a
dedicated team design patents

Equipment for working in -40C to + 55C,

from the Arctic to the worlds hottest deserts!

ASEP Elmar DynaWinch Artex


Elmar at leading
industry events
Innovation and collaboration,
along with cost reduction and
maximising production safely,
are all fundamental to the
future success of our Industry.
The theme for the 22nd SPE/ICoTA

European conference.

ICoTA Europe
NOV was well represented with attendees from Elmar, TOT, Quality
Tubing, Hydra Rig, CTES and our Completion Tools Business
Unit. Elmars Winch Product Line Manager, Ian Sutherland, provided
an overview of our winch products during the lunch break. From a
Truckline C crane cab to a safe area baseline winch, he discussed how
wire can be spooled in any location by using a portable wire spooler.

Elmars Steve Moir (ICoTA Co-chair) presented the 2016 ICoTA

Innovation Awards to Shell, Helix Well Ops and ALTUS Intervention.
Helix Well Ops reached a milestone in June by performing the
first riserless based coiled tubing intervention from a light well
intervention monohull vessel in the North Sea.

New API standard for

wireline operations
In 2015, after discussions with US regulators, a task
group was established to develop a new standard
which covers wireline, coiled tubing, and snubbing
intervention equipment. The new 16B standard,
which was introduced to a wider industry audience
at the January 2017 conference, will establish design
and testing requirements. As a market leader in the
design and manufacture of wireline intervention
products, Elmar is involved in developing the
content of the specification in line with industry
best practice.


Recertification cost savings A new level of service

Since April 2014, the worlds leading NOV is building on the success of the well-established Elmar
multi-national service company aftersales service team which will now form part of the new
has entrusted the Elmar service Intervention and Stimulation Equipment (ISE) Aftermarket
centre in Mumbai to deliver a group. Our customers are our priority and we aim to fulfil
consistently high rate of regional their needs by being the one company they can come to for
recertification success. Pressure equipment and support for their wireline , coiled tubing and
control equipment requires major pressure pumping equipment fleets. The new Aftermarket
inspection and recertification every team has been established to maximise our capabilities in
five years. The Mumbai centre has Elmar recertification team the areas of equipment rental, service and repair, training
been the cornerstone for providing and global technical support.
fast, in-depth service to locations Our equipment is designed and
that may be hundreds of miles away. built to last, and together with
OEM certification, a lifespan of
Typical lost time for remote 20 years is achievable. ISE
recertification in the Middle East can Aftermarket
add up to more than four months. When it comes to recertification, Pumping,
Utilising local experts for remote our local experts are ready, Wireline
Lifting & Flowline
recertification has slashed this willing and experienced in
average by up to 10 weeks. As proof going the distance. Artex
Surface Safety Systems
of success, the Mumbai service DynaWinch
Coiled Tubing Anson
centre has successfully recertified To see our value story go to: HydraRig
more than 600 wireline parts in the Texas Oil Tools
past 18 months alone. CTES

New service facility

in Abu Dhabi
Our Intervention and Stimulation Equipment
(ISE) Aftermarket is expanding its reach to
customers by offering services in Abu Dhabi.
In the past, our wireline and coiled tubing
customers had to travel at least 150km to
reach their nearest NOV aftermarket service
Elmar supplies fast turnaround equipment to base. This was prohibitive for our customers
to readily access our OEM services.
help avert potential well control incident The facility will open in Q1 2017 and will be
A large oilfield services company was performing a job in Northern Alberta when they located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi
lost tools and commenced a fishing operation. When they came back to surface the (ICAD).
cable balled up around the tools right across the master valves and the wireline valve,
so they had no way of controlling the well other than with the grease head. The new facility will be equipped with a
pressure test container, test winch and
A plan was put in place to freeze the wellhead in order to remove the 15K lubricator and slickline spooler.
get another wellhead above the wireline valve. In order to do this, they needed a cross
over from the B21 union on top of the tool trap to a BX169 flange. They called several
suppliers without success until mid-afternoon when they were put in contact with the
Elmar General Sales Manager in Canada. Options were discussed, but it was evident that
the required crossover had never been designed or manufactured before. That night, Rental
around 6pm, the Operating Company decided they must have this crossover.
The call was made to our Houston facility where the General Manager and Engineering Lifecycle
Global Partner
Manager committed to providing a team to work around the clock. Within 35 hours, the Spares
crossover had been designed to API 6A, material sourced, machined on a CNC machine, Support
inspected, tested, packed and made ready to ship. Given the sensitivity of the situation,
frequent updates were given to the operator and service company, both of whom sent
messages of gratitude afterwards. Elmar management would like to thank the employees
Service &
for their dedication which led to a safe and rapid outcome for our customer. Recertification

3 8

We operate internationally in
Europe, Africa, the Americas,
Far East, Middle East and CIS
Here is a snapshot of some of our manufacturing
operations and staff from across these locations.

01 02 03

04 05

01 Steve Moir (ICoTA Europe Co-chair), Michelle Ferguson (Cash for Kids)
and Elliot Kinch (ICoTA Europe Chair) hold a check for 320 from the
inaugural Christmas Quiz hosted by ICoTA Europe. The money raised at
the event was donated to the local radio stations childrens charity.
02 Aftermarket technician Kannada Thomas finished a coiled tubing BOP
service for a Middle East customer.
03 Assembly technicians David Sanderson and Lewis Milne in Aberdeen.
04 Fabricator John Finley Sr. at work on a DynaWinch truck bed in our
Calgary facility.
05 Keith Dempsie (Head of Engineering Development) marries Kate Mason
06 at a wedding attended by several friends from Elmar. Andrew Douglas
(Elmar Product Line Director) was honoured to provide the musical
accompaniment during the service.
06 See our full before and after image of this recertification at
07 Aberdeen employees paid a fee to wear their Christmas outfits to work
07 and raise money for a local childrens charity. There were many very
terrible sweaters!
08 Richard Herdman (Senior Engineer) and Dean Tate (QC Inspector)
inspecting pressure control equipment.
09 (Left to right) Shaju, Ganesh, Musthafa with a refurbished LandLine unit.
10 Trainer Colin Milne using an animation during a classroom session as
part of a pressure control operations school. Our schools are 50%
09 workshop and 50% classroom with a thorough evaluation at the end.

08 10


Slickline tools
In July 2016, NOV executed a strategic decision to grow its The i-Jar is a hydraulic heavy-stroke jar with
presence in the global well completions market with the mounted accelerator. The i-Jar is pressure balanced
purchase of a line of completion tools from Trican Well and tension compensated, and the accelerator can
Service Ltd. easily be set up for normal or heavy duty operation by
simply changing the springs. Its unique design allows
As part of its portfolio, Completion Tools offers several impact to be generated at very close range to the fish
slickline tools that are thoroughly tested with field proven object, and it has proven to be very debris tolerant
reliability and robustness delivering long service intervals. and suitable for use in gas wells. The working range is
By offering Elmar and Completion Tools tools together, NOV from 90 1800kg (200 4000lb), and it is capable of
is able to deliver a complete suite of high-end slickline tools high impact even at a low pull force.
for all mechanical slickline well interventions.
The i-Broach is a rigid and effective mechanical
scale removal tool with adjustable cutter rails. The
i-Broach assembly consists of two broach units
covering 360 degrees of the tubing wellbore. When
jarring downwards the broach rails are forced into the
scale, effectively removing deposits and scale build-
up on the tubing wall. The rails are spring-loaded
which ensures safe retrieval from the well. Upon
retrieval, the rails can collapse and no overpull is
needed. This ensures a safe and efficient scale/debris
removal operation. The i-Broach has been used to
remove scale, wax, salt, in geothermal wells in 300
degree Celsius. It has proven to be more efficient and
robust than traditional broaches. The i-Broach comes
in 5 different sizes, from 2.1" to 6.5" diameter. This
reduces the cost, improves efficiency, and reduces
the inventory.

The i-Drift is a fully adjustable wireline drift with

fail-safe collapsible rails. The fluted design allows
easy flow passage, preventing debris from packing
inside the tool thereby reducing flow restriction.
The stepless adjustment system makes the tool easy
to operate and it is available in all common tubing
sizes. The i-Drift has an emergency release function
which ensures safe well retrieval. It is suitable for
various applications, and can also be run as a
centralizer when running a dummy plug before
i-Broach i-Jar i-Drift installing or pulling a plug.

i-Tip is a battery-driven scale removal tool
These slickline tools can be run on slickline, designed to clean the inside
of Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve
packaged with Elmar tools (SCSSVs). It can be fitted to clean all 5 "
SCSSVs. The brush is positioned in the upper
and offer very heavy duty flow tube area of the SCSSV. The brush will
rotate, cleaning scale and debris inside the
operation with reduced critical area of the SCSSV. Jar action activates

the trigger mechanism. Battery life is
inventory requirements.
approximately 2 hours and the motor spins at
80 RPM. The i-Tip allows cleaning of the valve
in the well, eliminating the need for installing
Gordon Tait an SCSSV insert valve, and minimising
Product Line Manager - Tools production downtime.


Air purification skid

A North Sea client reported problems with repeated seizing of air
motors on recently manufactured and serviced masts leading to
non-productive time (NPT). The customer established that the
failures were caused by excessive moisture in the platform air
supply and contacted manufacturers of specialist air purification
units. The Elmar Engineering team stepped in and worked
in conjunction with Aftermarket to design a fit-for-purpose
Air Purification Skid (APS) capable of removing moisture and
particulates, and suited for use with Elmar air driven units. It has
been successfully field trialled and is now being commercialised,
meaning that many other clients will be able to avoid downtime
where a clean and dry air supply cannot be guaranteed.

Depending on the flow

rate required, various
versions of the APS are
available ranging
from 250 cfm to 550 cfm.

Our products and

services available
from the web
PCE Calculator Coming Soon
For the convenience of our clients we
will be adding a wireline pressure control
rigup calculator to the resources on our
website. The calculator produces a rigup
list with weight and height, either of
which can be very important in situations
where crane capacity and/or overhead
space can be limiting factors.
Stock Newsletter Calculator
Aftermarket Support
As part of our Aftermarket Support
we offer a customer login and data
download service for our equipment.

Our Equipment Online

Equipment specifications with PDFs
available for download.

24hr Contact Support

the Regions

Aberdeen Middle East

Electric Winch Order Refurbishments

As a result of a new services contract for Statoil in Norway, we Recent full refurbishments carried out in our Dubai facility have
have been awarded a large contract for supply of pressure control included these LandLine, TruckLine and power pack units. The
equipment, fully electric drive offshore winches and semi power packs were commissioned by our service engineer Sunil
automated control panels. This will be delivered in Q2 2017. Kandiyil.
Elmar e-winches are now proven and reliable technology despite
working in very harsh North Sea conditions.

A TruckLine C unit at the SPE/ICoTA Europe conference.



Employee Lunch
David Brebner (VP, Elmar) serves lunch at Employee Appreciation
Day in the new ISE Breen Road facility in Houston.

Flow Control Products
From our Singapore plant to
a variety of international
DynaWinch Swab Rig Refurbishment customers, we have continued to
This year, a Swab Rig originally built by DynaWinch in 2006 was supply flow control products that
brought in to have a refresh after 10 years of reliable field service are manufactured and validated
in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. in accordance with API 14L.


Our service award recipients

Canada Employee Recognition We would like to congratulate

this large group of employees who celebrated 15 years of service
since joining DynaWinch (now part of NOV) in Calgary. The
Calgary facility now supports sales and service of the Elmar range
of equipment in addition to DynaWinch trucks. The group here
includes the founders of DynaWinch: Albert Roy and Paul Trudel.

Tamara Delton Tamara has been with NOV for 10 years. She Diego Verdinez Diego (with colleagues) is celebrating his 15th
works as an Executive Assistant to Gerald Mosley, President of anniversary with NOV. He is currently the Machine Shop Supervisor
the Intervention and Stimulation Equipment (ISE) business unit. at Breen Road in Houston, TX, USA.

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