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Issue 1, 2017
A Conversational Koinonia
Greetings to you from Theos Leadership Network, a missional
We are indeed happy to meet through this Genesis to
share our vision for the Malaysian Indian Churches. It is our de-
sire that you would come and join us too in this missional jour-
We are a very young organization and in the process of
growing into maturity. It is hardly three years now since we
started this missional body in 2013 with three missional leaders, Pr. Paul Mahendran [Editor]
Rev. Peter Jebasekaran, Pr. Paul Mahendran, and myself. Later, Rev. S. Arulandu [Chairman]
in our growth, the Lord added into our family, Rev. Daniel Loh, a
gifted and talented young man.
We are small, and there were tendencies to look for more
leaders to be part of this church movement. We thought hard A Conversational Koinonia .................. 1
on where to find suitable visionaries who shared our passion for
Editorial ................................................ 2
missions. As Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of his empire, we too
had walkie-talkie dreams and God added two more day- TLN Malaysian Mission:
dreamers, Pr. Stephen Raj and Pr. Robert to join us. This is where Kuala Krai, Kelantan ........................ 5
we are now, the Theos Leadership Network (TLN), a movement Mentakab ............................................ 7
Sabah .................................................. 8
for the 21st century church.
Our mission is to work along with churches for missio Dei TLN Chennai Mission ............................. 9
that is Gods mission, rather than human desire. We are cautious TLN Sri Lanka Mission......................... 11
not to fall into event-oriented categories. But we are moving
into God-centred activities that drives a missional life, a life that Donation Form..................................... 14
brings changes and be a blessing to many. When we converse Future Mission & Vision ...................... 15
missio Dei it is something like following someone who has al-
About Us .............................................. 17
ready set an example for everyday life in the way of Jesus.

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We, the Theos Leadership Network, would like to venture
EDITORIAL forth for the betterment of the Christian community and for
BY PASTOR PAUL MAHENDRAN the larger community who may or may not have heard the
gospel. It is our mission that every created being will finally
CHURCH-CENTRED OR experience a God-centred life.
GOSPEL-CENTRED? Jesus chose twelve men; one betrayed him. In time of sud-
den death, some of them vanished from the scene. An-
Rev. Arulandu, in his book,
other denied Jesus three times. Only a handful were with
The Spiritual Journey of Mis-
him until his death. We likened this holy drama as The
sio Dei points out the role of
Transformers. Megatronus, the ancient powerful Decep-
the church or any Christian or-
ticon was determined to destroy the Autobots as well as
ganization should be a Missio
humanity. On the other side, Optimus Prime and his friends
Dei (Gods mission). He high-
came to defend themselves and humanity. We, as the col-
lighted in page 23 that mission
lective Theos Leadership Network, is to be the defenders
is the heartbeat of God and we
for the Kingdom of God by standing beside the poor, the
are to cross every existing bar-
needy and the helpless. Our goal is to transform the people
rier with the Gospel.
to be the kingdom community for Jesus Christ by every
In many ways, he is right. The means. It is through the sharing of the love of God, being
church can face the imminent part of their struggles in the world and identifying with
danger of becoming a religious them. For us, the gospel must spread to every corner of this
institution that is no longer land of Malaysia.
relevant to the world. It is our desire that you also become part of this mis-
We can see this pattern setting sional journey through participation in our mission to
into the early Jerusalem spread the gospel to the larger community. We are seeking
church. Although the Jerusa- your presence, your loving heart, and your passion for the
lem church had reached great Kingdom of God by praying for us and stretching your hands
heights, it did not push on spir- for our projects and missional activities.
itually. After many years, the We are here to serve the community; therefore, we
believers had regressed in are looking at you for building a holy community for our
their beliefs and their prac- Lord Jesus Christ. Talk to us if you need any assistance in
tices. The writer of Hebrews missions or the mission field, or drop a note to us so that
said that they had to be taught our visions can be materialized.
the basic elements of Christi- God Bless You.
anity again (Heb. 6:1-2). S. Arul
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At the start, the early church faced existing barriers geographical, racial, financial, etc. to
spread the gospel. It challenged the Jewish ideologies and demanded a change. The Jerusa-
lem church was instituted; it was formed in authority, rules, and methods.
Institutionalism and Resistance to Change
While institutions are fine as they represent order and stability, but when progress is hindered
because of resistance to change, institutionalism becomes a crippling force. Somehow the
Jerusalem church became satisfied with the way they were. The Jerusalem Christians were
living under apostolic security and it was very much a majestic community (Acts 2:42-47).
Change always threatens the status quo and challenges traditions.
The church had slowed down in crossing the existing barriers to spread the gospel, so God
scattered the church! When the early church failed to keep Acts 1:8, Acts 8:1 began to take
place in their lives. That was Gods plan for extension and outreach.
God had to take the church from being church-centred to being gospel-centred!
Bill Hull has rightly observed, Previous persecution had pulled the church together; now it
pulled the church apart for evangelism. [Bill Hull, The Disciple-Making Church, (Grand Rapids:
Baker Books, 2010), p.91]
How true it was the believers were scattered, barriers that had previously stopped the
spread of the gospel, were broken. A new mission frontier was formed that was no longer
threatened by institutionalism. It resulted in decentralised ministry the apostles realized
everyone is called to serve, multiplication began to occur, average Christians began to reach
the world with the gospel (Acts. 8:4). It dawned at last that Christianity was supremely a lay
movement, spread by informal missionaries. [Michael Green, Evangelism in The Early Church,
(Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1970), p.374]
As I reflect on the modern church, we are more mired in institutionalism than the early church
ever was. I find people do not want their comfort zone to be challenged or their fears to be
confronted. People are less prone to move beyond boundaries and to expand their territories.
We, at Theos Leadership Network, would like to lay the vision before the people and move
them into new frontiers in missions. That is only possible by breaking the barrier of institu-

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Missional Leadership Community

Secondly, Theos Leadership Network is very much a missional leadership community. It is a
group of spiritually and relationally-fused people, working together for the cause of Christ.
Its role is to move the church from institutionalism to instituting. In the example of Pauls
ministry, he took the disciples with him and put them in a challenging learning environment
(Acts 19:9). They were trained in the mission field. They saw Paul doing evangelism and at
the same time he was teaching them this prepared them for future ministries and missions.
Pauls method was to reproduce the pattern of sound teaching in every church he planted and
every pastor he commissioned.
Paul, being a missional leader, formed a missional leadership community through young lead-
ers like Timothy, Luke, Silas, etc., who in turn would raise other missional leaders and that led
to the evangelism of the entire region (Acts19:10).
In a similar way, Theos Leadership Network (TLN), is committed to the apostolic vision given
to Rev. Arulandu.
TLN Mission Networking
Under the leadership of Rev. Arulandu, TLN is committed to:
a) break down the institutionalism barrier, both geographical and racial;
b) build a missional leadership community through networking via engagement, con-
versation, forums, development and apprenticeship;
c) embark to new possible mission territories;
d) community transformation;
e) spiritual advancement by being gospel-centred as opposed to church-centred.
At present, TLN has already gone to the mission fields of Malaysia (Sabah and East Coast,
Kelantan, Mentakab), Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar.
We are planning the go into new frontiers and we pray that you will network with us.
Let us move to new frontiers pressing forward together!


In December 2014, three days of continuous heavy rain caused flash flooding in Kelantan. It is now
known as the most significant and largest recorded flood in the history of Kelantan in which 202,000
victims were displaced.
Rev. Arul, Robert and two youths, went on their first trip to Kuala Krai, in January 2015, to
assist the flood victims. They brought food stuffs to Emmanuel Christian Centre (run by Ps. Yesu-
dason). They were assisted by Mr. John Murugan of Kuala Krai Indian Association to distribute the
items to the affected families. After the first visit, TLN decided to work with the Kelantan Indian
Development Association (PPKIK). Overall, TLN continuing Kuala Krai Mission will be networking
with this organization.

Following that, a second trip was orga-

nized to Kuala Krai. Rev. Arul, Rev. Pe-
ter and two youths went and this time
household items were distributed, such
as gas stoves, pillows, bedsheets, mat-
tresses, etc.

In February 2015, a third trip was organized

with Rev. Arul and Rev. Peter going to visit
several families that were still affected by
the flood. Ten families were each given a
cash amount of RM500.

A couple receiving a cash donation of Rev. Peter and Rev. S. Arul with a family in
RM500. Kuala Krai.

Another family is receiving a cash donation of Donation of RM7,000.00 for Kelantan Indian
RM500. Development Association.

TLN contributed a cash value of RM5,000 to the victims affected by the flood. In total, the aid
given by TLN amounted to RM20,000.

Rev. Arul
Rev. Jeeva Rev. Peter

On April 23, 2017, the Theos Leadership Network team comprising of 3 churches, namely Tab-
ernacle of Shalom (Rev. S. Arulandu), Everlasting Gospel Fellowship (Rev. Peter Jebasekaran)
and Eternal Harvest Church (Pr. Paul Mahendran), in collaboration with Tamil Methodist
Church-Mentakab (Rev. Jeeva) held an Easter Celebration at Kampung Awah in Mentakab,

The 25-member crew travelled from Kuala Lumpur to

Mentakab after their respective church services with a
mission to share the Resurrection message to the people
in the village.
There were songs presentation, dance performance,
and a message. Dinner was also provided. Provisions
were also given to some needy families.
The people responded well.

Gifts distributions for the needy families in Mentakab, Pahang.

Sunday School Children performing a group song.

Worship led by Nathaneal.

Rev. S. Arul attended a dialogue
forum organized by World Lu-
theran Federation. The invita-
tion was given by ELCM from STS
Principal Rev. Dr. Wilfred John.

About more than twenty participants attended

that forum. The theme for the forum was Luther-
anism and Pentecostal/Charismatic understanding
of the Holy Spirit.


Rev. Arul, Chairman and Founder of Theos

Leadership Network, giving a brief address
at the launching of TLN Chennai held at
Blessing Church, AG, India.

Rev. Swarnaraj (Senior Pastor of Blessing

Church AG) saying a few words before
officially launching Theos Leadership
Network Chennai.

June 3rd 2015 - The official unveiling of TLN


TLN Kuala Lumpur donated 1 lakhs (RM6,500) to its
Chennai Office to start mission work.
Pictured from left: Nathanael, Rev. Daniel Loh, Rev.
Arul, Rev. Peter, Joshua, Rev. Swarnaraj, Jechoniah
Swarnaraj (Chairman of TLN Chennai).

Rev. Arul with Rev. Jechoniah Swarnaraj

and his team attended the board meeting
at the Diocese Office.

First Meeting with Arcord Lutheran Church,

Chennai, India.
Rev. Arul with Bishop Socrates (Lutheran
The Arcord Lutheran Diocese members Bishop of Arcord Diocese) and his team.
with Rev. Arul and Rev. Jechoniah.
More pictures on page 13


The signing of the Memorandum of

Understanding between TLN and GSC.
Pictured from left:
(Standing) Pr. Paul, Rev. Peter, Rev.
Daniel Loh
(Seated) Rev. Arul, Rev. Dr. Danny Mo-

Theos leadership Network team made a mission trip to Sri Lanka. The purpose of this trip is
to partner with Graduate Studies Centre, Lanka Bible College, Colombo on the area of spon-
soring bible college students, theological discussion and mission. Currently TLN has sponsored
three students to complete their diploma in theology (3 years).
TLN has signed MoU with GSC and have donated 100,000 rupees. Rev. Dr Danny Moses, the
director of GSC, LBC Colombo is pleased to work with TLN.

Theos Leadership Network team with

the 3 sponsored students.

Rev. Peter sharing the Word to the faculty
and students of Lanka Bible College

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Rev. Arul together with Rev. Jechoniah Vacant Build-

(Chairman, TLN Chennai) viewing the ing for Theos
Arcord Lutheran Church Diocese in Kallaku- College.
I would like to make a donation for the following needs:


RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________
(1) Kuala Krai Ministry Helping the needy families
RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________
(2) Mentakab Mission Networking with the local churches
RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________
(3) Kudat Project Development project with the Protestant Church of Sabah
RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________
RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________
RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________
RM50 RM100 RM200 RM500 Other _________



Contact No:

Cheque is payable to Theos Leadership Network

Postal Address: No. 1, Jalan Tiong 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Looking at Malaysian Church history, missionaries came and evangelized the community
through education. Through the schools, the gospel was spread to the larger community. We
know how Christianity came to our soil. Therefore, TLN want to uphold and continue the
legacy through our projects. We take seriously the Great Commission and John 3:16.
Plans for Next Year (2018) -
1. Educational College for the eligible and those in need. TLN is planning in partnership
with Arcord Lutheran Church Diocese to start a college in Kallakuruchi. This project is
the collaboration with ELCM under the leadership of Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Solomon Rajah.
God willing, the MOU will be signed with them by end of 2017. Courses offered IT,
Human Resources, Business Management, Engineering, Theology (Specialized Minis-
2. Setting Mission Centre in Kuala Lumpur
3. Global Asian Mission Network. To raise think-tank group to think mission globally.
4. Badulla, Sri Lanka. Establishing Mission Centre for West Sri Lanka.


TLN has ideas and strategies for mission work, both locally and abroad. We want to follow
the way of Jesus. And we believe most of us are missionaries and would like to be involved
in any area for the Kingdom of God. As such, we need resources, manpower, and ideas. In
other words, we need your time, energy and of course, your finances.
Therefore, to fulfil our dream and vision, TLN is organizing a charity gala dinner to raise funds
for our mission organization. When the Jerusalem church was going through financial crisis,
Apostle Paul help to collect funds to meet the need.
We know you are generous givers and we welcome you to be part of our mission work.
Do come and support us for this worthy cause!
DATE: October 8, 2017 (Sunday)
TIME: 7pm
VENUE: Glad Tidings
No. 6, Jalan Bersatu 13/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

You can also help us by purchasing this book written by

our chairman, Rev. S. Arulandu. The sales of the books
will be channelled to TLN.
Available at Theos Leadership Network office.
You will be blessed by the insights found in the book
that talks about Gods Mission.

1. We believe in the Godhead of the Trin-
ity God the Father, God the Son, God
the Holy Spirit.
2. We strongly accept the Apostolic
teachings and the Authority of the
early church.
3. We have faith in the Holy Scripture,
that it is the divine revelation of God,
about God, and is for the humanity.
4. We believe in the Nicene Creed and in
A publication of: the Church Traditions.
5. We believe in One God, One Baptism,
and One Body of Christ.
THEOS 6. We believe that the Church is the sign

LEADERSHIP for the Kingdom of God.

7. We believe and practice John 3:16 and
NETWORK Matthew 28:18-20 as the foundation
for our mission work.
(Reg No: 002478113-T)
8. We believe and practice in the global
No.1, Jalan Tiong 5, networking with other bodies in the
Bandar Puchong Jaya, evangelical faith.
47170 Puchong, Selangor. 9. We believe that missions is the heart-
Tel. (O): +603-80708027 beat of the Church.
H/Ph: +6012-2965979 10. We believe and practice missio Dei,
which means Gods mission.
11. We practice an integral mission for the
Rev. S. Arulandu. M.Th. [Director] minority, the helpless, the homeless
Rev. Peter Jebasekaran and the needy.
Rev. Daniel Loh 12. We affirm solidarity with the poor; for
Pr. Paul Mahendran justice, equality, eradication of pov-
Pr. Stephen Raj
erty and transformation of the com-
Pr. Robert
munity for the Kingdom of God