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Water-Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerators

Ansaldo Energia water-hydrogen cooled generators (WT, MVA, THAR series), with water-cooled
stators and hydrogen-cooled rotors, are the top level products for the highest power range

Thanks to their high efficiency and excellent quality they ensure optimum and reliable operation for
any turbine requirement.

Their well proven technology and adherence to all safety requirements, to ensure proper operation
in presence with hydrogen gas, is witnessed by more than 60 installed units and more than 30 GVA
awarded by Ansaldo Energia.

Dedicated auxiliary systems are used to condition and circulate deionized water and hydrogen for
cooling and keeping the shaft seals supplied with oil.

Oxygen removal and deionization equipment plus all the necessary equipment to ensure reliable
and safety operations are provided.

Static excitation units provides fast-response excitation system capable of adapting the air-gap flux
rapidly to load conditions in order to deliver stable power supply when operating on a network and
maintain generator voltage constant during no load operation or station servicing. 6/12/2017
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