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The son of Monatgue is at it again

Justice Sopher

Romeo of the Benvolio stated that

Montague house has Romeo cried, hold
surprised the public friends! Friends,
once again with his part! which very
daring acts of foolery. quickly lead some to
With two dead this believe that Romeo
story keeps getting was trying to
more and more maintain the peace
interesting. and end the feud
between the two
Late Monday
houses, Montague,
afternoon in the
and Capulet.
streets of Verona a
fight broke out that Escalus had lost
Prince Escalus
resulted in the deaths someone as well.
declared late
of Mercutio, the blood Some assume the
Monday afternoon
relative to Prince Prince saw it as
that Romeo
Escalus, and Tybalt of Romeo doing him a
Montague were to
favour but many
the Capulet house. be banished from
claim it is unfair.
These two men fought the streets of
when Romeo Verona, and is to Lady Capulet
supposedly got into never return again. pleaded, For blood
the way as told by of ours, shed blood
The Capulet house
Benvolio of the of Montague. Still
was quick to protest
Montague house. the Prince did not
because of the fairly
The first fight ended new law that was
with the death of placed by the The reason of this
Mercutio who had Prince. The law fight is still unknown
apparently been states whomever and Romeo is
stabbed by Tybalt shall break the nowhere to be found.
under the arm of peace will pay with If Romeo shows his
Romeo. Tybalt fled their life. face in the streets of
but shortly returned to Verona, he will be
The Princes mind
fight Romeo as executed by order of
was set and he had
Romeo was furious the prince.
declared for Romeo
with Tybalt for killing
to be banished no Further events have
his good friend
matter how many not yet been
protests as Prince recorded.