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I, Undersigned Birju Makadia a student of T.Y.B.B.A of Shri R.P.Bhalodiya College here by

declare that the report is my own work and been carried out under supervision and guidance
of Prof. Mr. Kuldeep Jobanputra.

I would also like to add that this report is not been submittd to any other university
for any examination.

Students sign


Place: Rajkot

It is said that, Experience makes a man perfect but the question arises that from where this
experience comes from. It is very easy to say that from practical knowledge only. This is one
of the reasons for practical studies are the most important aspect of management course.
Many times, there is a lot of difference between practical implication and theoretical study.

As a student of B.B.A, each one have to undergo industrial training accompanied with going
for marketing research for any of the industry product. The chief objective of practical
training is to develop awareness about business environment and business practices among
students. The second important objective was to know about consumer awareness about

Generally the art of appreciation take forms into THANK YOU but who says that it is
enough to appreciate the kindness shown and guidance imparted and the guidelines they
have provided. I am speechless to say them thanks.

Fist of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards the Ass. Sales Manager of Yamaha,
Mr. Sanjay Patel for allowing and giving all the information that was necessary for my

I would also like to thank Prof. Mr. Kuldeep Jobanputra who guided me and helped
me in clearing my suspects and difficulties in preparing this report.

CONTENTS Topic Page.

1. General information
2. Marketing Department
3. Market Research
Research Methodology
Analysis and Interpretation

4. Recommendation
5. Conclusion
6. Bibliography


Sr.No. Topics Page. No.

1. Introduction
2. Project at Glance
3. History of Yamaha Corporation
4. World Wide operation of Yamaha
Group & products
5. Yamaha in India
6. Yamaha Alba In India

Bikes play an important role in todays fast and luxurious world. They prove to be
helpful, convenient and efficient means of transportation and along with all these they
are also prove to be prestigious.
Bikes are very common and contingent means for transportation. The leading
companies dealing in Bikes are Hero Honda, secondly Honda and Third Yamaha
Corporation and so on. Therefore, I had undergone marketing research on Yamaha
Alba bike and here by wish to introduce the company as far as I had understood it
and presented in this report.

Yamaha Corporation is one of the worlds leading automakers offering a full range of
models from bikes to electronic products like power mixers, power amplifier, and
speakers large & small.

Name of company Yamaha motors India PVT Ltd
Offices: Head Office:
2500 shingai,
Corporate Office:
502, Sarovar Complex
Jain Derasar Lane, Off.C.G.Road
Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat
Tel.: + (91)-(79)-26565941,
Fax: + (91)-(79)-26565941
150ft ring road,
Amin marg junction
Rajkot 360007
Tel.: + (91)-(281)-2577764
Factory in India A-3, surajpure ind. Area
Noida Dadris road
Tel: + (91)-(120)-2351193
MIK FUJIYAMA India Ltd. 20/4,
Mathura Road,
Haryana, India
Tel :( 91) 82-41811, 41812, 42115

Global website

Year of establishment July 1, 1955 (Yamaha Japan)
Establishment in India August 2001
Worldwide operation 36 countries
Chairperson Takehiko Hasegawa
Chairperson in India Masahiko Shibuya
Capital 270 million rupees
Employees 3600
Business manufacturing & marketing of
Projected sales 350000 units per year (approx)

In the year 1955 when Yamaha developed its first motorcycle, the YA-1, there
were about 150 motorcycle makers struggling to compete in Japan. As young
motorcycle industry and Yamaha Motor was the last company to enter the fray. At this
time, the company had 274 employees working in two single-story wooden buildings
that served as factories where they produced about 200 motorcycles a month.

Since then, for nearly half a century Yamaha Motor has continued to take up
one challenge after another and to turn the ideas and dreams born of these challenges
into new products and businesses. Because of this corporate spirit, the Yamaha Motor
of today is active in a wide range of business fields and boasts a truly varied and
extensive range of products.

We hope you will enjoy this collection of historical models born of our Yamaha
"Spirit of Challenge" in the fields of motorcycles, marine products and even
automobiles. In each of them is a thread of the unique spirit that has built the Yamaha
brand of today.

He quickly rose to positions of manager of the company's Tenryu Factory

Company (musical instruments) and then Senior General Manager, before assuming
the position of fourth-generation President in 1950 at the young age of 38.

In 1953, Genichi was looking for a way to make use of idle machining
equipment that had previously been used to make aircraft propellers. Looking back on
the founding of Yamaha Motor Company, Ginichi had this to say. "While the company
was performing well and had some financial leeway, I felt the need to look for our
next area of business. So, I did some research." He explored producing many
products, including sewing machines, auto parts, scooters, three-wheeled utility
vehicles, and motorcycles. Market and competitive factors led him to focus on the

motorcycle market. Ginichi actually visited the United States many times during this

When asked about this decision, he said, "I had my research division chief and
other managers visit leading motorcycle factories around the country. They came back
and told me there was still plenty of opportunity, even if we were entering the market
late. I did not want to be completely unprepared in this unfamiliar business so we
toured to German factories before setting out to build our first 125cc bike. I joined in
this tour around Europe during which my chief engineers learned how to build
motorbikes. We did as much research as possible to insure that we could build a bike
as good as any out there. Once we had that confidence, we started going."


As we know Yamaha is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers and one

of the most widely known companies in world today. It has its operations
spread all over the world. Its operations are
Spread in 35 countries. They are as follows

The Asia/Oceania Europe Japan
U.S.A Australia Europe Italy Japan
Canada New Zealand Austria Ireland
Mexico China Belgium Nether land
Argentina India Czech Norway
Brazil Indonesia Denmark Portugal
Colombia Philippines Franc Russia
Taiwan Germany Spain
Thailand Greece Sweden
Vietnam Hungary Switzerland

The following are their products in which they deal
Bikes: - Alba, Crux, Gladiator J.A, Gladiator, G5,
sports bikes

Boating & Watercraft

Motor boat

All- Terrain


Power amps

Digital Piano / Keyboards
Drum Set
Wind Instrument
String Instrument
Percussion Instrument

Holding the true spirit of commitment to customer satisfaction - Yamaha
Motor India is enriching lives of people with the same ingenuity and enthusiasm as
its parent company - Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan. Having operated in India as
technology provider for almost two decades, YMI was incorporated in August 2001
as a 100percentage subsidiary of YMC, Japan. Since then we have been in the
process of redefining our business processes and extending the awe and power
associated with the legacy of the Yamaha Group.

Adhering to our Corporate Mission - "Creating Kando - Touching Your

Heart" we are striving to touch every Heart across the length and breadth of India
Yamaha Motor India (YMI) was incorporated in India in August 2001 as a 100%
subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Corporation (Japan), the parent company. However, it
operated in India as technology provider for almost two decades before incorporation.
On 2 November 2007 Yamaha, launch two sports bikes in Indian market R1 & MT- 01
there cost is approx 10.5 11.5 lack

The company's manufacturing facilities in India comprises of two state-of-

the-art plants. One at Faridabad (Haryana) and the other at Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh).
Presently 10 models roll out of the two Yamaha Plants. The infrastructure of the two
plants support productions of motorcycles and it's parts for both, the domestic as well
as oversees market.
As an Environmentally sensitive organization, YMI goes with the concept
of "Environment-friendly technology" philosophy. It boasts of effluent treatment
plant, rain water - harvesting mechanism and a motivated forestation drive. They
believe in taking care of not only customers motoring needs but also the needs of
future generations.

The bike that defines todays style, average, & comfort.
Alba is designed to suit ones personality. Alba thrills the person from moment
he/she first lays eyes on it. The Yamaha Alba rise is one of a kind sophisticated yet
brash, selfish yet giving, intense yet fancy-free, in fact quite like the bike he rides.
Jaws drop when he takes his 106cc wonder for a spin.

The unique design of Yamaha Alba 106 blends youthful style with thoughtful
decency. Overall, the bike gives an image of robustness and solidity. Giving it a
sturdy, macho image are the muscled tank, well-built side and rear panel. While the
exciting graphics with the smooth flowing design, give the bike its stylish, super cool

With Alba 106, Yamaha has expanded its range beyond the hardcore bikers bikes. As
per the company sources, the reasonably priced Alba 106 is a low maintenance bike
with high fuel efficiency that enhances its value-for-money appeal manifold.

Since the bike has been designed for daily commuting, special emphasis has
been given on shaping it for the maximum comfort of the rider. That is why, Yamaha
Alba 106 boasts of new aerodynamic cowl, well-sculptured tank, and broad seat for
comfortable riding of the pillion rider too. The ideal ergonomics of seat, handlebar,
and knee recess on the petrol tank are all designed for comfortable riding by giving
the right posture to the rider. Keeping the Indian driving conditions in consideration,
Alba 106 has perfectly spaced gear ratio for driving in congested conditions without
changing gears repeatedly.

At the heart of the machine is the Yamahas ever-reliable 106cc engine, which
gives good combination of torque and mileage leading to less strain on the engine and
therefore longer life. Adding style to Albas strength are its super cool features,
including the innovatively designed indicators and tail light.


1. Introduction

2. Organization Structure

3. Place of marketing department in Co.

4. 4P of marketing mix

In common parlance, Marketing is process of selling something at shop or market
place, but according to modern marketing concepts selling is not an important part of
marketing but it is only a tip at marketing iceberg. The aim of the marketing for any
of the company is to make their sales superfluous.

Marketing is process of planning executive the conception, pricing and

distribution of ideas, goods, services to create exchanges that satisfy
individuals and organizational goals.
Philip Kotler.
Marketing occupies an important position in any organization. Traditional viewpoint
was that the customer would accept whatever product the seller presented to him.
However, according to Modern viewpoint is to focus on the consumer needs & wants.
Marketing deals with identifying and meeting consumer needs. One of the shortest
definitions of marketing is Meeting Needs Profitability producer does not
produce what they like but produce what the consumer wants.

The company should have a very efficient and excellent marketing department, which
truest to provide maximum satisfaction to customer while having reasonable profits.

The motto of YAMAHA is to Understand the customers requirements and

delivering products and services to make them satisfied. So YAMAHA had put
marketing factor at a front foot. In addition, presently it enjoys a good brand image
all over the world.

Organization means it is a group of people working together co-operatively under
authority towards achieving goals and objectives that mutually benefits the
organization. It may also be said as grouping activities is to be performed. We can
also define as establishing relationship for handling people to work effectively by
maintaining horizontal and vertical coordination.

Market is related with creation of standard of living. Organization is a form of co-

operative efforts. It can be said that marketing organization consists of no. of people
with many different position.

A great person who suggests that no one should loose the confidence in themslfe says
one great line:

Take all the things away from me, take my wealth, take my industries,
take my land, but with help of my efficient organization I will bring these
all back within only 5 years.
Andrew Carneigie


Yamaha Motors India P.V.T Ltd

CEO (marketing)

Managing Directors

Vice President (marketing)

General Manager
(West North, East South)

Regional Business Head

(According to the no. of states)

Sales Manager

Management Training

Yamaha gives equal importance to each department. However, it is engaged in
such a business where there are many competitors, so it has to give more importance to
maintain its present position. In addition, in order to do so, it has to make concentrated
efforts to maintain its brand and company image by way of marketing department.

Thus, it is the main reason to give more emphasis on the marketing department. As
it is reputed and prestigious company, manufacturing the bikes & many different types of
products it has to market its product in such a way that lot does not loose its position of
being 4th in manufacturing the bikes. It is maintained only by proper planning of deciding
the appropriate strategies of advertisements, sales promotion etc. Company always
conducts a survey with help of marketing department, which gives knowledge about the
market conditions, needs of consumers and to get informed about the changing perception
of the consumers which in turn can help the co. to make changes in marketing strategies
and which lead them to the point of success.

It is in history when firms where having comparatively few tools for
influencing sales. Before the 21st century, most products were sold without
branding, advertising, sales promotion, credit, trade-shows and many others
variables that are now commonplace.

The 4Ps of marketing mix are:

1. Product Mix
2. Price Mix
3. Place Mix.
4. Promotion Mix

In the 21st century, something new is very important in the market so for that
purpose marketing mix of company is very necessary to make complete program.

The meaning of the marketing mix in simple words is the amount and kind of
variables the organization is using at a particular time. Marketing is changed by
changing the area and according to market condition. It is totally based on market
research and information. It is the core of the marketing system.

Product is most tangible and important single component of marketing program.
The product policy and strategy is cornerstone of a marketing mix. Without a product,
there is nothing to distribute, to promote or to be priced.

To marketer, products are building blocks of marketing plan. Good products are
key to market success. Product is a vehicle by which companies provide customer
satisfaction. An engine pulls rest of marketing activities.

Product mix is a set of all the product lines and items that a particular company
offers to buyers. The width of product refers to how many different product lines it

The depth of product mix refers to how many variants of each product and offered
in a line. Here, YAMAHA has many variants like bikes, musical instruments, and spokes
and again computer software, it has different models. The width, depth and consistency of
product mix enables a company to define its product portfolio, appeal to its different
consumer needs and encourages one-stop buying.


Pricing means fixation of value of a product in monetary terms. It is very

critical decision in management. The main objective of firm is to earn profit, which
depends on right pricing of decision. The management in consultation of and with
production and finance department takes pricing decision. The company should also
keep competitors costs, price and offers in mind and then fix the price of product.

YAMAHA always tries to sell their product at excellent price points as

compared with other competitors. Yamaha has made tiedup with some financial
instution. It provides loan facilites .

Any sequence of institution from the producer to customer
including one any number of middlemen is called channel of
-Mc Carry

Proper distribution channel should be selected so that product of company can easily
reach in the hands of consumer. The mode of transportation and other facility are
selected carefully no doubt that choice of channel depend on nature of product but it
must be so selected carefully that is combination with other element of marketing mix.
Hence it helps in achieving goal like profit maximization economic stability, long
term growth etc.
The most fundamental factor for channel choice and channel management is economic
criteria, viz. cost and profit criteria we consider various factors like nature of product,
market, trends and competition.
The most common routes or paths that flow from manufacture to consumer are.

a) Manufacture Consumer
b) Manufacture Retailer consumer
c) Manufacture Wholesaler Retailer Consumer
d) Manufacture Wholesaler Semi-wholesaler Retailer


The distribution channel for YAMAHA is quite simple as it

supplies cars to many countries they have provided production units
in each country and then directly sends the cars at dealers place
through roadways. Hence, the distribution channel of YAMAHA is as




Promotion is a form of communication to accept ideas, products, and services
and hence persuasive communication becomes heart of promotion. It is said that, In a
competitive market without promotion nothing can be sold

Promotion has been defined as The co-ordinate self- initiated

efforts to establish channels of information and persuasion to
facilitate sale of goods or services or to acceptance of ideas or
points of view.

The promotion mix includes four ingredients viz.

Personal selling
Sales promotion

Promote sales because it is only way to commercialize the product.
Any activity towards sales-promotion may be called promotional
activities. Such activities include advertising.

Any paid form of non-personal communication of ideas, goods or

services by business firms identified in advertising message
intended to lead to sale immediately or eventually.
-American Marketing Association

Today, no business survives without advertisement.
Advertisement helps to increase sales goals and to give a tough fight
to competitors. The problem or else we can say question is not
whether to do advertisement or not? However, question is that how to
advertise with a view to maximize returns on money invested. An
advertisement can prove to be better when it is adequately planned,
executed and constantly evaluated.

As one knows advertisements prove of the great importance

having many objectives. The main objectives of advertising are as
given below:
Preparing a ground for new product
Creation of demand
Facing competition
Creating goodwill
Awareness to customers
Creating good brand image
Considering all above points, we can say advertisements are quite
important and they have become a part of business world.
YAMAHA gives ads in television; Internet, yellow pages, radio etc. to
commercialize their product.


It is non personal stimulation of demand for product, service or a

business unit by placing commercially significant news about it in a
publication or obtaining favorable presentation of it on Radio, T.V or
stage that it is not paid for sponsor. It is said that a product is more
published when it satisfies all requirements of consumers.


Personal selling refers to oral or face-to-face intrraction between

salesl representative and prospective customer for purpose to making
sales. No other tool of promotion is as effective and strong as personal
As we know YAMAHA deals in cars so do not go for personal selling
yet dealers do tackle their customers when they go to showroom with
an intention to purchase a bike.
By this way they do come to know about likes and dislikes of
prospective consumer and can inform to the company to concentrate
on those matters.


Sales promotion is a key ingredient in marketing campaigns. Sales

promotion consists of diverse collection of incentive tools. Mostly
short term, designed to simulate quicker or greater purchase of
particular products or services by consumer or the trade.

Advertising offers a reason to buy, sales promotion offers an

incentive to buy.
Sales promotion includes tools for consumer protection, trade
promotion, business and sales promotion. Today top management as
an effective sales tool accepts promotion. Sales promotion yield faster
and more measurable response to sales than advertising.

The rapid growth of sales promotion media has created a situation of

promotion clutter similar to advertising clutter. Sales promotion tools
vary in their specific objectives. A free sample stimulates trial
whereas an advisory service aims at stimulating a long-term
relationship with a retailer. The main purpose of sales promotion is
encouraged consumer and dealers effectively. The aim of sales
promotion is goal oriented to achieve sales/marketing objective,
which are short term and immediate.

Sales promotion is short term incentives to encourage purchase

or sale of product or service.
Roger A Strang

The purpose of sales promotion is to stimulate, motivate and influence
the purchase and other desired behavioral responses of the firms

Research Methodology
Data collection
Primary Data collection
Research Instrument
1. Selection of Project
2. Nature of Project
3. Scope of Project
4. Sampling


Marketing Manager has to take various decisions regarding various

activities of marketing. The decisions are a combination of various judgments
and facts. The correct decision can be outcome of analysis of factual data.
Research always starts with a problem or a question. Its purpose is to get answer
to particular question through application of scientific method.
Basic research can also be called as fundamental, theoretical or
pure research. It aims at expanding the Frontiers of knowledge and dos not
directly involve problems.
Applied Research is also known as decisional research. It
specifies alternative solutions and possible outcomes of each alternative.
Marketing research is a systematic problem analysis, model
building and fact finding process for purpose of improved decision making
and control in marketing of goods and services.

The main objective of this project is to know about consumer
awareness of YAMAHA ALBA bike.
Along with the main objective the other are as follows:
To know about the colors available in Alba bike.
To know about the average & price of Alba.
To know suggestions and improvements needed in bike.
To know about the showroom environment YAMAHA.

The project is based with involvement of fieldwork. Main aim
of project was to know the consumer awareness of YAMAHA ALBA
bike and make necessary improvement in bike to satisfy the

The scope project is bifurcated in two types:
Geographic scope
Time scope

Geographic Scope:
Geographic scope is the consumer awareness of YAMAHA ALBA
Bike in Rajkot City

Time Scope:
Time scope for project is 20 days.

All marketing researches can tap two sources of data for investigation.
Internal Sources
External Sources

Internal sources are companys own records, registers, documents etc. The
internal source helpful for me while preparing my project report was Mr. Sanjay
Patel, Asst, and Manager. He helped me a lot while preparing the project.

External sources are those, which are collected from market. It is available by
containing prospective consumers of YAMAHA by personally interviewing

Another way of classification of sources is.

Secondary data
Primary data

Secondary Data
There are numerous sources of secondary data. Each year quantity of secondary
source material expands of a tremendous rate. Secondary data is ready to use
and it is cheaper to use.

Various sources of secondary data are libraries, literature, periodicals, etc.

Primary Data

Primary data are vital for any research project. Primary data act as a base for
preparation of any project.

Although primary data are costly to collect yet today many firms trust its result
because of its reliability, along with it, accurately of primary data is highest so

they are used extensively, Primary data can be collected by different ways such
Personal observation method
Personal survey method
Panel Research
Experimental research
Behavioral research method

All these method are best in each different field. Survey research studies
large and small populations by selecting and studying samples chosen from
population to discover relative and various other things.
In my project, work adopted is survey method. A questionnaire was drafted and
further it was analyzed to prepare the project.

As for preparing my project report I have used primary data. I do think that it is
an important point to be mentioned in project.

In this method, a well-informed questionnaire was prepared. Survey was done

in Rajkot by sample of 100 people.

In short any finite or infinite aggregation of all possible objects under study not
necessary animate is called a population.

As it is not possible to meet the whole population, I had taken 100 samples of
respondents. A sample is a part of universe or population.

The instrument used for preparing my project is questionnaire.

Questionnaire is a device or tools of marketing research to collect information.

It is a technique of communication with the respondent. It may be simply
defined as Formal list of questions designed to gather information from
respondent on a given topic.

A well-drafted questionnaire brings success to interview and interviewers. It

overcomes resistance own respondents. A questionnaire should be complete,
concise and clear.

A questionnaire may consist:

1. Open-ended questions
2. Dichotomous questions
3. Multi-choice question

Open-ended questions have no fixed alternative to which the answer must

confirm. The respondent answers in his own words and at length he chooses.

Dichotomous question is one where the respondent selects pre-designed
categories of response coming closer to his/her own opinion. This type of
alternative as Yes or No i.e. in favor or not in favor.

And multiple questions are one, which provides several objectives to answer for
it. It is based on principle of aided recall.

In this project work the questionnaire all, the type of questions were used to the

A project work is an opportunity for a student to implement the theoretical
knowledge in a practical manner. It provides a platform for better understanding
of the market and factors influencing it.

It has been understood by organization that market is huge and thus it should
not be overlooked. The project work was chosen on Consumer awareness for

As this was a research based project it would enable the company to acquire in
depth knowledge of Rajkot market as concerned to satisfaction derived and the
likes and dislikes of consumers and make changes thereafter.

Sampling is a commonplace idea. Everyone is accustomed to draw conclusion
about a large group on basis on study of a small number of items.

Sample is a part of universe or population. Populations are a collection of all

elements defined over space and time and time, which are relevant to scope of a

Sampling refers to study of the part of universe instead

Of the whole of it, to draw conclusion for entire universe. It is a tool or a
technique to study the characteristics of the whole universe.

A sample as name suggests is a smaller representative of larger body. In other

words a section of population selected from latter in such a way that they
represent universe a sample. A single member of population is element.

There are few of the steps which are taken into consideration while developing
a sample plan for research purpose.
Define the Population:
It is an aggregate of all elements defined prior to selection of sample. It is
necessary to define the population in terms of:
Sampling Units
Omission of any of them would render the definition of population incomplete.

Identify the sampling frame:

These are the second stage for finding out sampling decision. Identifying
sample frame, which could be a telephone directory, a list of blocks and
localities of city, a map or any other list consisting of all sampling units. It may
be pointed out that if the frames incomplete or otherwise defective, sampling
will not be able to solve matters.
Specify the sampling unit.
The sampling unit is basic unit containing the elements of the target population.
The sampling unit may be different from the element.

Specify the sampling method:

It indicates how samples units are selected. One if th most important decision in
this regards is to determine which of two:
It is to be chosen. Probability samples are also known as random samples and
non-probability samples are known as non-random samples

Determine the sample size:
In other words, one has to decide how many elements of target population are to
b taken.
Specify the sampling plan:
This means that one should indicate how decisions made so far are to be
Select the sample:
This is final step in the sampling process. A good deal of office and fieldwork in
actual selection of sample elements. The interviewer faces most of the problems
in this stage, which contain the sample respondents.

Methods of sampling
Sampling can be done in two ways. One is probability and other is non-
probability sampling.
All of items in universe have known and equal chances or probabilities of being
selected. It is also called non-controlled sampling. Selection of items is purely
based on chance using some random device such as a table of random numbers.

Types of probabilities sampling

Simple Random Sampling:

In this method, each sample is given equal chance to get selected.
Stratified Random Sampling:
Population is never homogeneous rather it is heterogeneous. Here, population is
divided into distinguishable strats each one differs from other sub-groups. A
simple random sampling is done from each group.

Cluster sampling:
It involves groups of sample items chosen at random. It is often called multi-
stage sampling. Selection of primary sampling units is two stages or three stage
Selection of city block
Selection of colonies within city
Selection of families within colonies.

This is called area sampling.

Systematic Sampling:
It involves random selection of the first item and then selection for a sample
item at every fixed interval. It is used in quality control situation.
In this method all the samples do not have equal chances of being selected. Any
sampling technique in which selection sample is not determined by chance, out
rather by personal convenience, expert judgment, or any kind of conscious
researcher selection.



Respondents status

Respondents salary

Respondents family members

Cars own by Respondent

Respondents belief

Respondents reasons to purchase ALBA

Model Preferred by respondent

Respondents satisfaction-by bike & after sales services

Attraction towards YAMAHA-ALBA

Respondents view



25 14 11 50 100

In the above question, the consumers are segmented into four categories i.e.
Businessman, Professional, and Service person & Students. In addition, after
analyzing 100 responses given by consumers. I had come to conclusion that
25% of consumers are engaged in own business, 14% have professional, 11%
consumers are service person and 25% of people are students.

Q1. Do you know about Alba? [ ] yes [ ] no

50 50 100

In the above question we come to know about the people are aware about
Yamaha Alba. 50% say yes & 50% say no.

Q2. If yes then through which media you come to know about Yamaha
NO. 15 9 4 12 10 50

From above question, we come to know about the media through which people
come to know about the Yamaha Alba. From above 50 people, 15 people come
to know from friends, 12 people come to know from advertisement, 10 people
come to know from hoarding, 9 people come to know from the showroom, & 4
people come to know from relatives.

Q3. Do you know about the price of Yamaha Alba?


Yes No Total
38 12 50

From the 50 people who where knowing about the Yamaha Alba. From them
only 38 people where knowing about there price & 12 people where not
knowing about the price.

Q4. Do know about the colors available in Yamaha Alba? [ ] yes [ ] no

30 20 50

In the above question we come to about the people are aware for colure
available in Yamaha Alba. From the 50 people 30 people say yes & 20 people
say no.

Q5. Do you know about the features of Yamaha Alba?

AVERAGE 35 15 50
NO OF GEAR 25 25 50

From the above question, we come to know people aware about the different
features of Yamaha Alba. From 50 people 23 are aware of suspension, 40 are
aware about the c.c., 46 are aware about the alloy wheels, 36 are aware about
the fuel tank capacity, 25 people are aware about the no. of gear, 35 people are
aware about the average.

Q6. Do you know about the loan facility provided by Yamaha?
[ ] yes [ ] no

30 20 50

From above question, we come to know that how many people are aware
about loan facility provided by Yamaha. From 50 people 30 say yes & 20 say

It was really a great experience, while doing project report for Yamaha
Group. I was obliged to study now the marketing theories and other management
principles are applied in corporate world. Therefore doing project onConsumer
awareness for Yamaha Alba bike. I got opportunity to learn all marketing
implication which otherwise would not be possible anywhere else.

After studying companys past and present marketing operation,

I came to conclusion that company is having a good future prospects
and can establish its edge over others which is now on its growth
Yamaha group is one of the largest manufacturing companies for
bikes, musical instruments & electronic goods & automobiles in the
world. Really, a nice experience to do project for Yamaha and work
with Yamaha staff is really kind-hearted and open-minded.
I, wish company, all the best for its forth coming challenging

This is concluding question of the annexure. After asking so many question
some suggestion are required for the Yamaha Alba for the consumer are.
Many people are not so aware about the Yamaha Alba so company
needs to make more focus on advertisement.
They need to change theme of the advertisement & they should make
the advertisement, which includes all the colure of the bike in it.
They give information about the features of Yamaha Alba.
The company should give advertisement in different channels which are
more watch by the people like stare plus, zee tv.
The company should do some sponsorship.
The company should make people aware about the average, c.c., brakes,

Marketing Management
- by Philip kotler
Marketing Management
- by S.A. Sherlekar

Shree R.P. bhalodia college Rajkot
Market research on Consumer
Awareness of Yamaha Alba

The aim of this questionnaire is to know about of consumer awareness about Yamaha
We assure you the information given by you will keep confidential and will not be
This research is for educational purpose only.
Please tick marks in appropriate box only.
Please fill up only those questions, which you know.

1. Name:_______________________________________________________________
2. Address:- ____________________________________________________________
3. Phone no.:- ___________________________________________
4. Gender :- [ ] male [ ] female
5. Occupation:-
[ ] businessman [ ] professional
[ ] service person [ ] student

6. Do you have any two-wheeler? [ ] yes [ ] no

7. If yes then which brand? ______________________________________

8. Do you know about Yamaha Alba? [ ] yes [ ] no

9. If yes then through which media you come to know about Yamaha Alba?

[ ] friends [ ] hoarding [ ] relatives

[ ] advertisement [ ] showroom

10. Do you know about the price of Yamaha Alba? [ ] yes [ ] no

11. Do you know about the colors available in Yamaha Alba? [ ] yes [ ] no
If yes then which color [ ] red [ ] silver [ ] black [ ] blue
12. Do you know about the features of Yamaha Alba?
Average [ ] yes [ ] no _________
No of gear [ ] yes [ ] no ________
Front & rear suspension [ ] yes [ ] no
Engine displacement [ ] yes [ ] no _______
Fuel tank capacity [ ] yes [ ] no _________
Alloy wheels [ ] yes [ ] no

13. Do you know about the loan facility provided by Yamaha? [ ] yes [ ] no
14. Give suggestion if any