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Press Release

New novel looks at marital regret and forgiveness

Many women if given a chance and strong enough to walk away would leave an unfaithful
husband who traveled a lot. This is what Anna Manning planned to do right before she found out
that her husband, Edward, is dying of cancer and has less than six months to live. Anna's decision
provides the basis for Anjuelle Floyd's novel, The House, that will keep you intrigued until the end.
Anna has been a faithful wife for three decades and a stay-at-home mom of four children.
She is finally about to divorce Edward, and get a new life after years of his marital infidelity, but she
halts her plans to care for him in their family home, the one she planned to sell, and use monies
from to move to France. This arrangement challenges Anna's sanity and destiny and helps her work
through the pain of her past.
“The House is about forgiveness--family members forgiving each other, showing how we do
that, and why it’s important to forgive others and ourselves,” Anjuelle says. “We all are seeking
atonement and redemption for something we regret having done.” Floyd believes The House offers
direction to readers who are “...aware of their mortality and are seeking to lay a foundation in this
present life for the life they will lead in the world to come." The House prompts people to think
about how they want to feel in their last moments of life, and what family legacy they want to leave.
Anjuelle Floyd has been writing since 1995. She was first published in 2007 with Keeper of
Secrets...Translations of an Incident, a collection of short stories, the first four of which came from
un-published novels she has written. Anjuelle is a wife of 28 years, mother of three, and a licensed
Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in mother-daughter relations, and dream work. A
graduate of Duke University, Anjuelle received an MA in counseling psychology from The California
Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. She has attended the Dominican Institute of Philosophy
and Theology, Berkeley, California, and earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College,
Port Townsend, Washington. Anjuelle has received certificates of participation from The Hurston-
Wright Writers’ Week, and The Voices of Our Nations Writing Workshops. She teaches online fiction
classes at Perelandra College.
The House will be available in the summer of 2010. For more information on The House,
Anjuelle or her other work, go to:

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About the Author

Anjuelle Floyd is the author of Keeper of

Secrets…Translations of an Incident, a collection of
interconnected short stories, and a novel, The House, due
for publication in 2010.

Anjuelle is a wife of twenty-eight years, mother of three,

licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in
mother-daughter relations and dream work.

A graduate of Duke University, she received her MA in

Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of
Integral Studies, San Francisco, she has attended the
Dominican Institute of Philosophy and Theology,
Berkeley, California.

Anjuelle received a MFA in Creative Writing from

Goddard College, Port Townsend, Washington. She has
also received certificates of participation from The
Hurston-Wright Writers’ Week and The Voices of Our
Nations Writing Workshops. She teaches online fiction
classes at Perelandra College.

A student of Process Painting for the last decade, Anjuelle has participated in The Art of
Living Black Exhibitions 2004-2010 held at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California.

Anjuelle facilitates writing groups and provides individual consultation of fiction projects.
She also gives talks on The Need for Family, The Writing Process as a Path Toward Self-
discovery and Healing.

Anjuelle hosts the weekly blog talk radio show, Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters.

Read Anjuelle’s blogs and more about her at

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The House

The House
Publisher: Neptune Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9787967-2-3
Publication Date: 2010

On receiving the very thing she wants—a divorce and

the power to sell their house—over which they have
fought the past year—Anna Manning learns that
Edward, her soon-to-be ex-husband is dying from

A faithful wife for three decades, and stay-at-home

mother of four children, Anna endured Edward’s
constant absence due to travel for his international real
estate firm and numerous extra-marital affairs. With
their children now adults, Edward has less than six
months, possibly three, to live.

Anna takes him home to die in the house she has fought
so vigorously to sell. But letting go of someone who has caused so much pain in your life
doesn’t come easily. Edward has changed. There are Anna and Edward’s four children,
three of whom who are married and struggling to endow their families with meaning and

There is also Inman who loves Anna, and gives the one thing Edward denied her—passion
and intimacy. And lastly there is Anna. An art history major turned wife and mother out of
college, she had planned on divorcing Edward and with her proceeds from the sale of the
house move to France. Anna would visit and study the works in Europe’s famous
museums—perhaps work as a docent in one.

News of Edward’s terminal illness provokes her to understand the present, rooted in a
wellspring of the past and pouring into a future without him.

The House shows what happens when one adopts the belief that: All hold regret and are
seeking forgiveness. Our salvation rests in the hands of others—most particularly the ones
we love, and who have treated us wrongly.

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Discussion Questions for The House
1. What did Anna’s decision to halt her divorce from Edward and take him back home
make you think of? How did you feel about this choice? What did her actions tell you
about her?

2. How did David’s threats of having Anna declared insane leave you feeling?

3. What did you think about Anna’s relationship with Linda?

4. What was it like watching Anna and Serine interact?

5. What did you think of Anna’s son-in-law, Brad?

6. What did you make of Edward’s demeanor and actions during the story?

7. How did you feel when reading flashbacks of Anna’s early years of marriage with
Edward? What did it make you think of?

8. What did you make of Anna’s decision to not visit her mother, Elena in the hospital
during her last days?

9. Did you see in relationship between Anna’s relations with her mother, Elena, and
Anna’s interactions with Edward?

10. Do you think if Anna would have married Edward if the relationship with her
mother had been better?

11. Had Anna consulted her, what do you think Elena would have said about Edward’s

12. What did you make of Anna’s relationship with her father, The Reverend Elijah?

13. Who did Anna’s children remind you of regarding her friends and family?

14. How helpful was Father Richard to Anna?

15. What did you think of Anna’s turning to Catholicism after the death of her mother?

16. Do you sense that Anna’s attorney, Henderson, has feelings for her? If so, do you
think she recognized them?

17. What do you make of Anna’s open disdain for her daughter-in-law, Millicent?

18. How did you feel when watching Anna interact with Theo?

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19. Did Anna love Edward? If so, what let you know this? If not, what indicated this to

20. Did Inman love Anna? What indicated this to you? If not, when did you see that he
did not?

21. What role does board member and trustee of Manning Ventures, Mrs. McGrath play
in Anna’s life?

22. What did you make of

23. What was your impression of the 6 men on the board of Manning Ventures and who
were also trustees?

24. What are your thoughts about Edward’s assistant, Bryce Withers?

25. Do you think Edward knew of Inman?

26. How do you imagine Edward’s relationship with Mrs. McGrath?

27. What do you make of Inman’s life, his failed marriage, and his relationship with
Henrietta Regarde prior to that?

28. How did you feel about the lack of Henrietta and Thelonius’ presence at the
christening of Millicent and Theo’s twins? What did this say to you about Millicent?
And of her relationship with Thelonius?

29. What do you make of Anna’s disdain for Theolonius Regarde?

30. Does Anna ever forgive Edward for his unfaithfulness?

31. What do you imagine Edward Manning holds as his greatest regret?

32. What do you imagine Anna holds as her greatest regret?

33. How do you see David’s decision to divorce Heather?

34. What was it like watching Anna disagree with David on his decision to divorce

35. What are your thoughts about Anna’s affections for her daughter-in-law, Heather
juxtaposed to Anna’s dislike of Millicent?

36. Where is Anna’s blind side when it comes to her marriage?

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37. What is Anna missing concerning the effects of Edward’s unfaithfulness upon her

38. Whom do you think Edward’s actions affected the most regarding his children?

39. Do you think Edward died a changed man? If so, what indicated this to you? If not,

40. What do you think might have happened if Edward had been miraculously cured of
his cancer?

41. What did you make of Anna’s relationship with Inman?

42. What were Anna’s major emotional wounds stemming from childhood?

43. What were Edward’s injuries from childhood?

44. What do you think will happen when Anna meets Edward and Inman in heaven?

45. What do you imagine Inman’s deceased wife, Marilyn saying (in heaven) of Inman’s
relationship with Anna?

46. Do you see Anna marrying Inman? If so, why? If not, why?

47. How important is Anna’s relationship with David? And why?

48. What do you imagine Serine doing in her relationship with Bryce Withers?

49. What character would like to have seen more of?

50. What do you make of Elise’s response to Edward’s impending death at the outset of
the story?

51. What did you think of Elise’s confession at the end of the novel?

52. What did Dr. Grimes’ reaction to Anna wanting to take Edward home, say about

53. What did you make of the fact that Millicent had twins and that in they were
fraternal, she and Theo named them after Anna and Inman?

54. What is Anna’s place of growth?

55. If you could say or ask anything of Anna, what would it be?

56. If there’s any character you could eliminate in the story, who might it be?

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57. What did you think of Serine’s dilemma with Matt and Grant?

58. Do you think Anna was unfair in her response to Serine’s situation, when compared
to her reaction to David announcing his decision to seek a divorce from Heather?

59. What did you make of adult children reacting in the way they did to Anna’s decision
to divorce Edward?

60. Do you think things might have ended differently regarding Anna’s marriage had
she worked outside the home, or perhaps developed a career into which she
immersed herself after the children had grown into adulthood?

61. What did you think of Edward’s attachment to the magazine with the Buddhist nun
on the cover?

62. What do you think of the letters Edward wrote to his children and then to Anna?

63. What did you make of Linda’s suggestion that Edward write the letters?

64. What did you think of Anna’s sexual relations with Inman and then Edward during
the story?

65. How did you feel when Anna delivered management of the company over to David?

66. What was Anna’s major obsession with Edward?

67. Why did Anna want so desperately to sell the house?

68. What was Edward’s obsession?

69. What did you think of Edward’s wish to keep the house for his children and

70. What did you make of Edward’s emotions concerning his mother, Violet and her
life? What of Edward’s anger towards the doctor for whom Violet worked?

71. Do you think Edward loved Anna? If so, why? If not, what let you see this?

72. What do you think of Father Richard’s assessment of Edward’s childhood, life and
actions during his marriage?

73. Why do you imagine Anna waited so long to divorce Edward, particularly after the
children had grown into adulthood? What did you make of this?

74. If there were one thing you’d like to ask or say to Edward, what might that be?

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75. Where is Inman’s growth point? What is his strength? What is his weakness?

76. What did you make of Anna’s move to France?

77. How do you imagine Anna and Inman’s bonds through marriage affecting their
relationship and intimacies?

78. Why did Anna marry Edward?

79. Did Edward live up to his marriage promises?

80. What did you make of The Reverend Elijah’s relationship with Elena?

81. What’s one question you would like to ask the author?

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Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets: Translations of an Incident

Three Muses Press, June 15, 2007
$14.95 US; ISBN: 0976926180

Memories of the Hindu icon of dancing Siva compel wife

and mother, Raven Clarke, to intervene in the attack of one
restaurant patron on another.

Watching from a distant table, Lahni Irete finds herself

driven back to the violence of her childhood and
adolescence. The next day she shares her account of the
happening with psychiatrist, Reynard Williams. Williams
embraces the tale as a man seeking help to confront the
core of pain that has distanced him from his wife and left
him sexually and spiritually impotent.

Along the way Williams consults with Sahel Denning, an

injured psychologist no longer practicing psychotherapy.
Engineer, Michael Banks, finds the restaurant incident a
map guiding him on his path to reclaiming the events of
the morning before he fell from the Richmond Bridge.
Rumor and innuendo cloud Ariane Gadsen’s acquaintance with the story, propelling her down the
path of reconciliation with what she is hiding.

The restaurant scene stirred regret and despair within Trey Williamson, a widower, on his first date
since the death of his wife three years earlier. The intimate backdrop of the restaurant offers
containment wherein newly discharged Captain Darryl Sharpton reveals his most dark and intimate

Keeper of Secrets: Translations of an Incident is available wherever books are sold and
online at the following:, Barnes & Noble, The First World Books & Specialty
Shop, Three Muses Press,


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Praise for Keeper of Secrets:
Translations of an Incident
“Karmic truth, the effect of our decisions with our secrets and
our deepest loves, comes back and squeezes our hearts!”
– Clive Matson, author of Let the Crazy Child Write!

“…a formidable debut worthy of classic status incorporating

elements of Edith Wharton, Andrea Lee, and Gwynne Forster.
The convoluted lives of upper-class Blacks break new ground
in American literature. With skillful, imaginative writing, this
first literary offering of Three Muses Press is sure to be a
crossover hit!
– Dera R. Williams, APOOO Book Club

“In a world where cookie-cutter novels have become the norm

rather than the exception, debut author Anjuelle Floyd has broken the mold. . . Told in a
refreshingly intellectual tone, Keeper of Secrets, rather than excluding, invites a wide
range of readers to imbibe words that stimulate, educate, and entertain!”
– Dr. Linda Beed, On Assignment Reviews, author of Business Unusual

Poetry in literary motion, this is Anjuelle Floyd's freshman (fiction) offering... Keeper of
Secrets -Translations of an Incident. Taking you on a journey you've never been on
before this book--eight short stories intricately threaded together to create a full-length
novel will not disappoint. For distinguishing taste, each story will take on the voice of a
character that travels with Anjuelle guiding her into the life of the next story, touching on
real topics such as motherhood, marriage, politics and war, while in fantastic settings. So
uncommon is this read that you'll find yourself pondering it for a long time.
- Michelle D. Mcgriff, author of Last Breath

The author's training and practice as a psychotherapist informs the content of the eight
stories and reveals how troubled individuals, despite their secrets and past misdeeds, can
grow and change. Perceptive and colorful, these stories lead the reader on a healing
journey along with the characters.
- Laurel - Rain Snow, author of Web of Tyranny

Through each of the stories the readers will experience love, lost, hurt, despair, confusion,
and hope, exposing secrets to the full circle of its truths. Keeper of Secrets uniquely
connects each story without over shadowing the importance of the next. Leaving you to
determine where the connections lie. I thoroughly enjoyed each moment in the lives of
these characters. I caught myself carefully dissecting each section, but at my conclusion I
can honestly say "secrets lock up our world and truths set it free."
- Kenae, Real Ladies Read Book Club


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Discussion Questions for Keeper of Secrets:
Translations of an Incident
1. Why is Raven having such a hard time following the birth of her third and last child,

2. Do you think Drew loves Raven?

3. What role has Raven’s mother, Alfreida, played in Raven’s life?

4. How was Fiona an agent of change for Raven?

5. Did Raven love Absylom? If yes, why did she not marry him? If not, explain.

6. What is the essence of Lahni’s relationship with Amos?

7. What is the nature of Lahni’s relationship with her husband, Nwoye’?

8. Why do you think Lahni refused Amos’ proposal?

9. What do you think made Nwoye’s a more suitable husband for Lahni?

10. What do you make of Nwoye’s response to Lahni’s confession at the end of the

11. What is the nature of Sahel’s dilemma?

12. What do you make of Carl’s concern for Sahel?

13. Why do you think Sahel married Titus?

14. How has Sahel’s relationship with her mother affected her relationship with self?
How is this being played out in her relationship with Titus, her husband, and Carl?

15. Do you ever see Sahel gaining liberation from her inner conflicts, and if so how?

16. Explain symbolism of the water and dirt?

17. What forms the root of Renard’s anger?


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18. How important is it that Green Tara is a female Buddhist icon/deity?

19. What has Lam Pol become to Renard?

20. What do you make of it that Renard’s wife had a male name, Aaron?

21. Why is Michael so frustrated?

22. Why is he having such a hard time reclaiming his memory?

23. Do you think Michael was suicidal, and if so for how long?

24. What do you think of Rachel’s decision to remain with Michael after the accident?

25. What was it like seeing Carl Pierson in a different venue—i.e. as Michael’s surgeon?

26. Why do you Ariane Gadsen chose to become a psychotherapist?

27. Why do you think she has not told her husband of the specifics of how her aunt and
uncle with held news of the death of Ariane’s mother’s?

28. What is the greatest change Ariane undergoes?

29. What do you image Ariane’s purpose is in returning to Ariane?

30. What do you make of this change in the client-therapist relationship?

31. How much of what Trey has and is undergoing stems from anger and how much
from guilt about his anger?

32. How big a role does forgiveness play in Trey’s journey and transformation?

33. What was your reaction to Skip and his photograph he showed Trey at the end of
the story?

34. Did you feel a sense of redemption taking place regarding Trey and his relationship
with Myrandah, and if so where and how?

35. What did you think of Myrandah and her connection with Skip?

36. What do you make of Darryl’s decision to return with his men to Iraq despite his
uncle’s warning, and Darryl’s wife not wanting him to go?

37. Where does one’s duty to family end and responsibility to others begin?


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38. How did you feel about Darryl’s wife’s decision to leave? What did you think about it
on learning the truth of why she left?

39. How did you feel when learning that Darryl’s wife had met Raven Clarke who had
also introduced her to the Siddha Temple?

40. What was the arc of Darryl’s transformation? Where did the change along his
journey begin and where did it end?

41. What did think and feel about the interconnectivity of the stories linking various
protagonists and characters in one story to that of one or another in other stories?


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