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Melanie Martinez songs explained

(Main character CRY BABY)

Songs in the album:

3 Cry babies 1) Cry baby

2) Dollhouse
Child 3) Sippy cup
4) Carousel
Teenager 5) Alphabet boy
6) Soap
Young adult 7) Pity party
8) Tag, youre it
9) Milk and cookies
10) Pacify her
Songs we want to use: 11) Mrs. Potato head
12) Mad hatter
Cry baby = At birth she is named cry baby
because she is constantly crying which is due to her mum not giving
her enough attention from a very young age = NEGLECT.
Examples of lyrics: You take things so hard and then you fall
apart& Someones turning the handle, to the faucet in your eyes,
you pour it out where everyone can see. & They call you cry baby,
cry baby, but you dont fucking care & Your all on your own and
you lost all your friends.

Dollhouse = She has a very unstable family home; her mum is an

alcoholic, her dad is cheating on her mum with another woman, and
her brother is a drug addict. She doesnt have a normal childhood
and therefore these are very significant events that shape her as an
adult. This is also about everyone thinking she and her family are
perfect when really they are far from it.
Examples of lyrics: You dont hear me when I say, hey mum, please
wake up, dads with a slut, and your brothers smoking cannabis. No
one ever listens & Places, places, get in your places, throw on
your dress and put on your tall faces, everyone thinks that were
perfect, please dont let them to see through the curtains. Pictures,
pictures, smile for the pictures, pose with your brother wont you be
a good sister & I see things that nobody else sees & When you
turn your back, she pulls out a flask, and forgets his infidelity &
Plastic, go back to being plastic.

Soap = This is about cry babys anxiety of confessing her love to a boy
and she expresses how overwhelms she feels. Its about Cry babys
fear of moving too fast and saying the wrong things. It is also about
her fear of scaring him away with the words I love you, as she has
anxiety that he will leave at the first sign of any problems. This could
be due to her past, as she wasnt able to form normal attachments
with people and believes she ruins everything in her life.
Examples of lyrics: Im tired of being careful, tip toe, trying to keep
the water warm, let me under your skin & Uh oh, there it goes, I
said too much it overflows, why do I always spill. & I feel it coming
out my throat, guess I better wash my mouth out with soap, god I
wish I never spoke, now I got to wash my mouth out with soap
Should of never said the word love, threw a toaster in the bathtub.

Pity party = This is about cry baby being lonely as she invited her
friends and crush to her birthday party, but no one shows up. Shes
questioning whether it is her that is the problem and why she always
ends up alone. Towards the end her sanity is slipping away and she
doesnt know how to control her emotions.
Examples of lyrics: Did my invitations disappear, whyd I put my
heart on every cursive letter, tell me why the hell no one is here, tell
me what to do to make it all feel better & Maybe its a cruel joke
on me, whatever, whatever, just means theres way more cake for
me, forever, forever. Its my party and ill cry if I want to, ill cry until
the candles burn out this place, ill cry until my pity partys in flame.
& Im laughing, Im crying, it feels like Im dying

Tag, youre it = This covers the topic of kidnapping/sexual

harassment using the childrens game Tag as a metaphor. Him
tagging her is a metaphor for him sexually assaulting her.
Examples of lyrics: Il cut you up and make you dinner, youve
reached the end you are the winner & He said let me take you for a
joy ride, Ive got some candy for you inside. & Running through the
parking lot, he chased me and he wouldnt stop, tag youre it, tag, tag
youre it, grabbed my hand, pushed me down, took the words right
out my mouth & Can anybody hear me when I hidden
underground, can anybody hear me am I talking to myself? & Little
bit of poison in me, I can taste your skin in my teeth, I love it when I
hear you breathing, I hope to god youre never leaving & Eeny
meeny miny mo, catch your lady by the toes, if she squeals dont let
her go, eeny meeny miny mo, your mother said to pick the very best

Milk and cookies = The past and ongoing traumatic event combined
with her younger, childhood experiences start to make her go crazy.
Cry baby refuses to be held captive anymore, and goes about her
plot for revenge and kills her kidnapper. She uses the nursery rhyme
Ring a ring o roses and One, two, buckle my shoes to help
portray her story.
Examples of lyrics: 5,6 Im done with this, 7,8 its getting late, just
close your eyes, sleep for days & Hush little baby, drink your spoilt
milk, Im fucking crazy, need my prescription pill, do you like my
cookies, there made just for you, a little bit of sugar, but lots of
poison too & Ashes, ashes, time to go down. Ooh honey, do you
want me now? Cant take it anymore, need to put you to bed, sing
you a lullaby, where you die at the end & 9,10, never want to see
you again, 11, 12, I pull of black so well, shit behind the curtain that
Im sick of sugar coating

Mad hatter = This is cry baby in an extremely crazy state, at this

point she is already believed to have many mental illnesses for
example; depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, is mentally
unstable and appears to be suffering from a nervous breakdown.
The line Im peeling the skin off my face is metaphorical for cry
baby finally breaking out of her shell, caring less what other people
think and showing her true emotions. Shes embracing her craziness,
her dysfunctional family, her bad experiences, and everything about
herself in a negative, self-destructive attempt of dealing with her
emotional trauma.
Examples of lyrics: We paint white roses red, each shade from a
different persons head, this dream, dream is a killer & Im
peeling the skin off my face, cause I really hate being safe, the
normals, they make me feel safe, the crazies, they make me feel
sane & Im nuts, baby Im mad, the craziest friend that you ever
had, you think psycho, you think Im gone, tell the physiatrist,
something is wrong, over the bend, entirely bonkers, you like my
best when Im off my rockers, tell you a secret, Im not alarmed, so
what if Im crazy? The best people are & Where is my prescription,
doctor, doctor, please listen. My brain is scattered, you can be Alice
and Ill be the mad hatter.

Sippy cup = Sippy cup is about dysfunctional relationships, and the

Sippy cup is actually metaphorical for the unwillingness to confront
ones reality and feelings. Its a continuation of the ideas from
Dollhouse and still includes the idea that you can dress everything
up/glamorise it to make it seem better than it actually is, but at the
end of the day everything is still ugly and unresolved. In the video,
the mum kills the dad while being drunk, and also gives cry baby
cough syrup. Its about death, revenge, poison and more.
Examples of lyrics: Blood still stains when the sheets are washed,
sex dont sleep when the lights go off, kids are still depressed when
you dress them up, and syrup is still syrup in a Sippy cup & Hes still
dead when your done with the bottle & Pill, diet, pill, diet, if they
give you a new pill then you will buy it, and if they say to kill yourself
then you will try it, all the makeup in the world wont make you less