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Social media is a collective of online communications channels dedicated

to community based input, interaction content-sharing and collaboration.

As social networking becomes more popular among older and younger

generations, sites such as Face book and YouTube gradually undermine
the traditionally authoritative voices of news media.

More people got addicted on it even on younger age like children .Many
people who are addicted to social media spend their time making sure that
every minute they update their status .It is not bad to use social media
cause it use to everyone and we need to use it properly so it can affect us.

Social media is very helpful but the question is how it really helps you in
your daily life, do you use it in good way or bad way.

Social media have a cause and effect the cause in using social media is
the good benefits that social media give is you can contact in your love one
your family in your phone or rather in face book and twitter account other
social networking sites in social media can gather information it can also
help us faster news in our surroundings. How about the bad effect on this
spending hours on net caf, it cause poor eye sight and losing sleep and
being addict on social media can fail your grade and losing time in your
family sometimes.

Lacks of sleep can negatively affect a persons energy levels and can
affect a person disposition.

This study the respondent is the senior high students in Liceo De

Cagayan University, being addicted on social media sometimes have a big
impact in their study because sometimes they give mush time in social
media even they are in class, sometimes other students they are not
contented seeing their account.

However they say that usage of face book may insane circumstances
have negative unsequense for romantic relationship it must be private ,you
must know your face book friends so that it will never result jealous if you
have boyfriend /girlfriend and the most known today is cybercrime .It may
result of discrimination and abuse to the person use it.

The purpose in this study in to know the cause and effect of using social
media through senior high students in Liceo de Cagayan University.

I conducted this study because being a students I can also call myself
as a social media addict and I want to know the other students that using
social media have a bad and good effect in our daily life and how to use
social media properly so it cant affect you too much.


This study is about addiction on social media through students at Liceo De

Cagayan Senior high students .These concepts are use full to students and also
to all parents to guide their children in being addicted on social media.

The parental guidance it can helps your child not more addicted on social
networking, cause nowadays teenagers also younger children more spending
their times in playing online games using face book all the time checking their
status, more than they must spend their time in their family especially in

However students must know their limitations using social networking

spending their time on it , Social media addiction is real it is a psychological
problem it can affect other part of your body especially your eyes losing eye
sight is not easy we must control our self , failures of your academic grades it
affect your academic performance and also your future ,if you really care of
yourself you must use it properly ,dont abuse it



--- using face --- Having failure in grades

--- one day --- poring eye sights
spending time
--- losing times in family
in social
media sometimes
--- male and

This study aims the relationship between academic performance senior

high school students at Liceo De Cagayan who is addicted of Social Media.

1. What is the specific of the respondents in terms of Age, gender, section?

2. How many times they spend on social media?

3. What social media sites do they usually spend?

4. What are the the cause and effect on spending social media?

The result of this study will be help to the following

STUDENTS There are the main respondents, priority of the study. This
will help them how they well called as Social Media Addiction and how it
affects on their life.

PARENTS- They will guide their child not much aggressive on social media
and support them in academic performance so that they fell they are always
there, rather than spending time in gadget.

The null hypothesis will be tested at 0.5 level significance

Ho1. There is no difference between the spending time of social media and
failure grades.

Ho2.Theres is no significant relationship between spending time of social

media and relationship between parents ad you.


Survey will be conducted at Liceo De Cagayan University at main campus
Senior High school students a total of 50 respondents is expect to answer.

The researcher will be picking just one strand, the students will be answer
25 question prepare of the researcher ,the question is reflect of the schema of
the study with cause of social media how they spend their time in social
networking (IV) and the failure of grades dependent variables.

The students must answer all the question given in questioner it all about
social media addiction are they must call a social media addiction ,how they
spend their time in playing games , online and checking their status on face
book , twitter and even in instagram.

In this study we more know about social media addiction, how they affect it
in their life and also in their study of students and how their parents can help
and guide their children in social media, if they know what is the affect.

Social media is not bad because some of other social networking can help us

The good effect of social media we know what happened in our society to
access in internet we can update and we share to other what happened and if
we make and action in society being observant in our society is not bad but we
must be careful sharing what happened.

Social media have also bad side the bad effect of this is being addicted
checking their status every time of every day,cutting classes for playing online
games like Dota ,and other in pornography that is not good to young children.

How you can you say that the person is a social media addiction that re some
reason why.


The study will be conducted in Liceo De Cagayan University main campus

this institution was founded in 1955 by Atty.Rodolfo Neri Pelaez of Cagayan
De Oro City and his wife Elsa Pelaez Pelaez of Cebu City.Address in Rodolfo N.
Pelaez Blvd, Cagayan de Oro, 9000 Misamis Oriental.


The instrument used to gather data is a researcher made questionnaire they

just answer it by explaination .


The respondents is all students in Liceo De Cagayan University this will help
them if they are really called a social media addiction.


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Educational Attaintment

1. Senior high students