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Mellany Han

253 Oak Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93108 Phone: 626-215-4149 E-Mail:


Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential June 2017

Boston University College of Arts and Sciences, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature May 2012


Vieja Valley Elementary School (3 Grade) Santa Barbara, CA Spring 2017

Full-time Student Teacher

- Collaboration with staff, parents, and other instructors to address instructional needs of students.
- Planned differentiated instruction, assessment, and management of students in all academic content areas.
- Specialized instruction to English Learners and quiet students with implementation of technology for class
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Canalino Elementary School (4 /5 Grade) Santa Barbara, CA Fall 2016
Adams Elementary School (2 Grade) Santa Barbara, CA

Pre-professional Teacher

- Diagnosed learning needs of students and differentiated instruction to meet specific needs.
- Planned and instructed students in whole group, small group, and one-on-one settings in Math, English, Science
and Social Studies.
- Contributed to CST meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and resource aid meetings to plan and implement
effective strategies for students learning needs.

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Visionary Christian Academy (1 / 3 /4 /6 Grade) Dangjin, Republic of Korea Fall 2012- 2014
Academic Coordinator; English Teacher
- Collaboration with foreign and native staff to create a six-year comprehensive, creative English language
curriculum to advance the literacy goals for students.
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- Assessing, planning, and instructing non-native English speakers from 1 -6 Grade.
- Enhanced educational resources as liaison with Oxbridge Centre, UK to provide exposure to an English-speaking
- Implemented social justice projects in partnership with Charity Water, having students fundraise a total of
$10,000.00 to build a well in South Africa.

Teacher Advisory Board, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA November 2016

Student Representative
- Represented student perspective to discuss strengths and goals of Westmonts Credential Program.
San Marcos Teaching Academy, Santa Barbara, CA December 2016
Guest Speaker
- Organized and presented a workshop to high school students in order to promote the field of education.


Fluent in Korean. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, iMovie, and Quickbooks.