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GEB 403: Animal and Plant Tissue Culture Course Outline

Summer Term, May 04- August 22, 2017

Friday 8:30 am-10:00 am; 11:50 am-1:20 pm

Course Instructor: Md. Tofazzal Islam, Ph D (Adjunct)

Professor, Department of Biotechnology
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
Tel. 01534568893, 01714001414

Course Description
Cell and tissue culture course is designed to understand structure, growth and function of plant and animal cells.
Technology involved in cell and tissue culture, cell preservation, protoplast culture and fusion, cell cloning and
fusion, breeding and genetic engineering. The course concentrates on the different uses of tissue culture both in
animal and plant studies. The establishment and requirements of both plant tissue culture lab and animal tissue
culture lab, the basic concepts of totipotency, organized growth, growth regulators types and functions and the
different factors that affect the success of the culture will be emphasized in the theoretical part. In the laboratory
part the establishment, maintenance and subculture of different types of plant / animal tissue culture will be a
major task. Beside this the effect of different growth regulators types, concentrations and combinations will be

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will:
Know techniques in plant cell and tissue culture, in vitro conservation, protoplast culture,
micropropagation and genetic engineering.
Understand terminologies on animal and plant cell cultivation.
Know basic concepts of totipotency, organized growth, growth regulators types and functions
Explain how to set up and maintain animal cells in in vitro culture.
Describe the use of cell cultures in the production of biological products.
Critically read literature in the field of cell and tissue culture.
Design experiments in tissue culture, follow up, analyzing results.

Textbook: 1. Plant Tissue Culture (1st edition, 2003) - Margit Laimer and Waltraud Rcker; Publisher: Springer.
2. Cell and Tissue Culture for Medical Research (1st edition, 2000) - Alan Doyle and J. Bryan Griffiths; Publisher:

Lecture notes: Brief notes for each lecture will be made available before the lecture. Please
be aware that these are outlines, not detailed notes, which are provided to help you organize
and review the lecture material. We encourage you to attend lectures. Exams will be based on
lecture material, but readings from the text will help reinforce the concepts.
Midterm I & II Examinations 40%
Quizes 5%
Assignment 5%
Final Examination 30%
Practical 15%
Attendence 5%

Proposed course outline

Date Day Topic

May 11 Friday Concepts of plant tissue culture, Equipments, reagents and media for
plant tissue culture

May 18 Friday Requirements for plant tissue culture

May 25 Friday Historical development and concept of plant tissue culture

June 02 Friday Various kinds of plant tissue and cell culture, Histological methods,
isolation of meristem and other tissues for culture

June 09 Friday Mid Term I

June 16 Friday Micropropagation by shoot culture

June 23 Friday Shoot organogenesis and flowering, Non-zygotic embryogenesis

June 30 Friday Haploid culture using anther

July 07 Friday Use of protoplasts for plant improvement

July 14 Friday Mid Term II

July 21 Friday Transformation using Agrobacterium delivery system, Use of gene

guns for transformation

July 28 Friday Stem cells, and cell lines, Autophagy; The Novel Revelation of 21st

August 04 Friday Concept of animal tissue culture and its importance, Equipment and
conditions needed for animal tissue culture

August 11 Friday Use of plant tissue and cell culture for industrial production of natural
products, Germplasm preservation and Use of tissue culture for the
study of plant pathology

August 18 Friday Probable date of final exam