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UPDATED 08-03-14

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Color Therapy or Color Healing is the use of color in various forms for the purpose
of creating balance and health in the human system. The human system includes not
only the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects (PEMS).
Working with the PEMS is referred to as wholistic medicine.

Some of the forms of Color Therapy are:

Colorpuncture and Samassati Color Therapy

Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy
Color Silks Therapy
new Hydro Color Therapy
About the COLORS


Colorpuncture and Samassati Color
Therapy use color light on meridians and
acupoints, chakras, in the aura, and on
various reflex zones. Just as needling
(acupuncture) or applying pressure (acupressure
and Shiatsu) tomeridians and acupoints, color in
the form of light, crystals, essential oils, etc., can
also affect the electromagnetic circuitry of the
human system.

Samassati Color Therapy is rooted in Colorpuncture using the techniques of

Colorpuncture. The difference is that with Samassati Color Therapy, there
is less emphasis on following the techniques by rote, and more aboutsensing the
effects of specific colors, listening to one's intuitionregarding color and placement,
and feeling the effects of color with all the various energy pathways of the client.
It's learning about Color and Light viscerally.
Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is the laying on of stones to restore balance to
the chakra system and heal the physical body, emotions, mental thoughts and the
spirit. Stones are placed based on color, quality, sacred geometry.

I graduated from Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in

1991. To this day, I've not found any training
that comes close to its depth of information
and quality of experiential exercises. The
training was a deeply personal journey for me,
and I was easily able to use the techniques I
immediately with
my clients.

The Crystal Academy teaches the ancient art of laying of

crystals and stones on the body for healing. You also learn
about the healing properties of many crystals and
stones and the history of Crystal Healing. Mostly, the
training is experiential, because the best way to learn is by giving and receiving the
work and then sharing the experience with others.


Another form of Color Therapy uses colored silks on the body,
primarily over the chakra centers.

Also being natural fabrics, cotton and wool carry a healing vibration
as well, but silk carries the highest frequency vibration of any
natural cloth. Because of this, colored silks have the ability
to radiate their signature color frequency to the physical
body and energy field (aura).

The energy of silk is soft yet potent, allowing one to soak up the
color frequency. One of the beauties of Color Silks Therapy is that you can place
an entire sheet of color over the entire body, or place an single color on a particular
part of the body.


Hydro Color Therapy (also called Hydrochromotherapy), which incorporates water and
color, is a very effective way of transmitting color onto and into the physical body.
Water is well known to be a powerful conductor of energy, so it is an natural choice for
transmitting color energy into the body.

Two of the ways color and water can be used are: Infusing color into filtered water via
the sun for internal consumption, and color light with a shower or tub.
Bringing color energies into the body with filtered, color-
charged water is a wonderful experience. All you need to
do is find some colored glass bottles that are non-
toxic. NEVER USE PLASTIC BOTTLES as they contain toxic
substances that are released especially with heat. Fill the
glass color bottle with pure filtered or distilled water and
place the bottle in the sunlight for at least a day. Store in
a cool place until you are ready to drink the water.

Drink some blue-charged water before going to bed to help relax the nerves and mental
chatter. Feeling depressed and listless? Drink some red-charged water for energy and
vitality. Yellow-charged water can help with detoxification. Turquoise-charged water is
like swimming in a tropical paradise; it brings calm and playfulness. Orange-charged
water has the ability to act as a aphrodisiac, stimulating our sexual desire. Violet-
charged water is useful when we would like to calm the mind during meditation. While
green-charged water is an overall harmonizer and balancer.

LED lights are now being widely used in

bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, jacuzzis, swimming
pools, etc.

The color light is beamed into the water, which

allows your body to take in the color energy
through the skin. Very much like tonating color
light on the skin with a color light instrument, water acts as an amplifier of the color
energy completely saturating the body.

About the COLORS

RED RED is hot, initiating, pushes through, fire, igniting, stimulating, vitality, anger, life-force
energy, revolution, change, ambition, grounding, Earth, Gaia, power, war, passion, alert,
danger, pioneering, activity and force without consciousness, blood, positive, aggression,
liberation, survival, material side of life, primal, awakening, emerging. In relation to the
physical body, RED is good for circulation, chronic illness, non-infected wounds, scar
tissue, strengthens kidneys, heart, muscles, blood, lungs, bones. RED lives in the Root or
Base Chakra. More...

ORANGE ORANGE is joy, happiness, warmth, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, generosity,
moves energy gently, awakening to wisdom within oneself, sociable, aspiring, gregarious.
In relation to the physical body, ORANGE is good for depression, cramping anywhere in
body, relaxant, sclerosis, heart disease, boosts immune system, circulation, raises blood
pressure, artery disturbance (especially in legs), genitals, fear (alternate with blue),
endocrine balancer (when used with blue), cleans and purifies hormonal
system. ORANGE warms the Sacral Chakra of creativity. More...
YELLOW YELLOW is mental activity, learning, intellect, acquired/learned knowledge, little will,
individuation, alertness, concentration, focus, cheerful, sun, warmth, cleaning, fear, left
brain, empowerment, self-esteem, confidence. In relation to the physical body, YELLOW is
good for combating fear (obsessive, habitual), digestion, stomach, gall bladder, liver,
immune system, fortifies endocrine and nervous systems, nerve tonifier, motor stimulant,
assimilation, lateral disturbances, helps chronic to become acute. YELLOW clearly says
"here I am" in the Solar Plexus Chakra. More...


OLIVE speaks of new beginnings, hope and peace. It is the color of new spring growth, life
coming out of dormancy. lives in the area of the xyphoid process which is the bridge
between the lower and higher Chakras. More...

GREEN GREEN is sedative, cooling, calming, soothing, fluidity, growth, balance, money/prosperity,
birth, new beginnings, nature, health, healing, heart, loving, expansion, curiosity, good for
people who do precision work, space, trust, feelings, integrity, harmony, seeking Truth,
relationships. In relation to the physical body, GREEN is good for liver, swelling or growth,
anti-inflammatory, eye problems, bronchial catarrh, gout, diabetes, cysts, tumors, pituitary
stimulant, washes out endo-toxins, promotes healthy bones, painful joints,
allergies. GREEN abides in the Heart Chakra center. More...

TURQUOISE is bridging color, higher heart, making contact with yourself, communication
TURQUOISE of the heart, creative communication, studying and gathering information, learning,
unconditional love, self-respect, respect for all life, taking individual responsibility, silica
technology: crystals, computers, media. In relation to the physical body, TURQUOISE is
good for immune system, skin (burns and infections), mental relaxation, acidic, tonifier,
regulates lung/large intestine systems. TURQUOISE stimulates the Thymus center,
orHigher Heart Chakra. This Chakra has only been recently awakened by cosmic
time.TURQUOISE resonates at the Higher Heart Chakra located at the thymus
gland. More...

BLUE is calming, deep inner peace/"peace that surpasses all understanding", nurturing
BLUE Mother and protecting/benevolent Father, deep, restful, openness, cooling, relaxing,
assists in making deep changes, higher mental activities (3rd eye), insight, wisdom, sky,
water, sadness, faithful/tru blue, unity, safety, godliness, communication that comes
through us, clarity. In relation to the physical body, BLUE is anti-bacterial, anti-infection,
anti-cramping, headaches, helps farsightedness, facilitates restful sleep, pain relieving,
nervousness, insomnia, hemorrhage, herpes, warts, lowers blood pressure,
fever. BLUE creates the open space for clear communication at the throat and resonates
with the Throat Chakra. More...
ROYAL BLUE INDIGO/ROYAL BLUE is the higher mind that is connected to the all-that-is, the akashic
records, the cosmic library. It is the color that makes contact with your "inner vision" or
intuition, that part of you which sees beyond the five senses. It resonates at the causal
Chakra at the back apex of the head. INDIGO/ROYAL BLUE says claim your inner
power. INDIGO/ROYAL BLUE resonates at the Ajna or 3rd Eye Chakra. More...

VIOLET is stimulates emotions, meditation, inspiration, intuition, inner emotional release,

VIOLET opening inner doors, stimulates dreams, wisdom, spirituality, higher mind, power, Thy will,
letting go, vision, transformation, alchemy, loyalty, synthesis, integration, mysticism,
clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience, service, union, artistry, balance of male and
female. In relation to the physical body, VIOLET is good as for menopause, spleen,
sedative, relaxant, build leucocytes, lymphatic relaxant, soothes solar plexus, neutralize
mercury from fillings, anti-viral. VIOLET, a combination of blue and red, connects the spirit
and matter of yourself at the Crown Chakra. More...

WHITE/CLEAR pigment is the lack of any color, while WHITE/CLEAR light contains all
colors. Since all colors are present, white does everything on all levels: physically,
CLEAR emotionally, mentally and spiritually (PEMS). White is about purity, innocence, softness,
illumination, release, brilliance, radiance, transcendence, merging with
God/Goddess/Universe/Nature/Spirit or whatever one calls their higher power. In relation to
the physical body, WHITE/CLEAR is good for everything as the innate intelligence of the
body will take whatever colors it needs. WHITE/CLEAR, being all color, resonates with not
only all Chakras, but everywhere in our Being. WHITE/CLEAR lives in all the Chakras, but
is often associated with the Crown Chakra. More...

MAGENTA MAGENTA is bridge to Spirit, connection with Divine Love, caring in the little things, Love
from above, beyond passion into compassion, abundance that is always there. Magenta
connects us to what it is like to exist out of our physical bodies as pure Spirit. It is the bardo
state, when we have left our physical shells and before we incarnate into a new physical
lifetime. MAGENTA is that in-between place, the place beyond the veil of physical
illusion. MAGENTA resonates above the Crown Chakra at the Transpersonal or Soul
Star Chakra.More...

The hertz vibration on the planet is rising, as well as everything on, in and around it. We are now able to perceive new
colorsthat we have not seen before. Notice the light as it reflects off the bark and leaves of trees and the soil... notice the
color of the sky. Colors are becoming richer, deeper, and many new colors are making themselves available to our
perception. What are these colors and what do they mean? Some of these are the in-between colors or the paler colors of
the rainbow spectrum and they offer us a deeper understanding of ourselves.
The new colors are really not so new. They are the "in between" colors and the paler colors of the rainbow palette.

The "in-between" colors are those colors between the rainbow colors of the Chakras. The "in between" colors give to us
the nuances of realities beyond our 3-dimensional knowing. They show us that so much more exists than our everyday
reality. By meditating and wearing these colors, you may find the "in betweens" of yourself.

The paler colors are the colors we know but with more light in them. It's as if a spotlight has been shown on color so
that more of that particular color speaks in our life. It is color with intensity. Often what is hidden in the paler colors is
an experience of unshed tears and suffering.
PALE TURQUOISE is a SOUL SPIRIT color that is the bridge from outside of ourselves to the
PALE TURQUOISE inside, knocks on the door to the soul, opens inward to our connection with Spirit, our soul and
Soul Spirit Color our personality. PALE TURQUOISE takes us from focusing on our external lives and reveals
to us that we have an inner life, a life just as mysterious and rich with discovery and potential
as our outer life.

PALE TURQUOISE is the more intense form of TURQUOISE resonates at the Higher Heart
Chakra located at the thymus gland. More...

This is the element of AIR.

LIGHT GREEN is a SOUL SPIRIT color that arouses a heightened awareness of our finer
LIGHT GREEN nature, our pure goodness, generosity, attuning to our goodness on the outside. LIGHT
Soul Spirit Color GREENtakes us deeper within ourselves showing us the perfection and light that we have
always been and always will be. We discover that we are fine just the way we are!

LIGHT GREEN is the more intense form of GREEN, which resonates at the Heart

This is the element of Earth.

DEEP MAGENTA stirs our soul. It is an invitation to look at the shadow side of ourselves. It is
DEEP MAGENTA the shadow/dark side of ourselves that exists within us, but which we refuse to see. It
represents the unconscious and subconscious within us. It is where the light does not seem to
exist, but in fact, light does exist in the dark. We just don't see it. Question: How would we
recognize the dark without the light? DEEP MAGENTA lives in the void, the bardo state
between death and life.

DEEP MAGENTA is a more intense form of MAGENTA, which resonates at

the Transpersonal or Soul Star Chakra. More...
CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON is a SOUL SPIRIT color that is pure humanity,
CRIMSON resonating your inner program, the crystallization of the inner self, attuning to the goodness on
WINE the inside, our inner sense of purpose. CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON shows us the
DEEP RED holographic nature of all life, that we are a piece of the cloth of Creation and therefore all life
everywhere is made of the same stuff. CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON is the color of
MAROON the Earth Star Chakra below the feet, where we deeply connect and are grounded deep into
Soul Spirit Color the Earth. It is where Mother Gaia feeds us life force energy.

CRIMSON/WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON is a more intense form of RED, which resonates at

the Root or Base Chakra. WINE/DEEP RED/MAROON helps to keep one's boundaries by
protecting one from psychic and physical attack. More...

This is the element of Fire.

ROSE PEACH ROSE PEACH/CORAL is a SOUL SPIRIT color that is Spirit resonating within each of us. It is
CORAL our angelic quality, the loving clear space within, our Spirit pure. ROSE PEACH/CORAL is the
Soul Spirit Color freedom and flight of our inner spirit, attuning with Source and meeting the Light. ROSE
PEACH/CORAL reminds us that the only thing that is important is just to BE who we are and
that that is enough. ROSE PEACH/CORAL resonates at the Sacral and Transpersonal or
Soul Star Chakras. More...

This is the element of Water.

GOLD is the the ancient wisdom lying deep within the soul, an eternal seed planted eons ago,
ready in this new age to sprout once again and usher forth the knowledge of the
ancients. GOLD resonates at the Naval, Crown and the higher Chakras above the
Crown. More...

ROSE/PINK is softness, gentleness, motherly unconditional love. It represents self-
acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness and non-judgment. It can also denote romantic
love. ROSE/PINK is the happiness and joy from loving and being
loved. ROSE/PINK resonates at the Root or Base and Heart Chakras. More...

Color and the Chakras

a table which is really a CIRCLE


EM Hindu Organs Note Essential
CHAKRA Element Stones
Spectrum Name & Body Vowel Oils
Magenta Unknown ALL NOTES selenite
Soul Star ~~~ 12" above head
oohmmm Golden 'C'
UV Cosmos all delicate flower oils
all root oils
White myrrh
pituitary B clear quartz
Crown Gold (thousandfold)
brain Light ngngng rutilated quartz
head "sing" any clear crystal
Violet lavender
St. John's Wort
A amethyst
pineal peppermint
Indigo Ajna lapis lazuli
Brow eyes Thought mmm sugulite
Violet (to perceive) temples frankincense
nnn azurite
clary sage
thyroid blue chamomile
Blue Visshudha throat Ether G blue lace agate
Throat ears eee blue topaz
(purification) Sound "see" celestite
jaw hyssop
turquoise helichrysum
Higher thymus Air G flat chrysocolla myrtle
Turquoise ~~~
shoulders gem silica litsea
Heart Ether F#
aquamarine rose geranium
heart aventurine
lungs green tourmaline
Anahata breasts F green apophyllite
Heart Green (unstruck) shoulders Air ay malachite
"play" jasmine
arms rose quartz
hands pink tourmaline
solar plexus
digestive system
citrine rosemary
liver E sulpher yarrow
Solar Plexus Yellow (lustrous jewel)
gall bladder Fire ah gold petitgrain
spleen "father" yellow calcite palmarosa
ovaries jasmine
prostate D carnelien/sard neroli
Sacral Orange (sweetness)
kidneys Water oo red jasper rose
bladder "do" cuprite rose geranium
sacrum orange
black tourmaline
testicles frankincense
smokey quartz
coccyx C bloodstone
Root/Base Red (root/support)
perineum Earth oh hematite
pubic bone "note" galbanum
legs & feet benzoin
St. John's Wort
all root oils
Earth cedarwood
Deep Red ~~~
6" below feet Earth's ALL NOTES petrified wood
Star Infrared into the Earth Core oohmmm bloodstone
all root oils
all delicate flower oils
copyright 1998 Anne Christine Tooley
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Other books

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Nishant Matthews - Body and Beyond, Samassati Colorpoint Therapy
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LIGHTFIELD SYSTEMS - Color and sound therapies using the pulse reading technique of Dr. Paul
Nogier to find matching resonance frequencies & colors.

Very useful information of various uses of colour for healing.