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1NC Round 5 TFA

Cooperation in the order has transformed into militant coercion

instituting a currency swap is just an attempt to extend the
violence of the law onto the international sphere
Contreras and Rasilla 08 Francisco J. CONTRERAS Prf. Philosophy of Law @ Seville AND
Ignacio de la RASILLA Ph.D. candidate in international law, Graduate Institute of International
Studies, Geneva, 8 [On War as Law and Law as War Leiden Journal of International Law Vol. 21
Issue 3 p. 770-773]

Kennedy begins by coldly contradicting those opponents of the Bush administration that have routinely


develop a life of their own, an autonomous, perverted dynamism .

Framing China as an irresponsible currency actor presupposes a

violent Self-Other relationship that scripts China into static
categories and ensures violence
Nymalm 11 (Nikola, GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, The End of the Liberal Theory of
History? Dissecting the U.S. Congress Discourse on Chinas Currency Policy GIGA Research
Unit, Institute of Asian Studies, pp. 21-22)

My aim in this paper was to shed light on the congressional discourse on the


the administration to take action against the Chinese currency policy through
legislative measures.
Attempts to integrate China in an American-dominated
international system through by maximizing trade fail seeking
conversion on unequal terms generates backlash rather than
Pan 12 (Chengxin, Senior Lecturer in International Politics @ Deakin U., Australia, Knowledge,
Desire and Power in Global Politics: Western Representations of Chinas Rise, pp. 126-7)

Added to this elusiveness is a two-pronged demand for Chinas conversion and


to the most durable and self-reinforcing pro-social behavior. 119

The AFFs nuclear catastrophe scenarios participate in a long

history of building American identity around our own future
destruction. Through preemptive military conquest,
imprisonment, and assassination, this makes nuclear extinction
inevitable. We control uniqueness this is the strategy of the
Trump administration
Masco 14 (Joseph, Prof. of Anthropology @ U. of Chicago, Engineering the Future as
Nuclear Ruin Imperial Debris: On Ruins and Ruination, pp. 278-281)

Reclaiming the emotional history of the atomic bomb is crucial today, as nuclear


the psychosocial space defined by the once and future promise of nuclear ruins.

The 1ACs Orthodox IRs atomistic approach to global problems

makes extinction inevitable
Ahmed 12 Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research and Development (IPRD),
an independent think tank focused on the study of violent conflict, he has taught at the Department of International Relations,
University of Sussex "The international relations of crisis and the crisis of international relations: from the securitisation of scarcity to
the militarisation of society" Global Change, Peace & Security Volume 23, Issue 3, 2011 Taylor Francis 3. From securitisation to
militarisation 3.1 Complicity

This analysis thus calls for a broader approach to environmental security based on retrieving the


genocide, can become legitimised as contributing to the resolution of


Vote neg to reject the 1ACs enframingonly this accesses a

healthy middle ground that reevaluates problematisation
Cheeseman & Bruce 96 (Graeme Cheeseman, Snr. Lecturer @ New South Wales, and
Robert Bruce, 1996, Discourses of Danger & Dread Frontiers, p. 5-9)
This goal is pursued in ways which are still unconventional in the intellectual milieu of


constructive contribution to debate by those who are the targets of its criticisms.
Yuan Depreciation

No currency conflict or spillover there are three lines of defense

other than swaps, and Fed swaps with other central banks solves
the mobilization of liquidity
Jean-Pierre Landau, November 2011 (Chair of the Committee on the Global Financial System Bank of France Global liquidity
concept, measurement and policy implications Bank for International Settlements Communications CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland CGFS Papers
No 45 pg 7-8//)HBJ

Global liquidity has become a key focus of international policy debates over recent years.


central banks remain well placed to address future surges and shortages in global

Trade wars don't escalate

Bearce 3 (David, Associate Prof. Pol. Sci. @ U. Pittsburgh, International Studies Quarterly, Grasping the Commercial Institutional
Peace, 47:3, Blackwell-Synergy)

Even as we accept that such trade dispute settlement mechanisms help resolve
economic conflict,
simply have no jurisdiction or power to resolve highly contentious

territorial disagreements.

No US-China war
Zachary Keck 13, Current Managing Editor of The National Interest, former Managing Editor
of The Diplomat, previously served as Deputy Editor of e-IR, his work has been featured in
Foreign Policy, The National Interest, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, and World Politics Review,
Why China and the US (Probably) Wont Go to War, 7/12,

But while trade cannot be relied upon to keep the peace, a U.

in reducing their conflict potential, if history is any guide at least.

Representations should determine the desirability of advocacy

evaluating just the plan text is nonsensical
Pat J GEHRKE Former Debate Coach and Rhetorical Scholar, 1998 [Critique Arguments as
Policy Analysis: Policy Debate Beyond the Rationalist Perspective, Contemporary Argumentation
and Debate, 19, 1998, pp. 18-39]

Arguably, some policies may intend no more than their implementation . However,


enduring and dramatic effects of the communicative aspects of policies and

policy advocacy.

Even if words dont change reality, they define how we react to

Cedric Jourde is a Ph.D., Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, M.A.,
Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, B.Sc., Political Science, Universit de
Montral, Montral, 2006 [Hegemony or Empire?: The redefinition of US Power under George W
Bush Ed. David and Grondin p. 182-3 2006]

Relations between states are, at least in part, constructed upon representations.



course of action one will adopt in order to deal with this 'other'.

China says no---they want to replace the dollar, not tie their
economy to it
Zeiler 15 - Associate Editor, Money Morning (David, The China-IMF Plan for a Yuan Reserve Currency Will Topple the Dollar, Money

China and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) want a yuan reserve currency
Its rivalry with the United States dictates that it seek every possible

Worst case planning paves over complexity and makes decision

making impossible, which will only culminate in larger in larger
systems failures and extinction
Furedi 10 Professor of sociology at the University of Kent, Frank, This shutdown is about
more than volcanic ash, Spiked, 4/19, http://www.spiked-

Whatever the risks posed by the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, it seems


a reluctance to engage with uncertainty that representsthe real threat to our