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Insp. Ref.

#: _____________
Inspection Checklist - Brick/Blockworks
Main Contractor (MC): PIC/Supervisor:
Sub-Contractor: PIC/Supervisor:
Resident Staff (RS): Unit #:
Brick/Block materials: Size & Condition = approved sample? Y ( ) N( ) Mortar mix (cement/sand) ratio = spec i.e. ( : )

Inspection criteria Pre-Installation Post-Installation


Plumb, horizontal line

RS Re-Verification (3)
RS Re-Verification (3)
Structural element -

Interface with outer

alignment & tie bar

MC Rectification (3)

MC Rectification (3)
Infill at brick joints
RS Verification (3)

RS Verification (3)
Bricks / Blocks

Solder course,
& squareness

DPC, exmet

Setting out

Location (1)

1 Living, Dining
2 Bedroom 4
3 Bathroom 4
4 Kitchen
5 Staircase
6 Family Hall
7 Master
8 Bathroom 1
9 Bedroom 2
10 Bathroom 2
11 Bedroom 3
12 Bathroom 3
13 Fencing

Checked/Verified by: MC RS MC RS MC RS MC RS


Brickworks Quality KPI = Nos. of location accepted by RS after Re-Verification @ Post-Inst. / Total locations x 100% =
(1) Change the location in this checklist according to the product layout. For high-rise project, to attach a copy of the layout.
(2) See below for acceptance tolerance. MC to mark 'a' in respective location only if workmanship is acceptable (NA if not applicable), then inform RS to verify.
Inspection criteria Acceptance tolerance Tools used Diagram
Structural element - alignment & Max. 15mm for encompassing length both verticality & horizontality; Tie / starter bar: see diagram Cross line laser
tie bar
Pre & During

Setting out 2 setting out lines for each brick wall; Positioning of window & door opening = floor layout Visual
Plumb, horizontal line & Plumb line at all corners; Horizontal line for every course of brick, squareness of room Visual
Bricks / Blocks Adequately moist. Raise/laid brick <= 1m height at a time Measuring tape
Alignment, squareness Max. 15mm for encompassing length both verticality & horizontality Cross line laser
DPC, exmet See diagram or specified by SO. DPC min. 150mm laps at joints Visual

Soldier course, interlocking See diagram. Interlocking at all corners Visual

Infill at brick joints 10mm thick mortar. Consistent recessed pointing. No see through holes Visual
Lintel Size = spec; Min. lapping over bricks = 200mm bearing, laid above door frame by sitting on bricks Measuring tape

Interface with outer frame Gap between aluminium outer frame & brick wall < 15mm, to be filled with 1:3 cement sand Measuring tape
(3) RS to mark 'a' if acceptable, 'x' if reject (& circle the respective item) or '-' if not check (not for Post-Installation). MC to rectify if any reject & RS to re-verify.

Filename: Q:\QA\TQM\cm_iso\Insp_CL\358202499.xls Date: 03 Jan 2005

Insp. Ref. #: _____________

ent/sand) ratio = spec i.e. ( : )


ations x 100% =


Filename: Q:\QA\TQM\cm_iso\Insp_CL\358202499.xls Date: 03 Jan 2005