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To obtain employment in the field of health and wellness and public health

Extremely hardworking and dedicated; highly self-motivated, diligent, organized, structured, and focused
Versed in excellent communication skills; able to converse well with others
Effective at promoting health and advocating disease prevention with patient education and motivational
behavioral modification techniques
Trained in community and workplace wellness initiatives
Educated in nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, global health, community health, complementary and alternative
medicine, and spiritual aspects of healing
Adept with research and writing
Culturally competent and experienced working with the community and interacting with a diverse population of
all ages
Able to work well with others and collaborate as a team; cooperative, patient, compassionate, friendly,
encouraging, positive, enthusiastic, and supportive


Master of Public Health 1/2018-2/2020

University of New England

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness 7/20156/2017

Kaplan University/Purdue University 4.0 GPA

Certification in Health Coaching 10/201310/2014

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Associate of Science-Dental Hygiene 2/20006/2001

San Joaquin Valley College 4.0 GPA
Academic Excellence Award
Highest score in the class on the National Board exam


International Board Certified Health Coach-IAHC and AADP 2015
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach-IIN 2015
Workplace Wellness Ambassador-KWC 2015
Laser Certification-ALD 2002
Registered Dental Hygienist License-CA,NV,UT State 2001
Licensure for administration of local anesthesia- CA,NV,UT State 2001
Licensure nitrous oxide and soft tissue curettage- CA,NV,UT State 2001
Red Cross- CPR 2001

Certified Health and Wellness Coach training
Certified Workplace Wellness Consultant training
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach training


Academic Excellence Award for a 4.0 GPA in dental hygiene school from SJVC2001
Highest score from graduating class on the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam
Maintained a 4.0 GPA at Kaplan University in health and wellness
Golden Key International Honor Society
Successfully promoted public health in the dental hygiene field for 16 years
Created an online business to promote public health with health coaching and consulting
Delivered a seminar to the representatives of the Sacramento school district on health and wellness topics
Presented a workshop on health and wellness at a healthy local restaurant
Kelly Wellness Consulting Associate-a worldwide workplace wellness consulting company

Dr. Jerry Martin 8/2016Present
Dental Hygienist Granite Bay, CA
Provides routine dental cleanings, radiographs, scaling and root plannings, and health promotion education

Celestial Health Coaching 2015Present

Certified Health and Wellness Coach Sacramento area, CA
Promotes health and wellness through private and public health education; provides motivational and behavioral
change strategies, and offer support and encouragement for a healthier lifestyle

Waikiki Dental 3/2015Present

Dental Hygienist Roseville, CA
Provides routine dental cleanings, radiographs, scaling and root plannings, and health promotion education

Dr. Curtis Croft 3/20158/2016

Dental Hygienist Folsom, CA
Provided routine dental cleanings, radiographs, scaling and root plannings, and health promotion education

Bella Vista Dental 20122014

Dental Hygienist Lincoln, CA
Performed routine dental cleanings, radiographs, scaling and root planning, osseous surgery procedures, health
promotion education, customer service relations, and front office duties

Smile Quest Dental 20042012

Dental Hygiene Manager Rocklin, CA
Developed the hygiene department, hired team members, presented treatment, increased production, fostered
enthusiasm among the team, provided quality care, built value in all aspects of dental hygiene, and maintained
excellent patient and team relations

Leadership experience-Youth church group leadership role
Teaching experience-Teacher for children, youth, and adults within a church group
Public speaking experience-Speaker in a church congregation


American Public Health Association member
International Association of Health Coaches
Previous Wellness Council of America member
Stressmaster Associate