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Automate ESD Valves Confidently

Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator

A complete, intelligent solution to handle all your ESD valve needs
Its all about safety

You know the challenges you face when there are limits
impacting your ESD (Emergency Shut Down) valve applications:
Limited power. Limited space. Unrelenting, harsh environmental

Your application requires fast stroking, self-contained, resistant

to extreme environmental condition, and ability to operate large
valves requiring high output torques. All this demand while
maintaining uncompromising reliability and safety.

To stay competitive, you need a trusted, reliable, robust solution.

60% of all safety incidents occur when a maintenance job was

performed reactively, versus proactively.
Handbook of Maintenance Management and Engineering

Emergency maintenance costs 3 to 4 times as much as the same

preventive maintenance task. vs
Plant Engineer Today

A large plant can incur losses of $5,000 to $10,000 (USD) per day or
more due to internal leakage. $ $

In remote locations, your ESD system must be able to operate

reliably when power is scarce.
Instead of worrying about ESD failure consequences, what if you knew your ESD
system will perform in an emergency and could focus on maximizing the performance
of your system; all the while maintain a safe environment for your people?
Bettis EHO is your reliable
ESD valve actuation solution

Bettis Electro-Hydraulic Operator

in Standard and Smart version

Emerson Bettis Actuation Technologies, using time-proven, final control innovation and
combining it with the best in critical shutdown and process shutdown reliability, offers the
Bettis Standard EHO for On/Off applications and SMART EHO for modulating applications.
Finding an affordable and effective way to maintain and operate shutdowns in severe,
inaccessible and remote locations is crucial to your ESD system. Seconds matter in isolating
failures that can adversely impact people, environment and communities. The Bettis EHO
utilizes a quick, dependable spring-return actuator for the fail safe stoke combined with an
integral hydraulic power pack and electronic control module ideal for ESD valve operation.

To rely on your ESD system, you need deep insight and trust with your ESD valve automation provider.
Emerson provides our customers the most innovative technology to regulate their process. The Standard
and Smart EHO provides unprecedented performance for unmanned and inaccessible valves to ensure a reliable
emergency shutdown process. Combining over 150 years of proven technology and reliability in the most
complex and hazardous applications, Emerson is your trusted expert in valve automation.

Actuation Control Valves Isolation Valves

Regulators & Relief Valves Valve Instrumentation & Accessories
Emersons Bettis EHO product line offers reliable ESD actuation solutions. Complex and
hazardous applications with limited power sources in remote, unmanned areas need
uncompromising reliability. The EHO operates responsibly and effectively to help preserve
and protect assets, personnel and the environment.
Eric Yen, Product Manager, Emerson Process Management

Keep personnel safe Prevent costly damage

Designed with the mindset of mitigating system risk, Reliable ESD solutions prevent bigger problems from
personnel injuries, and reducing negative environmental developing into reputation damaging, expensive,
impacts, the Standard and Smart EHOs inboard spring emergency clean-up efforts. Reliable ESD solutions also
design, relief valves, and safety features ensure problems help in reducing the interruption of production. The
are detected and reported well in advance of the Standard and Smart EHO utilizes the Bettis G-series
problems becoming a safety issue. The Smart EHO also hydraulic actuator for a quick, dependable spring-return
has more than 15 alerts and alarms to notify the user if actuator for the fail-safe stroke.
abnormal EHO conditions arise.

Safety u p06, p08, p10 Prevention u p08, p10

Low power usage Modulation designed for efficiency

Remote and offshore ESD systems are typically designed Modulation capability is key to keeping a system running
for low power sourcing with maximum uptime. Bettis at peak capacity. In large systems, even small adjustments
EHO is built for low power design requirements - spring- to a valves position can help maximize efficiency and
fail safe, low power motors, and optimally designed reduce costs, which can lead to an increase in profitability.
electronic circuitry. The Smart EHO is designed for your valve modulation
needs with less than 1% accuracy.

Low Power u p06 Modulation u p08

Avoid downtime and revenue loss with
reliable ESD safety you can trust
Reliability is paramount to Emersons Final Control Drawing on the experience and integrating the advanced
solution. The Standard and Smart EHO, designed to technologies from Emerson, the Bettis Electro-Hydraulic
support protecting your people, your equipment, Operator offers Standard and the New Smart EHO.
and the environment, stops process flow as soon as
Safety: Certifications to worldwide hazardous zone safety
a command signal is received or on loss of power.
With over fifteen built-in alerts and alarms, the EHO
Ease of Use: Field-proven hydraulic hand pump local
continually monitors any abnormalities in your system
control and display panel with clear indication of valve
and will alert you if one arises. Its all about minimizing
downtime and preventing loss of assets and revenue.
Easy Installation: Self-contained and designed for
As part of Emersons commitment to safety, the Bettis compactness and is readily adaptable to new or existing
EHO product line should also be an integral part to your valves
systems safety initiatives. Convenience: Fewer worries in hazardous environments,
versatility regarding power options, and reliability directed
for hostile environments with strict ESD requirements

Whats your challenge? Whats your opportunity?

Safety and environmental issues impact how Emersons Bettis EHO is designed to protect
we do business. We must follow strict federal people, assets, and the environment by stopping
and state regulations so we need to custom the process flow as soon as a command signal is
fit our ESD solutions. received.
Operate efficiently while protecting employees and the environment

Water Dust

Chemical Heat

G-Series modular, reliable design enables Non-intrusive design allows device No internal or external hydraulic leakage
safe field maintenance which reduces configuration to be modified without ensures the valve is held in its seated
service time. exposing the electronics to the adverse position without drifting.
elements and conditions.

Optimize space
25% Smaller

Compact hydraulic power unit (HPU); Built for limited space applications with a Lightweight design weighing 47% less
integrated into the actuator eliminating 25% smaller envelope compared to most than other actuators making it ideal in
the need for a remotely located hydraulic competitive offerings. offshore applications and saves money.
power source.

Energy source flexibility



Self-contained operating power supply; Low power motors; specifically High torque efficiency hydraulic
allows for installation in remote locations designed for remote and power scarce actuators; based on proven technology of
where no external pneumatic or hydraulic environments. the Bettis G-Series hydraulic actuators, the
power sources are available. Solar panels are Bettis EHO provides full direct power to
available for areas without electrical power. the valve stem.

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Bettis Standard EHO

2 7

4 9


No. Description No. Description

1 Hydraulic Manifold 6 Lockable (Local/Off/Remote) Selector Switch
2 Local Open/Close Light Display 7 Local Open/Close/Stop Push Buttons
3 Hand Pump 8 Electrical Control Enclosure
4 Reservoir 9 Electric Motor
5 Sight Level Gauge 10 G-Series Hydraulic Spring-Return Actuator

Product Specifications:
Quarter Turn Torque Output: Input Power:
Spring Return: Multiple AC and 24V DC available
1,264 to 707,696 in-lbs
Remote Operation:
Double Acting:
Up to 2,379,683 in-lbs
Discrete: open, close, stop, and ESD
Maximum Operating Pressure: Output:
3000 Psi (207 bar) Open, Close position feedback
4 20mA hydraulic pressure (optional)
Operating Temperature:
-20F to +140F (-29C to +60C) Limit Switches:
-40F to +140F (-40C to +60C) (optional) 2 SPDT 4A @ 120VAC, 3A @ 24VDC
4 SPDT 4A @ 120VAC, 3A @ 24VDC (optional)

Spring power, utility power or solar power



2 4 6 8 10
Time (seconds)

Reliability is maximized by utilizing a spring- With the dual-sealed Separate Terminal Fast-closing or precise speed control
return actuator to stroke the valve after power Chamber (STC), installation wiring can is obtained through field-adjustable
failure or during an emergency event. be terminated and fuses can be replaced flow control valves to meet application
without exposing the internal control requirements.
components to hostile environmental

Designed for your modulation requirements

Solenoids, speed controls, pressure During an emergency power loss, the Corrosion resistant materials ensure
transducers and pressure switches are hydraulic hand pump can be used to longevity. The control enclosure, hydraulic
integrated in a compact manifold block stroke the actuator directly or recharge an manifold and hand pump are constructed
eliminating external tubing and connections. accumulator. from marine grade aluminum with stainless
steel trim.

Environmental Protection: Hazardous Area Classification & SIL Certification

Control enclosure: IP68 CSA -- Class I, Division I, Groups B (optional), C, and D
Hydraulic actuator: IP67M FM Class I, Division I, Groups B (optional), C, and D
Motor: IP68 ATEX EExd IIB T4
Reservoir: IP54 (IP66 optional) IECEx Ex d IIB T4
SIL-2 Certification
Local Operation and Display:
Local Open/Close/Stop push buttons Optional Features
Lockable (Local/Off/Remote) selector switch Accumulators
Local Open/Close light display Remote Display Module (RDM)
Local physical position indicator Circuit breakers (close-coupled or remote mounted)
Lockable manual emergency fail-safe control valve Solar panels
4-20mA pressure transmitter
Auxiliary internal pressure switches
Low power ESD solenoids
Redundant emergency shutdown
Bettis Smart EHO





No. Description No. Description

1 Hydraulic Manifold 6 Local Open/Close Selector Knob
2 Digital Display and LED Alarm Indicators 7 Lockable (Local/Off/Remote) Selector Switch
3 Hand Pump 8 Electrical Control Enclosure
4 Reservoir 9 Electric Motor
5 Sight Level Gauge 10 G-Series Hydraulic Spring Return Actuator

Product Specifications:
Quarter Turn Torque Output: Communication Protocols:
Spring Return: ModBus, HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus
1,264 to 707,696 lbf-in. DCMlink configuration and monitoring software
Operating Temperature:
-20F to +140F (-29C to +60C) Certifications:
-40F to +140F (-40C to +60C) (optional) CSA - Class I, Division I, Groups B (optional), C, and D
FM Class I, Division I, Groups B (optional), C, and D
Input Power: ATEX EExd IIB T4
Multiple AC available IECEx Ex d IIB T4
SIL-3 Certification
Remote Operation:
Input: Limit Switches:
Discrete: open, close, stop, PST, and ESD 2 SPDT 4A @ 120VAC, 3A @ 24VDC (optional)
Analog: 4-20mA positioning (1% accuracy)
Discrete: 4 configurable, 1 ESD monitor
Analog: 4-20mA hydraulic pressure feedback
and position feedback
Providing intelligent data on your ESD system



6 7 8 9 10 11 12

13 14 15
x 16 17 18 19

x 20







Valve Stuck Partial Stroke


Hydraulic Power
Valve Stalled Unit Failure


Over fifteen alerts and alarms to keep you informed on failures and Partial stroke ensures rarely operated ESD valves function properly during
abnormal conditions. an emergency situation.

Designed for your modulation requirements


Hall-Effect Position
Sensing Technology

Open Close

1% guaranteed accuracy when the valve Configurable to integrate into your existing Precise Hall-Effect position encoder; provides
needs to be precisely positioned. 4-20mA communication system. consistent and accurate position feedback
analog input and output to provide both with no loss of calibration during power
precise control and instantaneous feedback. failures.

Environmental Protection: Diagnostics/Safety Optional Features

Control enclosure: IP68 15+ different alarms and alerts Accumulators
Hydraulic actuator: IP67M Self-calibration Remote Display Module (RDM)
Motor: IP68 Partial stroke test Circuit breakers (close-coupled or remote
Reservoir: IP54 (IP66 optional) Log jam mounted)
Integral overpressure protection Solar panels
Local Operation: 4-20mA pressure transmitter Auxiliary internal pressure switches
Local Open/Close selector knob Low power ESD solenoids
Lockable (Local/Off/Remote) selector switch Local Display Redundant emergency shutdown
Hydraulic hand pump manual override 2 digit LED display
Lockable manual emergency fail-safe LED alarm and alerts display
control valve Mechanical dial position indicator
Sight level gauge
Hydraulic pressure gauge

Optimize every point with improved
reliability, energy efficiency, lower
operational cost and safety

The versatile Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic

Operator is designed for the toughest
environments and critical applications. With
this product you have an ESD system with
field proven technology and a single source
of accountability.


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