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Stock Transfer Order (STO) with Full or Partial

Return of Transit Stock

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Created by Carla Bussolo, last modified by Patricia Eidelwein on Dec 21, 2016
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This scenario is for transfers where the material has left the plant and/or a NF was generated. In this case you must use the
return process.

** Inter/Cross Company is not supported because it has not been localized.

Customizings for STO Return


On transaction SM30, view J_1BIM03V. Delivery type WL must be set to NF relevant.


On transaction SM30, view J_1BIM02V. movement type 671, field NF rel. must be filled with 'U'.


On transaction SM30, view V_T161V_WF, delivery type must be set NLR and Item Type NLRN;
Or through transaction SPRO:
1. The assignment of the delivery types is in the IMG path:
2. Materials Management
3. Purchasing
4. Purchase Order
5. Returns Order
6. Store Return / Return Plant to Plant


Tax Code Configuration on J1BTAX. Each column refers to the tax code that will be used in each document of the STO


Standard Process flow

To create the return you must have already created:

STO via ME21N

Delivery via VL10B
Posted good issue VL02N with movement 862.

If you need help how to perform these steps you may use our STO page, but make sure you do not post the goods receipt
on MIGO (the last step on our wiki STO page).

Then after you performed this process then you are ready to create the STO return.

1) To start the Full or Partial Return: Create a new STO on ME21N

Choose order type 'UB' and enter the necessary information, such as material, supplying plant, quantity and receiving plant,
the same information that were entered on the first purchase order. You can only change here the quantity to return. In this
example we will do a full return.

Important: On the line item is necessary to check 'Returns Item' flag (Screen field MEPO1211-RETPO), as shown below:

Save purchase order and copy the number generated.

2) Generate Delivery on VL10B

Choose the purchase order tab and enter the just created STO and execute.

Then the screen below will appear, choose the line item created and click on Background button. This action will create the

3) Edit Delivery on VL02N and post the outbound

To post your outbound you can either go through the shortcut of VL10B screen or going on VL02N and entering the delivery
that you just created.

Once the document opens Goto >> > Header >> > Administration, as shown below:
On the administration tab you will need to fill the field Ext. Delivery with the delivery number of the original PO (not the
return PO).

If you doesnt know the delivery number of the original PO you can get the number going to original purchase order and via
"Purchase Order History" tab copy delivery number

Important: fill this field with 10 digits (use leading zeroes if necessary):

On the administration tab you can also see the Delivery Type NLR being used.

Back to item overview, if you go to tab Goods Movement Data, you can see Item Category NLRN and movement type 671*
standard core movement used for this scenario specifically.
Save the delivery.

4) Post Return Delivery

Access again, via VL02N, delivery document and click on Post Goods Issue button.

Posting will be completed and you can check now your PO return history to see the documents created.

Debug Tips
Variable RETPO is the return flag set on the PO it could be used as a watchpoint.
SE38>>>LJ1BNTF1 for delivery search related.
SE80>>>Function Group>>>J1BN>>>Function Module>>> J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX_NEW
For all calculation routines related to material movement can be see in this FM and it is where it starts the interface with FI.
SE37>>>Function Module>>> CALCULATE_TAX_ITEM
Where the KOMP and KONK will be filled.
SE80>>> Function Group>>>J1BF>>>Include LJ1BFF01
In this include the NF is created.
SE80>>> Function Group>>>MBGB>>> Subroutine>>> FORM AUSGABE (INCLUDE LMBGBFSU)
This include you can find out issues regarding accounting posting and the famous balance error.