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Pediculus capitis (Head louse)

Itchy Skin
Liver deficiency
Cold formalism
Really, really complaining
No one can stand them after a while
Childish, immature, everyone else gets this
Often a story of an accident in their past
Foxy, smart, organized in their greediness

Capable of arranging a long-
term strategy
Better organized strategy
More foxy
More smart

Lack of trust (char)

They dont have problems with other
people (they want to seem this way)
There is a kind of formality with them
and others
A cold formalism
Recurrent UTIs
With bad smell of urine
ITCHY skin symptoms
Hair symptoms: Alopecia (like Selenium)

Never well after

Injuries or accidents
But the issue is not exactly about a physical injury and its effect, but the fact that this accident
made them dependent, put them in the hospital
More to do with this mistrust of others, and the anguish of becoming dependent

Desire for raw meat and protein (Hir)

LIVER problems
They used to use lice to treat jaundice, used to eat lice

Feels they smell

I am stinky inside
Concerned about being discovered for the cold greedy person I am
Pediculus capitis (Head louse)

Discharges are relieving

Over demanding (NTS)

Over complaining (NTS)
Very lamenting attitude
Constantly need more then the others
I desire more then the others
I am a poor person inside
I am always the poor one
Im not treated like the others
Blah blah blah.

After a while no one can stand this


Unwilling to share
So childish
So unsupported

Paranoid themes in their dreams

Dreaming something dangerous
Something pursuing them
Like a conspiracy against them and
they cannot defend themselves

Skin problems
(like liver)
Itching w/o eruptions
I have to scratch a lot, but almost noth-
ing on the skin
Often the head and hair effected
Also the feet
I cannot walk or move properly