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U.S" Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Washington, D.C. 20535

sil,:Tl 5S coNsERVAFEDrA cRG)

Acts (FOIPA) request.

This responds to Your Freedom of Information/Privacy

Records System. Wu *"i" ,nuLte'to identity
..u.pontt" main file records lf you have additional please
you beli5ve it was of investigative interest to the Bureau'
information pertaining to-tn" t"bju"i anO
pr*iJ"'ri ti e detailJ and we wiil conduci an additional search'
office of Information Policy (olP)' U's'
You may file an appeal by writing to the Director,
rioso w"shington, D'c. 20530-0001' Your
Department of Justice, i4iiN;;'y"*ni",.uw,
p (6Ol iIVr ft"t t,:-d"" :lrts letter in order to be considered
appeat must be received UV Of within sixty cite
timely. The envelope anoine letter should b" cr""rri-rarx"d..Ft""d:T,:f lnformation Appeal'' Please
FBI File Fact sheet'
Encrosed for your infornnation is a copy of the

SincerelY Yours,

David M. HardY
Section Chief,
Record/l nformatio n
Dissemination Section
Records Management Division