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Hues News

2016 - 2017
Summer 2017
Western Ohio Art Education Association Newsletter
Mark Your Calendars!

June 21, 2017 Congratulations to our Western OATS

Summer Awards Event
2-4pm @ Christophers Julie Brewer Heather Wackler
September 5, 2017
Western Board Meeting
6:30pm @Panera on
Brown St.
September 9, 2017
OAEA Board Meeting
STRS, Columbus
September 11, 2017
HS Emerging Artist
November 2-4, 2017
OAEA Conference
Toledo, Ohio

Summer Awards Event

Join us for our Summer Awards Party!
Come join us on June 21st from 2-4pm at
Christophers in Kettering as we celebrate our
local awardees for the Ohio Art Education Julie Brewers journey to becoming Heather Wackler grew up in Ar-
Association! Light appetizers will be served an art teacher started early and was canum, Ohio, graduated from
thanks to WOAEA. Please RSVP to Megan forged in a love for art and a desire to Wright State University with her
help others. She grew up in Darke bachelors degree and Visual Arts
County, Ohio. Julie has a BFA from certification and has completed
Ohio Northern University and will some Graduate work at Drake
complete her MAAE at the Art Acad- University. She lives outside of
emy of Cincinnati in the summer of Arcanum with her husband, 3
2017. She lives three miles from the children, and her 2 dogs Violet
farm where she grew up with her hus- and Wicket. Heather has been
Inside this issue: band Isaac, her cuddly kitty Honey, teaching 18 years and is currently
Western OATS cover and 17 silver laced Wyandotte chick- teaching 500 K-5 students a
ens. Julie is in her 5th year of teaching week.
Summer Awards Event cover and sees about 200 5th and 6th graders
every day each semester.
Regional Director Greeting 3
Read more about Julie and Heather inside the pages of your Hues News!
Workshop Whirlwind 3
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Western OATS 4
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Greetings From Our Regional Director

Dear Western Region members,
I hope this will find you enjoying a well-deserved rest and time for restoration as summer is moving
into full swing. Perhaps like me you find it hard to believe another school year has flown by! I re-
member being a kid and thinking it sure felt like the school year would never end now as an adult,
while I wait eagerly for the conclusion of the school year still, the time between seems to pass more
Speaking of time passing quickly, our region had a successful spring and time flew as we investi-
gated numerous workshop and social opportunities together. We held two Alcohol Inks Work-
shops February 3, attended by 16 people, and another on March 24, where a whopping 23 people
Darden Bradshaw
joining us to play and explore this fun medium. The Drawing with Oil Sticks with Jennifer
Rosengarten workshop took place over four weeks where participants met for two and half hours each Monday evening to
explore the process of working from still life in oil sticks. Hearty congratulations go out to Megan Newton, Sara Green,
Sue Ayers, Judith Charves, Stacey Corbean, and Jane Magee for their hard work and dedication in this workshop.
Our most popular workshop this spring was that taught by Emily Sullivan-Smith (Foundations Professor at Uni-
versity of Dayton). It was the Screen Printing with Watercolor Pencils workshop where we learned non-toxic ways to cre-
ate beautiful imagery! Participants in this half day workshop really connected to the process and have expressed a desire
for it to be offered againand they earned PDUs! If you have questions about this process or the workshop, reach out to
Joan Lucas, Lindsay Gustafson, Cathy Sweny, Cassie Pence, Megan Newton, Stacey Corbean, Maddie McCabe, Da-
ni Lioce, or Darden Bradshaw. I am sure any of them would be thrilled to discuss what they learned.
In early May, a group of WOAEAers enjoyed a celebrator afternoon at La Comedia Dinner Theater watching Sis-
ter Act; it was wonderful and relaxing time where many of us brought family members or non-WOAEA friends along for
the experienceand of course, the sweet potato souffl was delicious! Special thanks to RD-Elect Megan Newton for or-
ganizing that event!
Also in May we held our Sharing Spaces: Teacher and Student exhibition at Index Gallery, located at the Front
Street Studios. Exhibiting artists included:
Suzanne Mitolo and Mya Humphrey from Primary Village South School in Centerville, OH; Alice Tavani and Chloe Jett
from Normandy Elementary School in Centerville, OH; Molly Gravunder and Megan Goheen from Archbishop Alter
High School in Kettering, OH; Megan Newton and Sidney Ligon from Miamisburg Middle School in Miamisburg, OH;
Cassie Pence and Evan Tipton from Miamisburg Middle School in Miamisburg, OH; Lindsay Gustafson and Arhab Hus-
sein from Kettering Middle School, and Darden Bradshaw and Rose Catherine from the University of Dayton in Dayton,
This exhibition was well attended and the opening reception, which coincided with First Friday Downtown had
over 200 visitors coming through. Many commented on the strength of the childrens work and others were thrilled with
the freshness and vitality present in the art. While the closing reception, held on Sunday, May 21, had less visitors (it was a
gorgeous day outside), there were some great networking opportunities that came about as a result and we have some new
WOAEA members joining us for this journey!
As we wrap up the school year, our Summer Awards Event will be held on June 21st from 2-4pm at Christophers
restaurant in Kettering, Ohio. It will be a great way to conclude the academic year with a well-deserved celebration of our
Service Award winners, Galen Gingerich of Tipp City Schools and Riverside Art Center in Wapakoneta and our 2017
OATs Julie Brewer and Heather Wakler. In addition to honoring our awardees and their commitment to art education in
the area, we will have a moving presentation from Allison Parrish about the impact WOAEA art educators had on her K-16
experience. We hope you can join us. Please RSVP to Darden at This will be our last WOAEA
event until fall. And dont forget to put our WOAEA board meeting on your calendar. Wed love to see you at Panera
Bread on Brown Street on September 5, 2017 at 6:30pm.
As you enjoy your summer I hope you are able to find ways to focus on you, your art making, and your personal
life. These areas of our lives can easily become neglected during the school year as we allow everything else to take center
stage. May this summer be your time! And on behalf of everyone on the Western Region board, I extend our deep grati-
tude for all that you have done to make art education in the Western region truly inspiring.

Blessings, Darden
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Workshop Whirlwind! 2016-2017

2017 is proving to be a fascinating and productive time for our Western members! The
Western region offered a $25 workshop credit to all members thanks to our fabulous fund-
raising by Lindsey Gustafson at the Ohio Art Education Association conference in Dayton.
Western members engaged in two FREE alcohol inks workshops at the University
of Dayton and at Miamisburg Middle School. All members were able to invite other non
members to join the fun.
Jennifer Rosengarten hosted a four week oil sticks workshop for members at the
University of Dayton. Western members revamped their ideas of color theory, space, and
building layers of color through the expert lens of Jennifer Rosengarten. All members
walked away with a gorgeous drawing that they were proud to show!
Emily Sullivan hosted a Saturday workshop in
April for Western members. Emily Sullivan demonstrat-
ed the art of using watercolor pencils in printmaking.
This was an exciting workshop for all members because
of the adaptability to the classroom. Members walked
away with several different monoprints and an enthusias-
tic view of printmaking!
In May the Western region attended the LaCome-
dia Dinner Theater together in a way to celebrate other
types of art. Members brought loved ones and everyone
enjoyed the sweet potato souffle as they watched Sister
Act. It was truly a fun time for all!
There is still time to use your $25 Western credit
with our workshops in the fall! Stay tuned for all the in-
teresting and engaging workshops in your email from
Darden Brad-
Watch your email
for an invitation to our an-
nual event, Lesson Planning
Brew-Ha!, where you can
collect 6+ lesson plans,
build comradery with local
art teachers in your region,
and sample some of the local brews.

Middle School
Student Sidney
Ligon with her
work in the
Sharing Spaces
At the Sharing Spaces Exhibition
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Western OATS

Julie Brewer Heather Wackler

When asked why she decided to Heather said she always knew
become an art teacher, Julie said that she would be doing some-
there were three significant rea- thing related to art when she got
sons. She has always enjoyed older. She loved art from an
making things from an early age. early age. Some of Heathers
According to Julies mom her childhood memories are of her
love for art started in Kindergar- Father being very creative and
ten when she learned about pat- encouraging her to make art.
terns. Another reason was Julies middle school art teach-
er. She took Julie under her wing and would allow Julie They would spend days
and her friends to eat lunch spinning their own wool for
in the art room. The final, yarn and weaving their yarn
most significant reason that into rugs. Heather grew up
influenced Julie to become watching her father create
an art teacher happened in a art work and would sneak
high school art class. She into his supplies and make
was sitting next to a student her own art.
who became frustrated with She says the most awesome
his project and proceeded to thing about teaching art is
take Julies art project and rip it in half. Instead of being building relationships with her
upset she began the art project over and this time explained students. Heather loves seeing
the steps to her fellow, frustrated classmate so that he her students that have a pas-
could understand and create a successful project himself. sion for art going on to choose
Julie said this about her fa- careers in the art field. She
vorite part of teaching art, I says it is an awesome thing to
love the Aha! moment, see that passion come full cir-
when students put pieces to- cle and always enjoys when
gether about an artwork they come back to visit.
theyre viewing or making, Heather said I love to paint
when theyre just so excited and work with clay. Whenever
they can hardly contain I have a free moment, that is
themselves! That energy is so my first choice. I also love
compelling! doing art with my own chil-
When creating her own art Julie enjoys watercolor dren.
collage, screen printing, and book binding. She is currently You might think Heather has her hands full with
preparing wall-sized drawings and collages for her upcom- being a full time mother to three children and an elemen-
ing thesis exhibit. Julie also enjoys practicing Yoga, gar- tary art teacher but she also finds time for herself. In her
dening, camping, hiking, and playing cards and board free time Heather loves being outside. She likes to hike,
games with friends and family. travel and garden.
Its no wonder Julie Brewer thrives as an art teach- Its easy to see why Heather was nominated by
er and is being recognized by those around her. It seems her peers for outstanding art teacher. She brings her life-
that she was not only long love for art into
predisposed to create her instruction and
art but to inspire others inspires hundreds of
with her love for it! children every year.
Congratulations Julie Thank you Heather
on being one of our for your contribution
Outstanding Art Teach- to art education in our
ers! region!
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OAEA Mission Statement

* Build community for visual art educators by promoting professional growth and leadership.

Attention "Westerners"
Now is the time for all good art PR Chair:
teachers to come to the aid of Heather Wakler
their region! Are you especially
pleased with a particular art as- 6508 State Route 722
signment and/or art student? Arcanum, OH 45304
Take a picture, write a few 937-621-1908
words, put them in an envelope
or an e-mail, and send them

Western Officers
Regional Director: PR Chair: Technology Chair:
Darden Bradshaw Heather Wakler Kate Brookshire
3405 Sagamon Ave. 6508 State Route 722 3736 Wenzler Drive
Kettering, OH 45429 Arcanum, OH 45304 Kettering, OH 45429
W: 937-229-3207 937-621-1908 H: 937-643-9886
C: 520-991-0548 C: 937-361-4488
Summer Exhibits Chair:
Past Regional Director/ Rachel Hathaway Newsletter Chair:
Workshop Chair: 743 Patterson Apt 4 Bill Stanforth
Rebecca Molnar Dayton, OH 45419 125 Allerton Road
1511 Bartley Road 203-644-9974 Dayton, OH 45405
Dayton, OH 45414 rchel.hathaway@beavercreek.k12 937-212-4223
H: 937-890-1277
C: 937-307-2349 HS Exhibits/
Emerging Artists Chair: Membership Chair:
Regional Director Elect: Molly Gravunder Kathy Pugh
Megan Newton 3040 Southdale 5121 S. Rangeline Road
1747 Boesel Ave. Ketteing, OH 45409 West Milton, OH 45383
Kettering, OH 45429 937-726-3782 H: 937-698-5257
937-271-1731 C: 937-231-3112
Awards Chair: Paula Treisch
Ben Davis 1431 Williams Road Regional YAM Coordinator:
1210 Nunnery Dr. Wilmington, OH 45177 Lindsay Gustafson
Miamisburg, OH 45432 937-367-1845 1824 Hazel Ave.
937-776-0965 Kettering, OH 45420 937-689-5381