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52 Journal Prompts

To Deepen Your Connection With Reiki

R E I K I P L A Y G R O U N D . C O M
This short little PDF is filled with 52 journal prompts all about deepening
your connection to Reiki. It was created for you to answer a question a
week for a year. These questions will help you discover how you work with

You'll notice at the end that there is a small bonus section of journal
prompts for the Reiki symbols. I included this for those with Reiki 2 and
beyond. I only include the 3 Reiki 2 symbols. They are not written out or
drawn, I simply use the initials for each symbol.

I suggest having a fresh journal to start with. Perhaps a nice new pen or
pencil too. Of course Reiki as you journal.

If at anytime you feel stumped by a question, Reiki, then free write for 5
minutes or until you feel the question has been answered. Free writing is
simply writing for a set amount of time and writing without editing.

This is your journal so do what you wish with it. If you want to skip a
question and come back to it a different time then do it.

On to the journal prompts!
1. I became attuned to Reiki because?

2. What I love about Reiki is?

3. What I find challenging about doing daily self-Reiki is?

4. How does self-Reiki feel when I do it?

5. What do the Reiki principles mean to me? How do I live them in my

6. How does the attitude of gratitude affect my life?

7. What are 10 things I am grateful for right now? Why?

8. How does worry affect me? How can I keep from worrying?

9. How do I feel when I live in the moment instead of in the past or

10. How does my anger affect me? How can I keep from getting

11. How can I show kindness? How do I show kindness?

12. How do I work honestly? (self-work/job/meditation/etc.)

13. What sensations do I experience while doing self-Reiki?

14. How do I know Reiki is flowing?

15. Describe life before Reiki.

16. Describe life after Reiki

17. How do I feel after a self-Reiki session?

18. What benefits do I experience from doing self-Reiki?

19. When I feel truly connected with Reiki, how do I feel? (as opposed

to just doing Reiki to be doing it)

20. What is the most unusual thing I've used self-Reiki to heal? Results?

21. What does my Reiki practice mean to me?
22. How do I feel when I skip a self-Reiki session?

23. How have I grown since Reiki?

24. I feel most connected to Reiki when.

25. What is Reiki?

26. How has Reiki helped me?

27. The perfect setting for self-Reiki is.

28. Reiki makes me feel.

29. How has Reiki helped me emotionally?

30. How has Reiki helped me mentally?

31. How has Reiki helped me spiritually?

32. How has Reiki helped me physically?

33. How does Reiki help when I do self-Reiki before bed?

34. How does Reiki help when I do self-Reiki upon waking?

35. How does Reiki help when I do self-Reiki for stress?

36. When is it the best time for me to do Reiki?

37. Does my mood affect whether I want to do self-Reiki?

38. How does self-Reiki affect my mood?

39. How does self-Reiki affect my creativity?

40. How does self-Reiki affect my problem solving skills?

41. Is it important for me to take time for self-Reiki? Why or why not.

42. Was there a time I felt truly connected to Reiki? Where was I? What

happened and what came of that moment?

43. Are there any particular rituals or behaviors that help me start my

self-Reiki practice? (Such as invocations, gassho, meditation, etc.)

44. What do I believe about Reiki? What is true for me?
45. What emotions come to mind when I think about Reiki?

46. How has Reiki helped heal me?

47. Reiki...

48. How do I place my hands during a self-Reiki session? Intuitively? Set

hand placements? Other?

49. The best way for me to get into the Reiki mood is.

50. Some of my Reiki goals for this year are.

51. What is the most difficult lesson Reiki has taught me?

52. How has Reiki surprised me?

Questions for Reiki Symbols

1. Can I tell a difference when I use symbols with Reiki compared to

when I don't use symbols?

2. Do I feel I need to use the symbols during a session?

3. If I had to choose a favorite symbol it would be ____, because.

4. How do I use CKR?

5. How does the CKR energy feel to me?

6. How do I invoke CKR?

7. How does CKR make me feel?

8. Do I feel Reiki flow more powerfully when I use CKR during a session?

9. How do I use SHK?

10. How does SHK energy feel to me?

11. How do I invoke SHK?

12. How does SHK make me feel?

13. How does SHK make me feel more balanced?
14. How do I use HSZSN?

15. How does HSZSN energy feel to me?

16. How do I invoke HSZSN?

17. How do I know I am connected with someone/something distantly?
About Sierra
It was a psychic development class in
October 2012 that started Sierra on her path
to Reiki. That October she went to her first
Reiki share, fell in love, and never looked
back. Reiki has helped her grow in many
ways and she loves sharing it with as many
people as possible. She delights in helping
others on their Reiki paths through her
website Sierra completed Reiki 1&2 certifications in early
2013, then again fall of 2013 (for fun). Reiki Master certification was completed
in April 2014. Slowly, but surely she is making her way to Reiki Master Teacher.

For Sierra, Reiki is not just a spiritual path or just a healing modality. It is in every
sense a lifestyle. Eating, breathing, drinking, playing, working, living Reiki is her
passion and she strives to live by the 5 Reiki principles. She believes that Reiki
practitioners should first give themselves Reiki before they can truly offer it to
others, and she loves practicing every day. Sierra acknowledges that the
history of Reiki is important and continually researches Reiki as it was originally
taught plus the changes that have happened through the many years.
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