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Rock of Ages SATB with 1-2 treble instruments ‘Text by Augustus M. Toplady With humility 2= 56-60 Arranged by Brett Stewart *Phute *Oboe Plano SA Let me hide my - 1B Le me hide my - cudnt fr rea oe ei oF Sable pot capri et wats, ‘So be payed ny ofp he coi *A second flute may be substituted for the oboe part, or violins may be used. The second part (oboe) may be omitted altogether. © 2006 by Bret Stewart This song may Bo eopied Toric, SA 1B Pro, Fl ob. SA Pro, Rock of Ages ss. Fron ily womd-ed side which floved, BE of sn the dole ca, ay . a SI flowed, Be of sin the dow-ble ome, Save fom wrath and ’ Save from wrath and Rock of Ages 3 ob. mf — 1B =| Not the Ia = bors of my hands Can fill all thy laws demands; Could_my Pro, Fl. ass " Pp TB EE no respite know, Could my teats for-ev-er flow, All for. sin. could nota = tone; — Pho.