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Juhi Trivedi you should go for a new one, espe- You may need a car with park- your monthly income on a depre- >> THE CAR
Response. mumbai cially from a financial point of ing sensors, better shock ab- ciating asset like a car. BEGINS TO AGE view. sorbers, comfier seats and a So, if you earn Rs 1 lakh per There are many who prefer sell-
swankier music system to make month, it would be prudent to pay ing a car once it has run 40,000-
ar owners fall out of love >> YOUR LIFESTYLE your drive comfortable. This not more than Rs 10,000 for your 45,000 km. If you are a regular

C with their prized posses-

sions for various reasons.
Some people are in the
habit of changing their cars every
time a higher version is launched
A car is an aspiration for most
people. For many, a car is also a
status symbol. Many people
change cars just to get better fea-
could mean buying a new car.
However, financial advisors don't
advise spending more than 10% of
car EMI. For a Rs 10,000 EMI for
five years, you can buy a car worth
Rs 4.5 lakh.
car user, it could take you a mere
three years to cover that dis-
tance. Having run 45,000 km, the

by the company; for some others tures, and want to drive the latest
the car is all about their status models. As disposable incomes
symbol; some people junk their rise, it is natural to see
car after it has met with an acci- individuals changing cars
dent and has started giving me- and opting for higher versions

chanical problems. that provide a more
The rise in monthly disposable comfortable ride.
income is one of the reasons to It is likely that in your first job,
buy a new car. Ageing of the car, you bought a small car. However,
mechanical problems, shifting ge- as your income increases, your af-

ographical locations are some of fordability is bound to improve.
the reasons people change Hence, you would want to drive a and could take a lot
their cars. bigger sedan now. If your earlier of your time and energy. This
Despite your love or the lack of daily usage was 10 km a day but car begins to could be a burden for you and
it for your car, there are some sit- has gone up to 50 km a day now, it age. At this stage, there may be trouble you in the coming days. In

uations when it would be prudent might necessitate a change since some mandatory expenses on many such cases, the best bet is to
to let go of your car. Also, there you spend more time in your car the car. give up your car and go for a new
are some compelling reasons why daily. You may have to change the one.
tyres or battery, the clutch could
be worn, the AC gas would need to >> YOU GET TRANSFERRED
be refilled and so on. In short, this If you move from one state to an-
It's not always necessary to wait to buy a would mean trouble and expendi-
ture at regular intervals.
other, the procedure to transfer
your car could be cumbersome.
new car until the wheels come off or the Many are of the view that in-
stead of spending on such things,
You will have to get a no-objec-
tion certificate (NOC) from your
upholstery turns grey with age. Buying a it may be worth it to change the
car itself.
current RTO (regional transport
office) and lodge the set of papers
new car is a decision that is >> THE CAR
with the city RTO where you are
moving to.
influenced by multiple factors GETS DAMAGED
In the rainy season, if you are
Every city RTO levies a road
registration charge, which de-
stuck in water, chances are your pends on the age of the car. In ad-
dition, you may have to pay octroi
which could
be different
for each
For exam-
ple, if you
bring your
one-year old
car worth Rs
10 lakh from
another state
into Mumbai,
it could cost
you as much
as 8-10% (Rs
80,000 to Rs 1
lakh) to regis-
ter it again in
car is flood af- Mumbai.
fected and its engine could be In cities like Bengaluru, this
damaged. Many a time, critical could be even higher. Hence,
components like the engine may many a time, instead of spending
be affected in such cases. While it a huge amount to transfer your
may be resolved temporarily, car, especially if your car is old, it
chances are the problem may re- may make sense to sell it in your
cur again. existing city and buy a new car in
Solving this could be a hassle the city you are relocating to.