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(Livinguard) Saafkins Reusable Period Panties

Livinguard hopes to provide the worlds 2 billion girls and women who
cannot afford sanitary napkins, an affordable and hygienic alternative.
Saafkins are a bacteria/yeast killing, reusable, washable sanitary solution for just Rs.
200 for ONE ENTIRE YEAR. Thats just Rs. 16 per month!
The Livinguard Technology:
Livinguard is a permanent disinfectant in the form of a
textile. When bacteria/viruses come into contact with the
fabric, they are killed through a piercing action that
attacks the cell membrane physically, rendering them
harmless. A safe, non-toxic, non-leaching technology,
Livinguard Saafkins-a modern take on the traditional has been tested/certified by labs across the

Bacteria/yeast/fungus killing
Prevents infections
Controls odour
Super absorbent 90 to 100ml
Long lasting 12 hour protection
Quick dry technology
Feel dry and comfortable
Dries quickly for reuse
Leak proof lining
Stain release technology

Livinguard Technologies Ltd, Switzerland December 2016 13

#GiveHer5 of Those Days Back for Just 150/-

online subsidized
Organized andcampaign
funded to
byraise funds to
Ammada provide
Trust andgirls
thesafe protection
Patron Foundation Livinguard Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
For every Block C-96, 1 GiveHer5
donation, Floor, TTC Industrial
commitsArea, Turbhe MIDC, Navi Mumbai 400 705
to providing
1 Email:
girl Saafkins / Tel: 1800-121-2445 Web:
for 1 year
All distribution through NGOs working in the
Menstrual Health Management space