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30 JUL 2015


The Real Reason The Attorney
General Was Fired -
30 JUL 2015

Dumped before he could make his move? Gani Patail

Sarawak Report has acquired documents, now verified, which explain exactly
why Abdul Gani Patail was dramatically fired on Monday.

The Attorney General was on the brink of bringing charges for corruption
against the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

We have acquired the secret documents, which Gani Patail was in the process
of drafting.

They include a charge sheet for corrupt practices under Section 17 (a) of the
MACC Act, allowing for punishment of a sentence of up to 20 years in prison
under Section 24 of the Act.

In an unprecedented situation the person being charged was none other than
the Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak along with a
company director, Dato Shamus Anuar Bin Sulaiman.

The explosive information hits Malaysia in the middle of a highly

controversial visit by the British Prime Minister, who had been widely warned
against making such a visit in the midst of Malaysia biggest political scandal
in decades.

The documents, which were being worked in their final draft stages by the
Attorney General, were sent to Sarawak Report following the sacking of Gani
Patail and have now been verified by other senior parties.

Arrest Warrant for a Prime Minister!

In English the first of two draft warrants spell out the charges being brought
by Malaysias most senior law officer (who was unconstitutionally dismissed
by the Prime Minister the day after these drafts were printed).

The warrant cites that the Prime Minister and Shamsul Anuar and another
person still at large Nik Ariff Bin Faisla Kamil on 26th of December 2014 at
the AmIslamic Bank, Bangunan Ambank Group in Kuala Lumpur, as an agent
of the Malaysian Government, namely the Prime Minister of Malaysia and
special advisor of SRC International, did secretly obtain a sum of money
amounting to RM27 million that was paid through the company Gandingan
Mentari and Ihsan Perdana to your account at AmPrivate Banking -1MY no
211201101880 with the principal aim of obtaining a loan from Kumpulan
Wang Persaraan pension fund.

As such you have committed an offence under Section 17(1) of the

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Act of 2009, under which you can be
punished according to Section 24 of the Act, to be read with
Section 34.

The punishment cited at the base of the document is imprisonment of not

more than 20 years and a fine not less than five times of the value of the bribe
taken or RM10,000, whichever is higher.

Raiding Malaysias public pension fund

The crime referred to has already been widely reported following exposes by
Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal at the start of this month.

We produced documents from the task force investigation into 1MDB, which
showed that its former subsidiary SRC International (whose CEO is Nik
Kamil) had made a number of payments into the Prime Ministers personal
accounts totalling millions of ringgit over a period from last December to this

The payments went through the companies Gandingan Menteri Sdn Bhd, of
whom the Director was Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil (also wanted for questioning)
and Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd, whose Director Shamus Anuar is also cited in the

The route of the money referred to in the charges

Criminal Breech of Trust

A second, alternative draft charge was being worked on by the Attorney
General, which Sarawak Report has also obtained.

The second charge relates to the same act on the same day, but refers more
specifically to the Prime Ministers position of trust with regard to the
company SRC. In English it reads:

The first draft of the charge (alternative)
That you on 26.12.2014 in AmIslamic Bank Berhad, AmBank
Group Building, No. 55 Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur
Federal Territory as an agent, as Prime Minister and Finance
Minister of Malaysia and Special Adviser (Emeritus Advisor)
Company SRC International Sdn Bhd which in that capacity, is
entrusted with the control of the fund company, has criminal
breach of trust funds, namely dishonestly disposing of SRC
International Sdn Bhd Company amounted RM27juta to your
account AmPrivate Banking-1MY no. 2112022011880 via coupling
Mentari Sdn Bhd Corporate and Company Ihsan Perdana Sdn
Bhd. Therefore you committed the offense and punishable taken of
Section 409 of the Penal Code, read together with section 34 of the
Penal Code
Sabit errors can be jailed for a minimum of 2 years and a
maximum of 20 years and with whipping, and a fine.
Headquarters Complaint No. AU / Rpt No. 252/2015

A close insider has now confirmed to Sarawak Report that Patail had arrived
at his office on Monday morning expecting to finalise the extremely sensitive
charges he was preparing against the Prime Minister, resulting from the
investigations of the multi-agency task force into 1MDB.

He was finalising it. He went to his office and found he could not
go in. Ali Bin Hamsa, the Chief Secretary to the Government, was
waiting and he told him [the Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail]
that he was dismissed. He could not even get his papers.

Within hours of this secret drama at the heart of government, as all Malaysia
knows, the Prime Minister had moved to effect what has been described as an
attempted coup detat.

Fire on the 10th floor of Bukit Aman last night it is where all the documents on white collar
crime are kept. a coincidence people are asking?

The head of Special Branch was removed, the Deputy Prime Minister was
dumped and four members of the investigating Parliamentary Accounts
Committee were elevated without choice to positions in Cabinet and its work
was declared suspended.

Other known cabinet critics of the the 1MDB scandal have also been
unceremoniously dismissed by the Prime Minister.

It has been also been announced that tomorrows meeting of the UMNO
Supreme Council, representing the key leadership of the ruling party, has also
been cancelled by the Prime Minister.

Now all Malaysia knows why the Prime Minister has moved to sack the
countries top legal officers and top politicians.

In an irony of perfect timing the Prime Minister is now seeking to use the visit
of Britains David Cameron as an endorsement of his unconstitutional move to
hijack the State of Malaysia.

Endorsement by the UK of Malaysias coup detat?

Will he get away with it, everyone is asking?