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Kalinda Harris



9 Jun 2017

Rough Draft

JK Rowlings iconic character Harry Potter is known for becoming friends with people

that his world treats with extreme prejudice. In the latest Harry Potter canon, Harry Potter and

the Cursed Child, however, a now grown up Harry shows bias and a lack of understanding that

make his fans want to cringe. Through the use of juxtaposition, sacasm, and rhetorical questions,

Harrys ineptitude in dealing with his son Albus, and thus his bias and prejudice are shown.

Juxtaposition is used to emphasize a contrast between two things. The scene begins with

Albus sitting alone in his room while his mother Ginny and his two siblings, James and Lily,

enjoy ordinary parent-child squabbles. Though Ginny, the mother is at odds with James and Lily

over their appearances the argument is more humorous than tense. The rest of the scene is a

conversation between Albus and his dad, Harry Potter, which turns into a hurtful argument,

nothing like the squabbles in the beginning of the scene. This juxtaposition of how Albus is

treated compared to his normal siblings makes the argument that ends the scene more

poignant. Another source of juxtaposition is when Harry is talking to Albus about his two other

children. Harry explains that he knew what James and Lily would like to receive as presents, but

he has no idea what Albus would like. This shows that while Harry is a loving father to his two

other children, he has not been a good father to Albus, as he does not know what Albus likes.
Sarcasm is used to show that there is a growing chasm of bitterness keeping Harry and

Albus from communicating. Throughout the scene, Albus has an increasingly sarcastic attitude

as Harry tries to talk about things that are very important to him and connect with his son on an

emotional level. When Harry tries to explain what Hogwarts means to him, Albus replies with

Blah, Blah, Blah. This is upsetting to Harry as Hogwarts was the first ever place where he felt

like he belonged. Albus further provokes Harry by mocking him about his fame, which is

something Harry has always hated. Albuss final jab, though, is the one jab that hurts the worst.

Albus calls the one thing Harry inherited from his mother a moldy blanket. When Harry loses

his temper at his sons sarcastic attitude, it shows that he has trouble tolerating people who treat

with scorn that which he holds as important.

Albus further provokes Harry with rhetorical questions that belittle Harrys attempts at

trying to connect with his youngest son. When Harry gives Albus the blanket he was wrapped in

as a present, Albuss response is really? This is upsetting to Harry because that blanket is a

prized possession and a serious attempt at reconciliation with his son. When harry shows his

disappointment at Albuss lack of positive response to the present, Albus asks, what did ouu

think was going to happen? as if Albus thinks Harry is an idiot for thinking that one simle gift

could solve their rocky relationship. When Harry tries to give his son perspective by reminding

Albus that Harry never got to know his father Albuss response of and you think that was

unlucky? is the final straw that turns their bitter talk into a hurtful argument. Albus finishes by

saying that sometimes he wishes that Harry wasnt his father, and Harry responds in kind.

Harrys argument with his son Albus shows that, even the best of people, with the noblest

of intentions, are subject to annoyance and can also feel the worst of emotions. This is true of

Harry, but it also holds true to people in the real world.