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HOST: Good evening everyone!

Welcome to a night of celebration of a wonderful life for a girl who is

now turning into a fine lady. All of you who are here tonight have watched her grow over the years
into the wonderful person she is now.

HOST: To open tonights celebration, heres a quick look of how this lovely, young lady came about.
Roll VTR, please.

HOST: Tonight is a celebration of adulthood and a thanksgiving of the life God has given to our
celebrant, Victoria, as named by Pastor Apollo himself Victoria was one of the Queens of United
Kingdom of Great Britain... And out Victoria here, has been a joy to Pastor Apollo since her birth to
her early childhood. Due to her antics, her intelligence, her jokes and her talkativeness as a child

Ladies and gentleman, that young child has turned into a fine young lady with undeniable grace and
sophistication. Let us put our hands together, as we welcome the main highlight of this celebration,
and as she stepped into a higher level of life, ladies and gentlemen, our debutant, Victoria Salinas-

Grand Entrance of Debutant

HOST: Wow, blooming and lovely, indeed! Evidently, before tonight, Cham has had happy years
growing up. The love of a family and the love of Pastor Apollo will always be Gods greatest blessing.
Moreover, Victoria has several friends and social circles who have always been there with her, willing
to go with her extra miles. Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome Victorias friends as they perform
a dance number.

HOST: Like a pretty rose that attracts bees and butterflies, Victoria will be surrounded by 18 closest
family and friends who will represent the debutants 18 roses. This signifies Victorias first step to
womanhood. (What we remember from childhood, we remember forever. Tonight we have 18
selected people who will share with us her unforgettable memory with our lovely debutant. Vic, are
you ready for the bukingan time?) Starting off with:

HOST: The last dance is of course reserved to the most loving little brother in her life. To give our
debutants 18th rose, ladies and gentlemen, her little brother David Axel Manaday!

HOST: At this moment, Id like to request everybody to please stand as we say our prayer before
meals to be lead by Bro. Shir Bhandari.

Prayer before meals

HOST: Bon apptit!


HOST: At this moment, are we ready to move and groove? I cant here you, are we ready to move
and groove? Ladies and gentlemen, heres a dance number from our debutant herself! Lets put our
hands together for Victoria and friends!

Where there is great love, there are always wishes. Because birthdays are always new beginnings,
new endeavors with new set of goals, sending birthday messages and wishes is a tradition especially
in our country, where we give high value to family ties and relationship. Tonight, ladies and
gentlemen, I present to you these 18 Wishers for our debutant. These are the people close to the
heart of our celebrant, and whom she listens and confides to for inspiring words and friendly advices.

HOST: Many ancient cultures believed that smoke carried their prayers to the heavens. So, at the
count of three, lets say May all our wishes come true and blow our candles together. 1, 2, and 3

HOST: Let me share another good-to-know trivia to everyone on how birthday cakes and candles
came about as a tradition during birthdays. Some believe that the tradition of birthday candles began
in Ancient Greece. Putting candles on a cake was a special way to pay tribute to the Greek moon
goddess, Artemis. They baked round cakes to symbolize the moon. Candles were added to represent
the reflected moonlight. Todays tradition of making wishes before blowing out the birthday candles
may have started with that belief. Enough of all those did-you-know trivia because at this part of the
program, our lovely and stunning Victoria will blow the candles on her birthday cake. And to
complete that customary practice, let us all sing joyfully a song I am very sure everybody is familiar
with, the happy birthday song!

Debutant makes a wish and blows the candles.

HOST: Tonights celebration tells me that the best demonstration of gratitude in response to a
wonderful experience like this one can be contained in an overwhelming thank you. Maraming
salamat po for making me a part of this memorable occasion. And if theres one person here tonight
who is more than grateful to see all of you, that would be our beloved celebrant, Victoria. Im giving
the floor to our dear debutant to give her message for all of us.

Thank you message from Vic

HOST: The night is young, and so are we, diba? Are you ready to party? We have just actually
started. Again, thank you for having me here to celebrate with all of you. Isang malakas na Happy
birthday, Victoria! naman diyan. At the count of three1, 2, 3, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Victoria! Our
debutant is not just a pretty face but also a very talented lady.