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DOB; 8AUG1987
Cell #: +92-311-8195388, +92-340-5420083
Email Address #:


To work in a responsible manner in the competitive environment and become a technical

experienced worker in the field of telecom.

Personal Information

Father Name : Mukhtiar Khan

N.I.C No. : 17201-6352150-1
Date of Birth : 10th April 1992
Domicile : Mardan
Religion : Islam
Nationality : Pakistani
Martial Status : Single
Postal Address : Swabi Road, Zando Dheri, Tehsil & District Mardan KPK.


DAE (Civil) from Peshawar Board, KPK. 2012

Matric from Mardan Board KPK. 2009


Turnotech Solutions (PVT) L.T.D

(Huawei Mobilink microwave 2G-3G-4G& LTE swap and rollout Project)
(Alcatel Lucent Rollout and 2G-3G-4G & LTE Project)

Telerisen Pvt Ltd

(Ericsson Al-Warid Rollout Project)

(Huawei Ufone Rollout 2G-3G-4G & LTE Project)


KCN (Kashmir Cyber Network)

(ZTE Telenor Microwave, 2G-3G-4G & BTS swap, Project)
(As/ Technician)

Huawei Mobilink Rollout and Microwave swap Project

RTN Microwave Link Installation.

Alignment of Microwave Links
Installation of Huawei BTS 3900.
Perform ATPs of Rollout Sites.
Installation of Feeder Cables, Feeder Jumper, VSWR of Feeder Cables.
End to end media patching.

Alcatel Lucent Zong Rollout and 3G Project

Installation of 900MHz and 1800MHz RRH (Radio Remote Head).
Installation of RRH Power cable.
Installation of Fiber cable and RF Antennas.
Installation of 900MHz and 1800MHz SUMX card.
Alcatel 9400 and Alcatel MPR 9500 Microwave Link Installation and Alignment.
Conduct ATP of sites.
Snag Removing of sites.
Installation of RRH 2100 MHz
Installation of Power cables and optical fibers
Installation of DTU.

Ericsson Al-Warid Rollout Project

Ericsson equipment installation for WARID Telecom.

RBS, 2206, 2207, BBS, TRM Rack, Mini Link, Feeder Cable, VSWR of Feeder
Installion of Microwave Communication System.
Having good experience of RF Antennas, Installation of Feeder Cable connector,
Feeder cable Jumpers and Antenna Alignments.

Huawei-Ufone Pakistan Project

RTN Microwave Link Installation and Alignments.

Installation of Huawei BTS 3012AE, 3012 of Ufone rollout sites.
Perform ATPs of Rollout Sites.
Installation of Feeder Cables, Feeder connectors, Feeder Jumper, VSWR of Feeder
Cables and installation of Alarm box etc.
End to end media patching.

ZTE Telenor Microwave and BTS Swap Project

Installation of NEC Microwave links

Alignment of NEC Microwave Links.
Installation of Rectifiers and Battery Banks.
Installation of BBU.

Installation of power cable and Optical fiber

Office 2007, Office 2010, Windows Installation (Xp, 7 and 8), Internet Browsing


Reading newspaper, Books and Playing Cricket




References will be furnished upon request.