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ANDYKHONG SOFTWARE ENGINEER 714 495 1845 ankhong andkhong

ADVANCED: JavaScript, ES6 - ES7, React, Flux / Redux Architecture, Node, React Native, Express, Babel, AJAX,
RESTful API, Webpack, HTML5 / CSS3, Git / Github, Heroku
STRONG: GraphQL, RxJS (Reactive Programming), Redux Observable, Flow.js, PostgreSQL, jQuery, AWS, Python

Hexa Inc. (Mobile Payment Processing App)-Oakland, CA Apr 2017 - May 2017
Contract Software Engineer
Refactored & redesigned React Native codebase into robust, reusable components
Discovered PCI DDS security flaw & designed security patterns
Added Referral UI components & generated user unique referral code
Gourmet Tech. (Front End as a Service)-San Jose, CA Jan 2017 - Apr 2017
Software Engineer
Built in-house Node CLI tools to test cloud infrastructure on both Mac & Windows OS
Developed numerous cloud applications & projects with React/Redux & Javascript Web technologies on AWS S3 & Heroku
Wrote technical documentation in order to convey complex information concisely & clearly for developer audience
Q3 Inc.-Huntington Beach, CA Dec 2014 - Dec 2015
Civil Design Engineer
Recorded and analyzed civil infrastructure data with AutoCAD to ensure partner compliance with city technical standards
Managed development budgets and consulted with MEP engineers during construction with $1M+ budgets


Refresh | Image Filter Editing Web App Feb 2017
Implemented Flux architecture design with CSS Image Filter properties to build a responsive image editing web application
Secured generated images with unique token URL & cleared images from server's disk after download occurs
Converted images to buffer and processed image with Image Processing library with Async promise patterns
Walkie Talkie | Node CLI Jan 2017
Built CLI tool that recursively walks target directory and outputs detailed report of directory's content
Designed CLI to work on both Mac & Windows OS and utilized Promise patterns to handle Asynchronous control flow
Implemented customizable feature that will search/ignore specified files based on config file
Outlay | Nov 2016
Built a responsive Instagram Image Layout Preview web app for profressional Instagrammers
Developed image API of any Instagramer's public feed by parsing minimum HTML text generated by HTTP request
gTerm | Terminal Visualization Tool Jan 2016
Developed a terminal emulator that visualizes users Linux and Git commands with Electron, D3, and React
Optimized application performance and reduced CPU consumption by 90% by spawning Node child process
Resolved React/D3 DOM manipulation conflicts by delegating element updates to React, and element styling to D3

$5000 AT&T Digital Life Home Automation Challenge Winner-Awarder: AT&T Jul 2016
Developed prize winning application that will notify emergency contacts (police, ambulance, fire department, etc.)

University of California, Santa Barbara
Statistical Science B.S. 2014
Applied Concentrated Statistics