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Unit 1

Getting started
Listen to the following fable. While listening, complete the missing words with the
words you hear. Then, answer the questions.

The Goose with the Golden Eggs

Well, here is the story. One day countryman was going to the nest of his goose and found
there was an egg all yellow and glittering. When he took it up, it was as heavy as lead and
he was going to throw it away, because he thought a trick had been played upon him. But
he took it home on a second thought and soon found to his delight that it was an egg of
pure gold. Every morning the same thing occurred and he soon became rich by selling its
eggs. As he grew rich he grew greedy and thought to get at once all the gold the goose
could give. He killed the goose and opened it: only to find nothing.

Get It Right
Expressing a promise

Asking for a promise:

Promise me that you will get me all the water I can drink.
Do you promise to take care of the bird if we get one?
Make me a promise, will you?
I want you to promise that youll love me forever.
Is that a promise?
Do you give me your word on that?
Do you swear that you wont forget me?

Offering a promise:
I promise Ill do whatever you want.
I promise you that Ill try to be on time next time.
I promise to love you endlessly.
Its a promise.
I give you my word on that.
You have my word on it.
I swear that my love is only for you.
Listen to the following story. Then, answer the questions.

There were two people, the lover and his friend finding something to eat. The lover found
a fish which he cleaned, and then he called his friend.

Lover : Come and eat the fish with me. I have cleaned it and made a fire now it is

Friend : No, you eat it; let me rest.

Lover : Oh, come on.

Friend : No, let me rest.

Lover : But you are my friend. I will not eat unless you eat with me.

Friend : Very well, I will eat the fish with you, but you must first make me a promise. If I
eat the fish, you must promise, pledge yourself, to fetch me all the water I can

Lover : I promise.

And so the two ate the fish out of their kettle. When they had eaten, the kettle was rinsed
out and the lover brought it back full of water. Greedily, the lovers friend drank the

Friend : Bring me more.

Again, the lover filled the kettle at the river and again his friend drank it dry.

Friend : More!!!

Lover : Oh, I am tired. Cannot you go to the river and drank it form the stream?

Friend : Remember your promise?

Lover : Yes, but I am weary. Go now and drink.

And so the lovers friend walked sadly to the river, sprang in, and lying down in the water
with her head toward land, drank greedily. By and by she called out to the lover.

Friend : Come hither, you who have been my sworn friend. See what comes of your
broken promise.
The lover came and was amazed to see that his friend was now a fish from her feet to her
middle. Sick at heart he ran off a little away and threw himself upon the ground in grief.
By and by he returned. The lovers friend was now a fish to her neck.

Expressing wonder (curiosity)
Asking about thoughts/feelings:
How do you feel about it?
What are you thinking about?
You have something on your mind?
What are you looking so serious about?
Is something bothering you?
Is there anything you want to talk about?
Want to talk about it?
Are you O.K.?
Are you worried about something?

Expressing wonder:
I wonder at her rudeness.
I wonder how he can come here after what happened.
I really wonder if he loves somebody younger.
Im just wondering if she knows how much I love her.
I wonder who she is.
I was just wondering how to do it.
I dont wonder after the treatment she had.

Listen to the following dialog. While listening, fill in the blanks. Then, answer the

Heri : I wonder if I could fly into the clouds.

Jeni : Why not?
Heri : Do you think I could?
Jeni : Heri, are you O.K? You look a little depressed about something.
Heri : Im sorry. Its nothing. Im just wondering.
Jeni : Oh, really? Cmon. You can tell me. A penny for your thoughts.
Heri : I am just thinking about our plan to see my parents.
Jeni : Are you worried about it?
Heri : No, not really worried.
Jeni : Really? Then how do you feel about it?
Heri : Im just wondering what my parents reaction will be.
Jeni : You are worried about it, arent you?
Heri : Uhmm Ive told you before. Theyre a little strange.
Expressing a possibility

Asking about possibility/probability:

Is it possible to see Mount Merbabu from here?
Is there any possibility of selling everything today?
What possibility is there that theyre still alive?
Can you come to my house tomorrow afternoon?
Will you be able to stop by the post office on the way home?
Is there any chance they will meet and marry?
What will probably happen to the main character?

Stating possibility:
Maybe They may be. Its very likely.
Perhaps. I might meet Theres a big
Could be. him. chance.
Its possible. Theres a good Theres a chance.

Moving Forward
Listen carefully to the following story. While listening, arrange the jumbled words
between brackets and rewrite them in the table provided. Then, answer the

The Dog and the Shadow

Do you like keeping an animal in your house? Okay. Do you know the
reason why people keep a dog in their house? Dont you know that sometimes
a dog can be so greedy that he steals all we have? This is a story about a
greedy dog.
It happened that a dog had got a piece of meat and was carrying it
home in his mouth to eat it in peace. Now on his way home, he had to cross a
plank lying across a running brook. As he crossed, he looked down and saw
his own shadow reflected in the water beneath. Thinking it was another dog
with another piece of meat, he made up his mind to have that also. So, he
made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as he opened his mouth the piece
of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen any more.

Answer the question below

1. what lesson can you learn from this story?
Listen to the story of The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing. While listening, fill in the
blanks with the words you hear. Then, answer the questions.

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

A wolf found great difficulty in getting at the sheep owing to the vigilance of the
shepherd and his dogs. But one day it found the skin of a sheep that had been flayed and
thrown aside, so it put it on over its own pelt and strolled down among the sheep. The
lamb that belonged to the sheep, whose skin the wolf was wearing, began to follow the
wolf in the sheeps clothing; so, leading the lamb a little apart, he soon made a meal of
her, and for some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep and enjoying hearty meals.

Read and listen to the following story. Pay attention to its structure and the
speakers intonation. Then, answer the questions.

The Faithful Lovers

The following story will be special for each of you who want to know the real
meaning of love.
Hmm, there once lived a chief's daughter who had many admirers. All the young
men in the village wanted to have her for a wife and were all eager to fill her skin bucket
when she went to the brook for water.
There was a young man in the village. He was a good hunter; but he was poor and
had a mean family. He loved the maiden and wished he could marry her. So, one day
when she went for water, he threw his robe over her head while he whispered in her ear:
Will you marry me?
For a long time the maiden acted as if she hadnt heard anything, but one day she
whispered back saying that she would be willing to marry him if he took a scalp.
So he made a war party of seven, himself and six other young men. Before they
started, they sat down to smoke and rest beside a beautiful lake at the foot of a green
knoll that rose from its shore. The knoll was covered with green grass and somehow as
they looked at it they had a feeling that there was something about it that was mysterious
or uncanny.
One of the lovers friends was so curious about it that he ventured into the knoll.
Four of the young men followed. Having reached to the top of the knoll, all five began to
jump and stamp about in sport.
But, suddenly they stopped. The knoll had begun to move toward the water. It was
a gigantic turtle! The five men cried out in alarm and tried to run, but it was too late!
They cried; but the others could do nothing. In just a few moments, the waves had closed
over them.
The other two men: the lover and his friend, went on, but with heavy hearts. After
some days, they came to a river. Worn out with fatigue, the lover threw himself down on
the bank. Fortunately, the lovers friend came up to help him.
The following day, his friend told him that he found a fish which he had cleaned
and asked him to eat the fish together. The lover said that if he ate the fish, his friend had
to promise to fetch him all the water that he could drink. When they had eaten, the kettle
was rinsed out and the lovers friend brought it back with full of water. The lover drank
the water at a draught. Again his friend filled the kettle at the river and again the lover
drank it dry but still asked for more water. The lovers friend then took the lover to the
river. When the lover saw the river, he walked to the river, sprang in, and lying down in
the water with his head toward land, drank greedily.
Then, he called out his friend. The friend came and was amazed to see that the
lover was now a fish from his feet to his middle. Sick at heart, he ran off a little away and
threw himself upon the ground in grief. After a while, he returned to find that the lover
was now a fish up to his neck.
The friend went home and told his story. There was great mourning over the death
of the five young men and for the lost lover. In the river, the lover had become a great
fish and its fin was just above the surface. Canoes had to be portaged at great labor
around the obstruction.
Meanwhile, the chiefs daughter mourned for her lover as for a husband and
nobody could comfort her. Day by day, she sat inside her mothers tepee with her head
covered with her robe, silent, working, and working. Whenever her mother asked, the
maiden did not reply.
The days lengthened into moons until a year had passed. And then the maiden
arose. She left her mothers tepee with holding lots of things in her hands. There were
three pairs of moccasins, three pairs of leggings, three belts, three shirts, three head
dresses with beautiful feathers, and sweet smelling tobacco.
One day she had a new canoe made. Then, the next morning she stepped into the
canoe and floated slowly down the river toward the great fish. Her canoe came and
stopped to the place where the great fin arose. One by one she laid her presents on the
fish's back, scattering the feathers and tobacco over his broad spine.
Oh, fish, she cried, oh, fish, you who were my lover, I shall not forget you..
Because you were lost for love of me, I shall never marry. All my life I shall remain a
widow. Take these presents. And now leave the river, and let the waters run free, so my
people may once more descend in their canoes. Slowly the great fish sank, his broad fin
disappeared, and the waters of the St. Croix (Stillwater) were free.

Hand in Hand
Work in groups of four. Read and listen to the following story. Pay attention to the
speakers intonation. Then, answer the questions.
Here is a story for you to enjoy. Listen!
Once upon a time there lived as neighbors, a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit was a
good shot and the bear, being very clumsy, could not use an arrow to a good advantage.
The bear was very unkind to the rabbit. Every morning, the bear would call over
to the rabbit and ask the rabbit to take his bow and arrows and come with the bear to the
other side of the hill.
The rabbit, fearing to arouse the bears anger by refusing, consented and went
with the bear. The rabbit shot enough buffalo to satisfy the bears family. Indeed, he shot
and killed so many that there was lots of meat left after the bear and his family had
loaded themselves and packed all they could carry home.
However, the bear was so greedy and evil that he didnt allow the rabbit to get any
of the meat. The poor rabbit could not even taste the blood from the butchering, as the
bear would throw earth on the blood and dry it up. The poor rabbit would have to go
home hungry after his hard days work.
The bear was the father of five children. The youngest boy was very kind to the
rabbit. Knowing that the youngest boy was a very hearty eater, the mother bear always
gave him an extra large piece of meat. Instead of eating this extra meat, the youngest bear
would take the meat outside and pretend to play ball with it, kicking it toward the rabbit's
house, and when he got close to the door he would give the meat such a great kick that it
would fly into the rabbit's house. In this way the poor rabbit would get his meal unknown
to the papa bear.
Unit 2

Getting Started
Read and listen to a text about a pipeline and pay attention to the intonation. Circle
the right action verbs used in the text. Then, fill in the table.

Have you ever heard about a pipeline in computer technology? Guess what. Right.
A pipeline is very close to a computer. But can you tell me what a pipeline is? Well, let
me explain. A pipeline in a computer is a sequence of stages a computer uses to carry out
The CPU makes sure every stage in a pipeline is always operating on an
instruction. As a stage of a pipeline in the CPU finishes manipulating an instruction, it
hands its instruction to the next stage and gets another instruction from the stage before it,
moving several instructions along the pipeline simultaneously. This process is more
efficient than it would be if each instruction had to start at the first stage after the
previous instruction finished the final stage.
Oh, I almost forgot, the more pipelines a CPU has, the faster it can execute
instructions. A CPU with two or more pipelines is said to be a super pipelined or
superscalar. Okay. Have you got it? Not yet. How about going to the library and
searching for more explanations about a pipeline? See you and good luck.

Get It Right
Expressing wishes

Giving general wishes:

I wish you luck.
Good luck.
Best of luck.
Good fortune be with you.
I hope that everything goes O.K. for you.
Im sure that everything will work out just fine.
May you be happy and successful in your new life.
Well, we hope that everything will be alright.
I hope you have a good/pleasant/enjoyable.
Please give your parents my best wishes.

Responding to general wishes:

Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Many thanks.
Thanks. You too.
Thank you and the same to you.
Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too.
Listen to the following dialogs. While listening, fill in the blanks. Pay attention to the
intonation used in the dialogs. Then, answer the questions.

Dialog 1

Andy : Hi, Windy.

Windy: Hi. Where are you going?
Andy : Im going in to ask Mr.Indra for a remedial test.
Windy: Youre finally going to do it, huh? Good fortune be with you. I hope it goes
Andy : So do I.

Dialog 2

Teacher : So, John, have you decided what are you going to present this morning?
Student : Yes, sir. I got an article about Pipeline.
Teacher : You did? Well, congratulation. I think youll do very well because you
like studying computer very much. Best of luck.
Student : Thank you very much , sir.

Complaining and giving an order

Expressing complaint:
I want to complain about these shoes.
Well, this is the most unsatisfactory service Ive ever found. I booked the room
myself a week ago.
Im afraid its just not good enough.
What can you do about these rooms?
Something must be done.
Im sorry to say this, but this room is very dirty.
Im afraid Ive got a complaint about
Would you mind not talking too loudly?
I wish you wouldnt bother us.
Im not at all satisfied with your.

Giving an order:
Give me that! Will you hurry Would you
Be quiet! up! please sit down!
Dont sit there! I order you to get Do you mind not
Do it right now, out! singing!
will you! Will you please You must wait
Stop it, I tell stop talking! here!
Giving suggestions

Asking for suggestions:

Do you think I ought to call the police?
What do you think I should buy him for his birthday?
Do you have any ideas about how I can sell my car?
Should I try to talk with him about this matter again?
If you were me, what would you tell her?
If you were in my situation, would you forgive him?
What do you advise I pack for the trip?
Do you have any advice for me?
Can you give me some advice about something?
How do you suggest I fix this broken window?
Are you suggesting I give up jogging?
What do you recommend I take for a bad headache?
Do you have any recommendations about a good hotel in Paris?
Can you recommend a suitable wine for dinner?

Offering suggestions:
I think youd better start looking for a new job.
If I were you, Id stop writing her.
It would probably be a good idea to send this by Express mail.
Why dont you try calling her tonight?
How about taking a bus instead of driving?
Try ignoring her for a while.
Id say that youd better quit the team now.
I advise you to talk with your lawyer.
My advice is to be careful in doing business with them.
I suggest that we go out for dinner tonight.
Let me suggest that we buy a new copier.
I recommend that you cancel your appoinment.
My recommendation is that we begin the sales program in May.

Listen to the following dialogs. While listening, fill in the blanks. Then, answer the

Dialog 1

Mike : Do you think we should look at these brochures?

Susan : Thats a good idea.
Mike : How about Lombok instead of Bali? It looks more interesting.
Susan : Yes, but we lack information about Lombok.
Mike : Youre right. We dont have enough time to look for it. Well, do you have
any suggestion?
Susan : How about Padang? Lets try that.
Mike : All right. What pictures do you think we should insert in our
Susan : Lets take some photos of a few well-known places there.
Mike : Thats a good idea. I hope our presentation will be more interesting by
inserting them.
Susan : O.K. Lets get to work.

Dialog 2

Tina : Noboru, Im so happy knowing that you at last successfully asked Laura
out for dinner. Its about time.
Noboru : Well, to be honest, I was a bit nervous, but surprisingly she accepted
right away.
Tina : Where are you taking her?
Noboru : Maybe the Manor. What do you think, Tina?
Tina : Wow!That place is expensive, Noboru!
Noboru : I know, but Lauras very special.
Tina : Oh, okay. Dont forget to talk to Laura during dinner. If you just sit there
like a sphinx , shell feel uncomfortable.
Noboru : Cool it, Tina. Weve been through your lessons on manners a
hundred times! Where should I take her after dinner?
Tina : Youve got to go to the Paradise Club. Its the most romantic place
around here. Just perfect for the two of you .

Moving Forward
Read and listen carefully to the following explanation. While listening, fill in the
blanks. Then, answer the questions.

Good morning, students. Hmm, have you ever heard about Cire Perdue or Lost Wax?
Well, let me axplain. Cire Perdue which is the French words for lost waxis a process
of wax casting used in making metal sculptures.
When a model is coated with wax, the solidified wax is encased in a two-layer
mold of plaster or clay. It is then melted or otherwise removed from the mold, and the
metal is poured into the space where the wax had been. Oh, I almost forgot, after cooling,
the mold is broken to free the metal object.
This ancient method is used to produce sculpture, jewelry, and utilitarian
products, such as dentures. Do you understand? Not yet? Okay, how about going to the
library to find more information about Lost Wax? See you and good luck
Read and listen carefully to the following explanation. While listening, fill in the
blanks. Then, answer the questions.

Making Paper from Woodchips

Do you have any paper in your bag? It may seem like a silly question but do you know
how to make paper? What is paper made of ? Right. And how about wood chipping?
Have you ever heard about it? Well, wood chipping is a process used to obtain pulp and
paper products from forest trees.
First of all, the tops and branches of the trees are cut out and then the logs are
taken to the mill. At the mill, the bark of the logs is removed and the logs are taken to a
chipper which cuts them into small pieces called woodchips. The woodchips are then
screened to remove dirt and other impurities. Hmm, at this stage they are either
exported in this form or changed into the pulp by chemicals and heat. Oh, I almost forgot,
the pulp is then bleached and the water content is removed. Finally, the pulp is rolled out
to make paper.
Considering the complexity of making paper, lets appreciate any paper on our
hands. Use it more effectively. Thank you for listening. Bye.
Unit 3

Getting Started
Listen to the following dialog. While listening, fill in the blanks. Then, answer the

Viva : Dien, do you think that computers are necessary for high school students?
Andien : Sure, why not?
Viva : I think computer lessons do not promote physical activity. You know why?
Well, there are students who are caught up in a computer and they forget about
lunch, their homework, or even want to skip after-school activities.
Andien : Yeah, I heard about that too. Once, I saw a student who was forced to leave the
computer because he was so absorbed in computer games.
Viva : See what I mean? Besides, this problem will become even worse as more
classroom works center around a computer. And one more thing, computers
make the users unsociable.
Andien : Do they? How come?
Viva : The prolonged exposure to computers makes the users lazy to socialize with
other people. They find their world more enjoyable in computers, since they are
inanimate objects. This makes them abusive to other people.
Andien : You know, I cant deny the facts that computers help us a lot in the information
age. I cant imagine what this world would be if there were no computers. How
could I handle so much work in my office? How could the police regulate the
traffic lights without the help of computers? How would we communicate with
each other in different places without computers?
Viva : Youre right. I dont object to that.
Andien : To me, computers have more advantages than disadvantages.
Listen to the following monolog. While listening, complete the missing words with
the words you hear. Then, answer the questions.

Hacking: Pro and Contra?

Do you know what a hacker is? Well, a hacker is a person who enjoys exploring
the details of programmable systems on computers and they like to stretch the capability
of the systems. And you know what, the activities they do in the computers are called
So, whats the problem with hacking and its hackers? Well, the problem is
whether hacking and its hackers is legal or illegal? What I mean is that people in the
world have many different views about hacking and the hackers. Some of them take
sides, but many object.
To get back to what I was saying previously, let us see the positive points of a
hacker, shall we? Although in most places breaking into computer systems is considered
illegal, I believe that hackers dont do anything illegal because they only want to know
and try the systems. I dare to say that a hacker likes finding the strengths and the
weaknesses of a computer system. They feel proud if they can find the weaknesses. So I
dont really see the crimes in this case. In addition, these hackers sometimes help the
police catch the white collar criminals, such as bank robbers, money launderers, credit
card forgers. For example, in 2000, the U.S. hackers caught some Singaporean hackers
who made Virus Love to break up the programs of the U.S. National Security system.
Nevertheless, those who object to the good points of a hacker say that hacking is a
crime. The reason is that some hackers use their brilliant skills to break into banks and
other vital institutions where they can get money, destroy information, and the worst
thing is they can get secret information and sell it to another country. This is a treachery.
Take for example, in 1994, The U.S. government broke a conspiracy of computer
hackers out of Majorca, Spain. These hackers were responsible for accessing and
eliminating 190,000 telephone credit card numbers over computer bulletin boards in
America and Europe. Seeing this fact, I dont blame those who think negatively about
To put the whole thing in a nut shell, I personally think that hackers are not bad
people with their brilliant skills. However, they could be bad because of money
orientation to get the wealth. Thats just the point.

Get It Right
Listen to the following dialog. Pay attention to the intonation used in the dialog.
Then, practice the dialog with your friend and discuss the questions.

Jane : Look at this article about teeth.

Jim : Teeth? What does it say?
Jane : Well, apparently theyve found a cure for tooth decay.
Jim : Really? I cant believe thats possible.
Jane : Yes, it says here we all eat far too much sugar and thats what causes a
Jim : I knew that.
Jane : It is also stated that there is bacteria that converts sugar into acids and they
attack the teeth and make holes in them. However, now theyve found a vaccine
to attack the bacteria. They did tests on monkeys and its completely safe.
Jim : Thats good news. How do you get the vaccine?
Jane : It isnt on the market yet, but when it is, youll get it from. Oh, I dont think
the article tells us the information about that. I suppose youll get it from your
dentist. Anyway, they are going to give it to kids when they are three.
Jim : What a clever idea.

Expressing attitudes about something

Expressing likes:
I like people who are sociable. I really like an honest person.
I like someone who is funny. I like it when people are reliable.
I like it when someone is I love it when my mother cooks
easygoing. my favorite meal.
I like it when a person is

Expressing dislikes:
I dont like people who leave things all over place.
I hate people who are always late.
I think people who blow smoke in your face are disgusting.
I cant stand it when people blow smoke in my face.
I hate it when people chew gum while they are talking.
It bothers me when someone talks impolitely.

Expressing confession and blaming

I admit I was wrong. Im sorry I have made a mistake.
Youre right and I was wrong. I was the one to blame.
It was my own fault.

It was your own fault.
What did you expect? You should have/shouldnt have.
I told you but you wouldnt listen.
Its no use crying over spilt milk.
It serves you right.
Perhaps thatll teach you a lesson.

Moving Forward
Read and listen carefully to the following discussion. Pay attention to the speakers
intonation. Then, answer the questions.

Is an X-Ray Examination Necessary?

Students, can you show me your hands? Right! Now can you show me your head?
Excellent! But, can you show me what is inside your stomach? Hmm Can you show
me your lungs? No? Why? Yeah, youre right. Because they are inside our body.
So what do you think, how can we see the internal parts of our body? Yes. We use
an X-Ray. So, what is an X-Ray? Does anybody know? No? Well, an X-Ray is a
spectrum of light. It is radiated through our body. It is used for detecting our internal
body organs. Am I making myself clear?
Well, let me continue. Where can you find an X-Ray? Yes, thats right. In a
hospital. And do you know who invented the X-Ray? Does anybody know? No? Oh,
come on. Nobody remembers the name? Well, the X-Ray was invented by a German
scientist, William Conrad Rontgen.
Where was I? Oh, O.K. Hmm When do people get an X-ray? Correct. When
they are ill. I mean when there is something wrong with the internal parts of their body.
Can you give any examples of illnesses? When people have these diseases they need an
X-Ray to check. Yes, cancer, kidney trouble, heart trouble, tumors, etc.
Students, do you know that there are many conflicting opinions about the use of
X-Rays in a hospital? Well, look at the chart! 60% of people agree that an X-Ray
examination is beneficial. They say that doctors should use an X-Ray in examining a
severe illness. If doctors dont use an X-Ray, they could miss some important information
which is very useful in making a diagnosis on a patients disease. And this will sometimes
cause a doctor to be inaccurate in prescribing medicine to cure an illness.
However, not all patients agree with the use of X-Ray examination. Look at the
chart again, 40% of patients disagree with the use of an X-Ray examination. Do you
know why? Gues what? They think that using an X-Ray examination will cost them a lot
of money. Thats really true. Another reason is that the radiation of an X-Ray has some
risks to body tissues.
Well, as a result of this controversy, many people use traditional health cure to
avoid the high cost of hospital care. However, hospitals still insist on having X-Ray
examinations on patients to get an accurate diagnosis although the cost is very high.
Unit 4

Getting Started
Listen to a part of a short story reading from the radio. While listening, complete
the missing words with the ones you hear.

Skeleton in the Cupboard

Narrator : It was a busy day, as usual. The traffic circle began to get scorched in the
strengthening heat of that morning as a protest was taking place. People in
a long wavy line, among them religious groups and local community
leaderswere staging an outcry against the issue of the Playboy
magazine-Indonesian version. They were jamming up the well-known
capital city of Jakarta. This was indeed troublesome! Sinta and I were
among those who were trapped in that awful situation, behind the steering
Sinta : Is something bothering you, Ann?
Annie : Ehm. Its from my mom at home. About my little brother, Jody.
Sinta : Whats wrong with him?
Annie : He was caught scanning a porn magazine in his classroom. What a
shame! Hes still 15. I cant believe my ears!
Sinta : Wheres he now?
Annie : My mom said he would be very upset if my dad found out, so he decided
to sleep out tonight. Hes staying at a friends house. He didnt tell my
mom where it was exactly. There should be no reason for him not to live
up to what he has done. Besides, my dad has never been too strict with
Sinta : Strict? Theres nothing wrong about being hard on a child for his own
good. Thats if you dont want to let him down someday.
Annie : You know, I just wonder myself. Am I a good sister that he can be proud
Sinta : Do you have any problems with your brother?
Annie :No, no, everything is okay. I remember the last time we had a
conversation. The way Jody talked and behaved had convinced me and I
found nothing wrong with him. I know, many kids the same age as he
would probably try new things to amuse and please themselves,
experimenting, including sexually. Was this normal? First seeing, next
doing. Could I say the time hadnt come yet for you to do that, Jody? Oh,
come on.
(Suddenly Sintass phone rings, it is an SMS)
Sinta : Want to read this SMS?
Annie : Gimme that. Honey, where have you been? Its been a week. Dont you
miss me? Please reply. Is it from your boyfriend, Syahril?
Sinta : No, it is from Andre.
Annie : Well, well, well. How long have you been involved with him?
Sinta : Almost a year.
Annie : Oh, my God. Does your boyfriend, Syahril know it?
Sinta : No, I guess not. I hope not.
Annie : Look, please dont take this wrong. But, I dont think its a good idea to
have two boyfriends at the same time.
Sinta : I know that. But, you dont know Syahril. Hes so intolerable, selfish,

Get It Right
Expressing a plan

Asking about plans:

What is your plan? What do you intend to do?
What are you going to do then? What are you planning to do?

Stating plans:
My plan is I intend to
Im going to Im planning to

Hiding plans:
Ive got a particular plan. I cant make up my mind.
I cant tell you now. Youll see later.

Preventing someone from doing something

Ways to say a prevention:

I wouldnt do that .. if I were you.
I wouldnt take the risk if I were in your position.
You wouldnt say that if you understood my situation.
Its not a good idea.
I think it is not wise to do.
I wouldnt do that if I were you. Its too risky.
Thats a stupid thing to do. I wouldnt do it if I were you.
I think thats not a good idea. Youd better cancel your plan.

Ways to response a prevention:

Ill consider that. Ill think it over.
Ill think about that. Ill reschedule my plan.
Unit 5

Getting Started
Listen to the following pieces of information. Guess what kind of entertainment they
are. Give a tick in the right column. Number 1 has been done for you.

Fantastic! The Harry Potter series and all of the books will always hold a special
place in my heart!
Great! I absolutely love Jurrasic Park, and all of the science fiction movies will
always please the fans, including me.
Funny! Bajaj Bajuri, and all of the comedian series will always keep me stay at
Extremely unhappy! Since the first production of Private Lives in 1930, the play
has tended not to be seen as a vehicle for being stars.
Phew! Since the first album of Padi, Lain Dunia and the latest album Save My
Soul, the songs composed have blended a wide array of musical genres.

Get It Right
Showing how you feel

Asking someones point of view:

What do you think about the comedian series Bajaj Bajuri?
Excuse me, what do you feel about the language used in that film?
What are your views about Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone?
What are your feelings about the two characters which were terrified by a
Tyrannosaurus rex in Jurassic Park?
What do you think about TV shows?
Have you got any comments on the latest album of Padi?
What is your reaction to?
Id be glad to have your view on
What would you say to?

Expressing points of view:

Fantastic! I always love the Bajaj Bajuri serial and all of the silly ideas of these
Awful! I must say frankly that sometimes the intimate language used in these
series is very dangerous for Indonesian children.
Personally I believe.
In my view, .
It seems to me.
From my point of view.
Id just like to say.
Well, to my mind this scene.
Personally, I consider.
To be perfectly frank.

Expressing pleased:
Great! Phew! Its the best
Terrific! How wonderful! thing
Fantastic! Hey, thats Interesting.
Super! terrific. Exciting!
You will like/love/enjoy the movie very much.

Expressing displeased:
I am very That/it makes me Im afraid
annoyed! mad! How boring!
How irritating! That/it isnt nice! Totally
Extremely How infuriating! uninteresting!

Moving Forward
Listen carefully to the following short interview. While listening, fill in the blanks.
Then, answer the questions.

Jurrasic Park: The Lost World

A reviewer from Indonesia :

Good morning to all the fans of science-fiction movies. Welcome back with me,
Putri Made Lestari, in an adventure program, Science-fiction review. Do you still
remember the story of Jurassic Park I? Great! I absolutely love Jurassic Park and all the
science fiction movies will always please the fans, including me. The Lost World is
Jurassic Park Part II, which is still about an island populated with real dinosaurs.
Released in 1997.
This science-fiction adventure is the sequel to the box-office hit Jurassic Park
(1993), in which a scientist built a dinosaur theme park on a remote island. Although
those dinosaurs were destroyed, there were still some left on another island. Dr. Sarah
Harding, played by Julianne Moore, and Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum,
travel to the island to observe the dinosaurs and try to prevent Roland Tembo who is
played by Pete Postlethwaite from rounding the beasts up and taking them to a theme
park in the United States. The weather turns bad, the dinosaurs become violent, and one
of the angry beasts makes its way to Los Angeles, California. Its very amazing, isnt it?
Okay audience, with me this morning is Mr.Steven Spielberg, the director of the
Jurassic Park. Good morning and welcome to Indonesia. Id be glad to have your view
on Jurassic Park.
Steven Spielberg: To be perfectly frank, this is not a science fiction, its science
eventually. This movie, however, wants you to learn one thing: you decide you can
control nature, and from that moment on youre in deep trouble because you cant do it.
You can make a boat, but you cant make the ocean. You can make an aeroplane, but you
cant make the air. Your powers are much less than your dreams would have you believe.
The reviewer from Indonesia: Wow, Jurassic Park really deserves the highest
praise. Thanks for joining with Mr. Steven Spielberg and me. See you tomorrow on the
same program. Bye.

Listen carefully to the following book review. While listening, fill in the blanks.
Then, answer the questions. Consult with your dictionary for the difficult words.

The Guy Next Door

Meggin Cabot

A novel normally consists of chapters. But you will find none in this book. Why?
Because it consists of e-mails. Yep, you read me right, they are a bunch of e-mails from
people who keep in touch with each other and talk about all kinds of seemingly unrelated
things, which somehow share a common thread, in a humorous way.
Melissa Fuller is a journalist working for the New York Journal. From her and her
friends e-mails, we get the impression that Melissa is an attractive, intelligent, red-haired
single girl with a kind heart toward her friends and animals. After an accident and some
arrangements, she ends up living next door to a handsome stranger whom she believes is
the nephew of her elderly neigbor. Actually, he is not what he admits he is. But before she
knows it, they fall in love with each other. Will she be able to accept the fact that the
gorgeous guy next door has been lying to her even though they both share the same
Meggin Cabot alias Meggin Patricia Cabot is also the writer of the successful
teenage series The Princess Diaries. The Guy Next Door is her debut in the genre of
contemporary adult novel. It discusses relationships, working environments, and solving
a mystery from many peoples different point of view. Just like her other books, The Guy
Next Door is amusing, refreshing, and enlightening altogether. I wonder what this and
other writers will do next, create a novel out of cluster of SMSs, perhaps? THAT would
be cool. Ully