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Chapter I

General aspects
1. Preamble
In almost 26 years since the revolution in 1989, Romania has not managed to assert itself as a
functional State, to ensure equal opportunities for all citizens and encourage the development of
private economic initiative. On the contrary, the country has been bogged down in corruption,
theft and incompetence, has degraded steadily through stage "captured State" and approaching,
today, of a dangerous limit "failed State". Accordingly, at the moment, Romania lies adrift,
without a clearly defined purpose and a masterly development course.

The current system of power has been exhausted, the citizens ' trust in the political class has
reached its lowest level and thus, de facto, this system no longer has a right to exist. Romania
needs a new political force, the Government will know right from day one how to solve the
country's problems and restore citizens ' trust in State institutions.

The Popular Party from Romania tries to bring Romania in a much-awaited shift, credibility and
hope in the future. This political Program-developed based on the discussions that we've had
with thousands of people, from all regions of the country-expose our vision of transformation,
but also the visions and priorities of citizens of this State, the program is a social contract that
has only one purpose-to build your home, together, a comfortable and functional country safe for
people to change from the inside and Romania to maintain its European vector.

In order to achieve this social contract are important both determination, firmness and
professionalism of the new political leaders and direct involvement of citizens in the governance
Act, necessary to remove power from a political class incompetence, compromised irreversibly.
Only thus will we be able to get out of the "Gallery" of least corrupt countries, to remove
conflicts of interest from the power and to break the vicious circle in which politics is treated as a
II. The actual situation, the challenges of
The purpose of the PPR is building a State of law and the fight against corruption, and to achieve
this goal should follow the European development model-a model with clear and predictable
rules, which has proven its viability and effectiveness in the dozens of countries that have gone
through periods of transition and that this model has helped them to put themselves well on their
own feet.

All existing EU member countries, from Central and Eastern Europe, have gone through similar
training processes. In all these countries has increased the standard of living, corruption levels
dropped, it was strengthened and became credible justice, improved health-care system and the
educational investment flow has increased. This is the mission that they assume PPR-to turn
Romania into a country, at whose Foundation to sit recognized general values: respect for human
rights, equal opportunities for all citizens, social market economy, ensuring the local and
COUNTY governance. It is this Foundation and is the State value and there is no other path to
the contemporary world. None of the countries, which was established as a modern State based
on these principles, never got lost. And none of the States that rejected these values was not a
winner. It is the only way to restore the respect of citizens and the belief in their own country.
What follows is the creation of a Government that should be subject to the law and interests of
citizens, not the oligarchs and family clans.

The theft from the banking system collapsed and caused the national currency prices. Lawmakers
create committees to "investigate" rudeness, but at the same time some parliamentary parties
cover the thefts in question. One conclusion is: killer structure, in which he transformed the
Roman State, pursuing the enrichment of certain interest groups and has nothing in common with
the people's needs.
Unfortunately, Romania has transformed itself from a European country specified in a buffer
state between West and East and the real danger that the opportunity to join the Schengen zone
will be suspended for decades, and the forces of the Eastern revenges will come back in the other
direction. Today, the situation in Romania is worse than ever. We are, in fact, on the verge of a

Despite these realities, now proposes a new, but equally this means Alliance, led by the same
"European" politicians, but irreversible compromised, which have lost any credibility. These
people already have privatized the entire State! Everything is at the mercy of their Parliament
and Government, institutions subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior, various local and
County institutions. TV stations. Everything is subordinated to a single purpose: to protect assets
acquired illegally enriching themselves and protect authors some crimes which I have made and
the poor on most citizens.

Romania does not have too much time to fix this critical situation. If the country fails to return to
the predictable pattern of development, will provide political systems, economic and social in
character, corresponding to the modern requirements of the 21st century, we remain a land of the
past, no prospects for development and well-being.
Perpetuating a Government killer-the oligarchic, the way these days and that, by definition, will
all continue abusing State resources, will condemn the Romania territory status of poverty and
lawlessness, where interest groups and changes the rules establish petty depending on their own
interests. Along with it, will worsen the problems relating to the workforce and the demographic
of the population due to emigration and the "brain drain". And it is absolutely evident that this
Government represents the road to nowhere!

Without a radical rupture of the vicious system of governance of the State, naturalized for over
two decades in Romania, the changes will not occur. But the people in charge know very well
what you need to do. Moreover, there is also a well thought-out development plan, which has
been given almost forgotten-agreement on the accession to the Schengen Space, under which the
country needs to be rebuilt from the Foundation.
What is lacking today, Romania to build a new company to clean up the rubble of the past and
eliminate the vices that corrode the country is a team of people have integrity and strong. For, if
not an internal force determined to carry out reforms, de facto, any external help-financial or
political-not only to destroy the State, because it feeds corruption.

PPR is represented by a new generation of professionals-public and accountable, with clear

vision and with the will to impose the dictatorship of the law and to JAB at the jail the corrupt
ones. We come to remove from power the whole army of corrupt officials, which shall be kept at
all costs from their armchairs. We are a fundamentally different political party-a party of the
people and for the people. We serve all citizens, regardless of class or social group, regardless of
their ethnic identities, cultural or religious. Our policies are based on the ethic of responsibility
towards the people.

PPR was constituted by people committed to change in Romania; people are worried about that,
and after almost 26 years since the revolution in 1989, the country has not managed to get rid of
a pattern of stagnation, instability and poverty; people who are concerned about the fact that they
have become the rule, injustice, corruption and captured.

PPR was formed by people who have chosen to build a better future here, in Romania, of people
who strive to make Romania a place they want to shower and, thus, to preclude the need for
many of us to leave abroad. We are determined to build a State that exists for its citizens, to build
a society that is based on justice and prosperity. We intend to build a modern Romania into a
country with a clean, compact and competent system of public administration, with new people
who have a spotless reputation. We want to unite all people of good faith around the idea of
putting an end to corruption, to return the State to the citizens, to restore the national economy
and revive hope in the future of this country!
The PRP will submit Bills, amendments and legislative initiatives in the Romanian Parliament to
improve, correct, adjust and modernize Romanian legislation so as to no longer be ambiguities
and voids.
The primary changes are designed to eliminate situations when because of the uncertainties,
enforcement is done by interpretations of the text of the law and of the provisions of the Act do
not expressly, thus giving rise to controversy and abuse in criminal investigations, in enforcing
regulations, penalties, fines or contraventions.
Legislative initiatives will be made on the basis of requests from NGOs, trade unions, civil
society, Academic Society and specialists in law and legislation.
PPR campaigning for full compliance with the country's laws and legal proceedings, regardless
of the person or situation.

The large number of corrupt MPs in recent years, has seriously affected the image of the
Romanian Parliament. Poor training and questionable moral probity are other factors which have
led to the decline in confidence of Romanians in Parliament. The controversial laws, endless
scandals on power and functions, the main democratic institution of the country, must be seized
by the citizens.

For these reasons, PPR will fight for the rehabilitation of the Romanian Parliament by proposing
lists serious candidates to PPR, honest, competent to provide evidence of professionalism and
respect for the fundamental institution of democracy.
Lawmakers will be harshly punished, if they miss the meetings from parliamentary committees
and plenary meetings. Where in the course of a month, an MP is missing more than 14 days, they
would receive only half the allowance and the lump.

PPR campaigning for a bicameral Parliament with a slim, but few senators and deputies.

RPP proposed to amend the Constitution of Romania, so that they are only 100 senators and 300

PPR proposes building a hotel for members of Parliament, where they should be accommodated
during his mandate, so as to reduce the cost of their accommodation. The hotel would be built on
land behind the Palace of the Parliament, parallel to the Cathedral. The hotel's capacity will be
400 seats.
Pending the completion of the hotel, the lawmakers will receive a maximum of 2500 monthly for
accommodation, and the lump sum may not be greater than 6000 lei monthly.

III. Seven strategic tasks of PPR

Combating corruption, improving the standard of living of citizens and returning on the path of
integration into the Schengen area can be achieved only by a new political force, a party with
strong territorial structures, but also with vision-based analysis in all areas. These are the
immediate priorities of the RPP, which is ambitioning to become the most important European
political party, Center-right, the Christian doctrine of a democrat on the political scene.

In his work, "POPULAR PARTY", only political targets. "PEOPLE'S PARTY" assumes that the
objectives, values and principles of representation of the European people's Party, of modern
policy of center-right political scene, dialogue and cooperation with all democratic political
forces and civil society.

In this context, efforts are focused on achieving the PPR has seven strategic objectives:
1. The creation of a State law that encourages individual initiative, without excessive controls
and 17 on the part of State organs. will promote real PPR separation of business from politics
and removing State companies under the control of political parties. The party will make every
effort to prepare the State of adherence to the Schengen space, in which there exist attempts of
"privatization" of power and its transformation into the most profitable business.

2. An independent justice guaranteeing free competition, protects the rights and fundamental
human freedoms and provides equal opportunities for all citizens. To this end, PPR is committed
to living an UN-compromised to eradicate corruption, including through the establishment of a
mission of European Union law, to bring in Romania the European judges and prosecutors for
the exchange of information and to change our institutions from within.
3. Changing the system of public administration corrupt and exceeded the time, inherited from
the Communist period. PPR calls for fundamental review of the system of public administration
to make it compact, transparent and efficient. We consider it necessary to create a modern
management system, focused on performance and results, along with the preparation and
consolidation of national civil servants agency professionals and independent political factor.
These goals will be achieved by including the issue of the institutions and of the State as a
whole, the control of the oligarchic, as happens, for example, in Belgium.

4. Development of civil society and ensure public control over the permanent Government. PPR
will strive to establish clear priorities for the spending of budgetary resources and the creation of
mechanisms of public control over them.

5. Ensuring the welfare of the citizens by creating well-paid jobs. In this regard, promotes the
development of an RPP savings market, based on clear rules of the game, depressurised and de-
monopolized. political control, where small and medium business development and attracting
investment are two absolute governmental priorities.

6. Implementing all reforms necessary for integration of Romania into the European family, of
which belong legitimately as full members.

The strategic objectives are to be achieved, will benefit from a set of actions and solutions
formulated in 12 public policy for 12 key areas.

IV. Principles and democratic values of PPR

The fundamental value of RPP embraces human dignity, recognizing the value of diversity and
equal character of all human beings. Our fundamental ideals are: freedom, Justice, solidarity.
1. All people have the same dignity and importance and are, therefore, excluded by their very
nature, sharing the same rights and obligations. Our fundamental value lies in its commitment to
human freedom, irreversible or rejection decided to all forms of totalitarian and authoritarian

2. Man is created, and human rights are inalienable.

Freedom means freedom of thought and freedom of choice. The freedom offered by all men and
women are entitled to a life based on self-determination, the freedom to decide how to achieve
happiness and how to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The freedom they offer people the
opportunity to develop according to their own talents and skills

3. Freedom can thrive only when basic needs are met, but also when it breached the freedom of
all. One's freedom ends where the freedom of the other starts. Freedom must be ensured by law
and protected by an independent and impartial judiciary. Attainment of freedom is only possible
within the rule of law.

4. Freedom means responsibility for self and responsibility to society. Freedom may be restricted
only by the need to protect the freedom of others. Freedom and responsibility that the State and
society to respect the principle of subsidiarity. The State must meet only those tasks that cannot
be better achieved by the citizens themselves. Decisions are made in a manner as close as
possible to citizens, so the central authorities to control only what cannot be given more than
local communities.

5. Respect for the individual, for his talents and skills, are the Supreme value. The man must be
able to develop their gifts and talents. Our goal is to destroy oppressive State control over the
individual, to make it impossible to use the institutions of the State to suppress any initiative and
shows healthy and vigorous society.

6. Includes Justice and social justice, according to which the burdens are distributed fairly within
a society, and the strong contribute more than weak ones.
Social justice implies that the chances and the benefits are divided on an equitable basis, in
particular, with those who can't help themselves. Best foundation for social security,
strengthening the economy is reviving and improving family education. Solidarity and mutual
responsibility requires ensuring basic social security. For the achievement of human life must be
ensured solidarity with others, solidarity with the weak and solidarity between generations.
Solidarity refers mainly to those who cannot achieve and sustain the basic requirements of life.
Solidarity and support must be manifested, first of all, towards the family, as a key element of

7. Promotes equal rights PPR between women and men, and supporting and protecting the

Chapter II. Twelve policies and reforms in key

1. The creation of the rule of law in Romania
Introduction of the rule of law, with justice, is the most important condition to build a better
future. Without creating the rule of law cannot be won the battle with corruption, cannot be
revitalized economy and cannot protect the financial system. Without a solid rule of law we
cannot build an administrative system that truly serve the interests of its citizens and we will not
be able to change the basis of social and economic relations, which at the current stage are
destroyed and distorted in its entirety!

Strengthening the rule of law will concern not only the punishment of individual abuses. It takes
a systemic change, building strong institutions and independent, free from the influence of
political interests or those of the business, and serving the law, irrespective of the person
concerned. Institutions that encourages individual responsibility and work, making the man a
confident and responsible citizen, who does not tolerate paternalism and oppress
A new generation of politicians responsible politicians party RPP is the US, which represents a
credible alternative to the current system, inefficient, highly politicized and corrupt. PPR will
have a correct approach and intransigent in terms of promotion of staff in the civil service, the
main criteria being the integrity, competence and specialization.

1.1 Reform of the judiciary

Fighting corruption and shadow economy PPR is committed to living an UN-compromised for
fighting corruption, mission requiring bold and systemic measures. Fighting corruption means
that everyone should be responsible for this process, from small to large. Means to ensure
punishment for every abuse-and punishment should be proportional to the abuse. To eradicate
corruption that we will ensure the transparency and supervision of private enterprises and the
State, thereby preventing misappropriations, frauds or massive raider attacks, such as those
which occurred recently in the banking system of the country.

Before that, however, PPR will ensure real reform and fundamental justice for the determination
of the courts and prosecutors to serve the rule of law and citizens of Romania, and bear
responsibility for their actions. To this end, PPR and will propose the establishment of a mission
of European Union law, to bring in Romania the judges and prosecutors of the States of the
community to work together with local judges and prosecutors to monitor, advise and ensure
transparency in the sector, to change our institutions from within.
According to various estimates, the shadow economy represents, today, about 50%. The problem
lies not in the lack of internal resources and money for development, but also in their use
inefficient and in the fact that, in most cases, this money is in addition to the budget. If we are
going to counter the shadow economy, we will increase tax collection several times. For this
purpose we are going to reform the tax system and create a compact, professional tax body and
integral, which will operate on the principle of risk analysis.

1.2 Creating and fostering an atmosphere of "zero tolerance" against corruption to do so, we will
promote the following measures: development and implementation of mechanisms permitting
removal from Office, judicial officials in the "conflicts of interest"; cancellation of illicit income
opportunities (financing of uncontrolled and opaque State-controlled enterprises and those that
close State privileges and benefits are not covered by the law), through which budgetary funds
are directed into the pockets of oligarchs and officials serve them; confiscation of assets.
1.3 Development and anti-corruption programs starting this need: the introduction of the article
on "illicit enrichment" in the criminal code; inviting the European Antifraud Office (OLAF) to
carry out checks and audits on the use of funds provided by the EU and other donors;
independent anti-corruption expertise of legal acts; placing responsibility for overestimating the
home prices in the conduct of public procurement; making a full and comprehensive statements
of public servants; dismissal from public service to all who cannot sample the legality of income
and assets they hold; thorough, independent audits and quality at all monopolistic enterprises;
establish professional committees for State companies.

1.4 Protection of the human rights protection of human rights is one of the main priorities of the
PPR. The belief that individual rights and civic, stipulated in the regulations are the same for all,
that the laws will not change for the sake of certain political groups and that they will be applied
in a uniform manner-whatever the consequences for "the day"-are the guarantee of economic and
social development of the State. We will create a mechanism to influence deep, representatives
of civil society from within and outside the country, engaged in the protection of human rights,
on the process of decision-making. Romania must become the champion in the field of human
rights among the countries of South-Eastern Europe, in order to guarantee social development.
PPR will set up a National Authority for Vrsnici which aims at providing social assistance to
elderly people without relatives, and who can no longer care for.

The authority will sign a contract to support elders who wish to be cared for. Regardless of
income through pension or other sources, the authority would hire a personal assistant to take
care of it until the end of days.

The authority shall manage and funerals and alms to seven years, according to the Church
beliefs. After the death of persons cared for authority, their goods will become the property of
the national authority for elderly, you will harness are to be self-sustained. Individuals requiring
permanent care, will be staying in the centre of the area where they will benefit from social
assistance, and medical care.
Protection of animal husbandry, a Bill will be proposed in accordance with the European
Convention for the protection of pet animals from Strasbourg-1987. Our friends the animals have
the same rights to life and respect.

1.5 Free Competition at present we witness an inverted logic. The primary concern of business is
to "adapt" to the officials. Instead of producing added value, efficiency and economic growth,
business seeks to meet the needs of an unjustified enormous armed bureaucrats, who don't take
care of themselves than getting a profit illegally from offices they hold. Once in functions on the
basis of loyalty to party control in the most profitable areas, collect revenue on behalf of the
State and stifles economic initiative.

In this context, the priority will be for PPR to ensure free competition and promoting individual
initiative, without constant monitoring and extorting funds from controlling bodies. We conduct
a radical review of regulatory functions and we will be reduced to the minimum necessary.
Equally, we will reform and will minimize bureaucratic procedures, and will reduce the
maximum business contacts with officials. Our principle is: the fewer bureaucrats in charge of
the economy, the better for the economy and for economic development. Another priority of the
PPR is procurement reform-which is one of the main sources of corruption-and exclude
purchases made outside of the competition.

1.6 Social market economy

PPR will build a social market economy, strong and solid, with equal opportunities for all. A
market economy combines freedom of self-determination with responsibility and social
protection; protecting people and taking care of those who cannot support themselves
independently. Building a social market economy is a viable alternative to monopolies and
oligarchic structures which benefits only a few, at the expense of the many. Building a social
market economy necessitates the establishment of clear rules that apply to everyone.

1.7 Separation of business from politics one of the main problems is political control over State-
owned companies which, through hidden income and profit from corruption, private persons are
for the country going bankrupt. Romania should create, as soon as possible, a very open
economic system. The State should withdraw from most sectors of the economy (while retaining
strategic assets only) and getting rid of the system of subsidizing industries. More specifically,
you have created a free market, that is the surest way to destroy the oligarchy and to combat

PPR call for privatization of public enterprises, which currently serve to extract some personal
benefits , and their debts are passed on behalf of the State. The privatisation, which is necessary
in order to eliminate the possibility of corruption in State-owned companies, must be carried out
with the participation of foreign companies under the supervision of agencies internationally and
ensuring transparency of the process.
Through all these actions from Romania's Party proposes a primary task restoring confidence in
public institutions and the creation of a functional State.

2. Changing the system of public administration system has ceased to perform functions in
Romania, but being outdated, no longer can be optimized. In its current form, this system
remains a source of illicit income and corruption, of which must be changed from the root. Even
if, in recent years, the Government has had as its objective the optimisation of central public
administration actions taken in this regard have not only to increase the number of public
authorities. The Government invests in the training of functionaries million lei from your own
sources and donor money, but is not able to implement a policy to maintain the qualified
A compact but effective system of public administration with professional bureaucrats and well
paid is one of the key priorities of the PPR. For if we do not change our State apparatus, any
change will not be possible.

In this regard, the main objectives are:

2.1 Review and reform of the public administration-emphasis on performance and on outcomes
For achieving this goal is the need of creating a bureaucratic system, compact and professional
who focuses on process, but not on the result, as it does in the modern world, applying modern
management practices. Thus, a Ministry plan results in the short term, medium and long term,
leading the General priorities of the Government, and he is responsible for the results. It is a
simple process that has proven its effectiveness and enabled a significant improvement in the
quality of services rendered to the population. Providing an efficient budgetary process of the
Government's priorities and responsibilities of Heads of Government for money spent are other
measures that will enhance the efficiency of administration.

PPR opts for making immediate functional analysis of public administration system-an in-depth
analysis, giving not only the central level (ministries, the State Chancellery of the Government,
other authorities directly subordinate to the Government), but also the level of organizational
structures in the sphere of their competence, their administrative system (administrative
authorities in matters related to public services-concentrated, and public institutions in which the
Ministry of The Government Chancellery, or other central administrative authority of the
founder), autonomous public institutions, State-owned enterprises to whom was delegated the
right to provide public services.

As a result of this analysis should be reduced the number of ministries and certain agencies to be
sandwiched and departments-ideally, Romania needs a maximum of 11/12 ministries.

Equally, it requires a significant reduction of public authorities and agencies under the
coordination of the Government and or the ministries, in order to enhance transparency and

Therefore, we will optimize the structure of Government and create a corps of professional
drivers and experienced project management, results oriented and independent political factor,
which will be able to identify priorities and to coordinate the implementation of policies.

Human resource management will be a strategic priority for PPR, which will carry out a genuine
hunting professionals to draw in the public service.

We encourage autonomy in key leadership positions, experienced managers, Romanian citizens

who have studied abroad and have "links" at home, but also to foreign managers. We delegate to
these professionals leverage to implement real reforms that will enable them to fulfil their tasks
regardless of the political situation. At the same time, the indicators will be established for
progress, milestones and deadlines in which citizens feel the improvements, as well as
accountability for commitments levers.

The number one priority of judicial courts and prosecutors remain, where you have an employee-
based young cadres. Also, it is necessary to establish clear criteria: in the process of selection of
judges; the removal of immunity for crimes of corruption; strengthening the professionalism and
independence of the Prosecutor. Likewise, it is necessary to change the composition of the
Interior Ministry and a fake independence. And here is the need for selecting, in competition,
some new people, salary, and to establish procedures for staff motivation.

All these measures will significantly diminish the level of politicization of the public
administration and will contribute to the creation of a body of scientific advisers qualified
professionals who are able to assume operational responsibility for the decisions taken.

2.2. Reform the budgeting process and the process of spending budgetary sources to reinforce
budgetary discipline involves: transferring all budgetary accounts to be served at the Treasury;
State orders and public procurement to be done transparently and in a competitive basis; review
of budgetary funds and extra budgetary. A tighter control over the expenditure of budgetary
funds target, including funds transferred to district or local budgets, is an absolute priority.

2.3 Streamlining the planning process and coordination of public policies.

The reform of public finance reforms are urgently needed Here in order to improve the quality of
public policy and public finances. Policy planning today remains one ad-hoc, without analysis
and without emphasis on real priorities, and policy makers are faced with a system that does not
produce the quality of analysis needed to take political decisions in an informed judgement. The
consequences of this state of affairs, for Romania, are serious problems and chronic persistence
in what relates to the quality of public policy and public spending.
2.4 the Government Chancellery as identifying the priorities, planning and Policy Coordination
Office of the Prime Minister needs strong own institutional and permanent, which would be a
support in developing and promoting policies. Time for decision making by the Prime Minister
and the Ministers shall be retained for strategic issues, not legal or administrative. The latter role
is the responsibility of Government-structured, including the level of staffing to help Prime
Minister to exercise executive functions. In addition, it will be a forum for decision-making,
which will allow the Prime Minister and his team to form a common front in terms of major
spending proposals. The elaboration of coherent policy must precede and guide the legislative
procedure. This will improve the quality of public policies formulated, namely fiscal analysis
provided the decision-making factors.

2.5 Considers that Decentralisation PPR administrative and financial decentralization remains
one of the pillars of the reform of the Administration, so that the citizen to receive public
services more comprehensive, more diverse and better quality. This process must be done only
by the conferral of competences. PPR will promote the strengthening of administrative-territorial
units of our country in terms of regional economic development.

3. The development of civil society and ensure public control over the permanent

We have a passive society, institutions of social self-organization still little developed. But,
without the pressure of society, no State had defeated corruption. Power, simply should not be
given an opportunity to be corrupt. If such a possibility exists, the power does not hesitate to
seize the company plays a crucial role in this process. That's why the State needs a civil society,
integral as a partner with whom it collaborates to achieve the strategic goals of the country.
PPR will offer all necessary assistance for the development of self-organization of citizens and
will promote policies that will ensure the continuous control of public governance. PPR will
strive to establish clear priorities for the spending of budgetary resources and the creation of
mechanisms for civilian control over these expenses. We support civil society, citizens ' self-
government and participation of NGOs in resolving social problems and will be joined by
independent media.
In Romania last year 10-15 had gone abroad, about 3 million people, whose interests will defend
them with PPR ardor. We will encourage the "street with double" in interacting with diaspora,
combining public policies supportive of Romanian migrants in difficulty with initiatives that will
involve the modernization and Europeanization of diaspora in Romania. Thus, the PPR will
uphold improving consular services and the opening of centres for diaspora; will promote the
launch of on-line services required of migrants and will encourage the signing of agreements on
social security, in particular with countries where massive diaspora is present-Italy, Greece,
Spain, France, Germany etc. ..; will develop an alternative pension scheme and will work with
the countries of destination to ensure the recognition of diplomas and qualifications.

Preserving the national identity and traditions is an important element for our citizens who are
abroad. For this reason, PPR will insist on implementation of programmes supporting and
promoting national traditions and culture, including through the opening of cultural centres and
by supporting research programmes of the Romanian language.

Diaspora becomes a major force in the socio-economic development, involving increasingly

more in all spheres of social and economic life, and giving evidence of a civic activism.
However, with the exception of remittances (25% of GDP), intellectual potential, technological
and participatory diaspora is less used in the country. PPR will promote implementation, with the
support of European partners, of a number of economic and innovative programs of investment
in order to enable diasporas to engage in development, but also to ensure his return to the

PPR also will promote the inclusion of diaspora in political life from Romania. We choose to
amend the legislation so that people from the diaspora to be able to engage in political activity in
the country, we will opt for the introduction of remote voting procedure, we will promote other
mechanisms through which our countrymen abroad to be able to directly influence how the
course of development of the country just as they have so far helped and continue to help the
economy fundamentally.
4. The development of the country through the social market economy the social market
economy is a system by which the State creates market regulatory institutions, without dictating
their own wills. This economic model is a basic economic program of the PPR. He ensures
favorable conditions for any kind of investment; guarantees for private property; the removal of
bureaucratic barriers for entrepreneurs; protection of economic freedom and free competition;
control of tariffs in the case of natural monopolies; job creation; increase revenue; a quality
education and medicine.

4.1. Job creation, for which RPP will implement a series of policies
an absolute priority, just as the economy is ensuring demonopolize the conditions favorable for
legislative and institutional development of small and medium-sized business, but also for
attracting investments. Providing facilities and simplification of tax access to cheap loans.
Simplification of the procedures for registration and liquidation of enterprises, the tax system and
the extorsion of funds by regulatory bodies and employees.

Flat tax income in the economy, with an optimal level of around 12-13%. The aim is to ensure
the clarity, simplicity and predictability of the system of taxation; to create more jobs and to pull
out of shadow wages. The level of individual allowances should be increased up to the
subsistence level.

Decent wages will be paid only when essential productivity will increase. To ensure this State
will pass in full vocational training system to one dual basis (school-enterprise) and will save any
tax obligations the company's expenses for the training of the workforce.
introducing amendments to the tax code, allowing exemption from income tax of dividends to
reinvested in order to preserve and increase the number of employees.

Introduction of a regressive scale for calculating the social insurance and mandatory health, so
be encouraged "in the" payment of some of the greatest earners.

Because the domestic market is small, the companies are forced to turn increasingly to export.
But foreign market competition requires firms to deliver unique, niche products. In order to
facilitate innovation, a national programme of financial support for innovative firms, which will
be implemented by microfinance institutions and by extension of the Phare programme.

The gradual Change of the labor culture

4.2 Reducing functions of control bodies the supervisory authorities must realise that private
initiative is the core duty of the State and public institutions that is to create appropriate
conditions to support entrepreneurship, not to punish, and to rob the business environment. So
far, however, the bureaucratic apparatus has himself need incessant surveillance, lest it strangle
any innovative initiative from the bud. Therefore, we conduct a thorough review of the functions
with which they have been assigned supervisory and control authorities, so as to be kept only
functions really needed and to release the lifeboat under the constant pressure of a corrupt

We owe it to stop extortion as business. It's our only chance to ensure technology transfer in
Romania and the influx of investment which, in turn, will generate jobs. There are many
companies interested to work under such conditions, when they exit the markets alike, and
Eastern along with it, we will be able to increase tax collection and budget breakdowns, i.e. we
will be able to increase the investment in human and social potential of the country.

4.3 Competition and elimination of monopolies versus population incomes, prices in Romania
are unduly large. A large number of prosperous businessmen and on behalf of consumers and
producers. The essential premise to ensure fair prices on the market is the guarantee of real
competition between firms. Will be carried out with the help of specialists from abroad, analyses
of value chains for each product and service matters, and will identify critical constraints that
lead to rising prices. They will be removed either by better regulations, either by application of
the provisions of the criminal code. Will be adopted a law relating to market new cardinal
petroleum, which will result in easier market entry of new producers, low profit margin by 20%
and, consequently, the reduction in prices.
We opt for the efficiency and activity of the national competition regulator-the competition
Council. Although there are legislative provisions which transpose the recent mostly European
practices in the field, the competition Council may not contribute anything to the promotion of
competition, the fight against anticompetitive agreements cartelizrii, hidden and the abuse of
dominant position. The competition Council, along with other specialized, regulators will take
care that markets products and services to be a healthy competitive environment.

4.4 Setting standards as in the case of prices, quality depends on a lot of competition in the
market. The more intense the competition, the greater will be the average quality. At the same
time, the quality assurance process, a very important role belongs to the compulsory standards
set by State standards will be included as a compulsory criteria for accessing any State aid
programs or for participation in public procurement. It is also necessary to enhance the capacities
of intervention of the authority for the protection of consumers and the public powers.

4.5 The budgetary-fiscal Reform

Here main direction will target performance budgeting, result-oriented. As an argument for the
volume of finance ministries and departments will serve information regarding their
performance. PPR will ensure responsible use and effective use of budget resources, based on
clear analysis of priorities. Medium-term budgeting must constitute the Foundation of the
process planning in ministries and departments. Without a plan for the medium-term expense-
with description of funding priorities clear and achievable outcomes for people-funding is not
possible. Ensure maximum transparency in the implementation of the budget and setting a
timetable for its implementation are exactly essential.

4.6. Modern Infrastructure

PPR will improve consistently Romania infrastructure-a path in the modern world and a
guarantee of economic development. Every city and small town in our country must have an
urban development plan. Today, there is no such plan at least for Bucharest!

We will promote policies that provide all localities from Romania access to transport networks,
which must comply with European standards. Repairing roads and key infrastructure will be one
of the essential priorities of the PPR. We will accept local roads, which until now have not
received much attention. To do this, we will continue the policy of attracting European and
international funds, preferably in the form of grants.

4.7. Electricity Energy Diversification

Interconnection with the European system of electricity supply is our goal. After the emergence
of alternative sources of electricity, the price will diminish. And it's good for all citizens.

In the energy sector, Romania must continue a predictable, without accumulating debt, because
in the near future the country will remain dependent on a single supplier and will be at risk in the
cold season. To reduce these risks is needed and a strict control of the country's energy
consumption; you have used technologies that will reduce energy consumption and conserve
energy. It is also necessary to attract private capital into the energy sector, with the aim of
creating capabilities to generate.

4.8. Water supply and access to sanitation

Water supply in all localities in Romania is one of the most important priorities of the
infrastructure of the PPR. We achieve the priority date via both internal resources and external
projects. To this end, we will work out a preferential investment program. At the same time,
there is a need for a program to improve the existing infrastructure.

4.9. Development of tourism

With the intensification of economic integration, Romania will become more interesting for
tourists. For the residents of the villages, the rural tourism is a real opportunity to obtain an
additional source of income. The State will create conditions to sustain them on those who
initiate activities in this field in the framework of a national programme of financial support to
ensure minimal maintenance, strictly necessary for host households. At the same time, it is
necessary to offer support for the export of traditional products and craft items.

6. Pensions, employment and social protection

Our goal is equal society based on the principles of social justice and social solidarity between
the weak and the strong. This means that the most important condition for the existence of a free
society is not just the triumph of private initiative, but also a social support system developed. In
what pertains to the pension system, the exodus of active labor force has led to the fact that the
Moldovan society is aging fast. Today the deficit spending needed for social protection and
income from pension fund denotes system instability.

6.1 Pension reform

The main cause of the crisis, the pension system is the phenomenon of informal employment and
the subterfuge of the payment of contributions-symptom of an acute mistrust of citizens in State
institutions. Thus, 80% of Romanians don't trust the national pension system, and about 70%
consider that pensions are unfair. To restore confidence, the reform should be started with:
Revision of the formula for the calculation of pensions, through the increase of increases for
each year of contribution or by increasing the average monthly insured income, so upon
retirement the citizen to receive back as much as they contributed during active economic life.
Today, on average, every 1 paid to the Pension Fund by or on behalf of the employee, he/she
receives back after retirement, less than 50.

Review of annual indexing formula to pensions. Pensions must be index-linked, with the index
rising prices of goods and services consumed by retirees-priority before all the necessary food
and medicine.

Cancel all unmerited pensions benefits for members. The pension is not a pay to merit from the
State, but also a manifestation of the spirit of solidarity in society. Each must receive the
proportional contributions.

Guaranteed minimum wage Increase on the economy from the current level of approximately
1250 MDL of 3200 lei. In this way we will ensure higher revenues in the social security budget.

6.2 Social welfare reform

Today, State aid is granted on the basis of the assessment of revenue-a system that has proved
its consistency and the enormous impact that it has on poverty reduction. And if all the resources
available to the State for social protection would be granted on the basis of strict necessity, not
subjective criteria, the money would be enough to ensure that the less fortunate all be lift over
the poverty line.

The motivations for fraud must be eliminated from the system. Social workers should be
required to sign for each case of social aid granted, statement regarding the lack of conflict of
interest, as well as of any relationship with the beneficiaries. You have increased the role of local
communities in monitoring (not granting proper) social aid.

Minimum monthly income guaranteed by the State must be raised from the current level of 400
lei at the level of the minimum existence, approximately 2800 lei. This increase will have no
impact on the budget, if all the resources of social protection will be allocated as State aid.

7. Foreign policy
Externally, PPR intends to pursue a policy of responsible, coherent and balanced in order to
ensure the integration of Romania in Schengen country and strengthening relations with
international partners.

PPR's commitment to promote the objective of accession to the Schengen space is an option in
favor of the values and efforts of modernization of Romania. Accession to the Schengen space is
the most ambitious domestic reform program, based on a roadmap of the Schengen Agreement.
Its full implementation will allow anchoring of Romania in a democratic and predictable, based
on the rule of law and respect for human rights. PPR shares this option, considering it as the only
solution for a society more just and more prosperous in Romania. PPR believes in the ideal of the
European family of Nations United by shared values, equal rules and solidarity, a space that
belong naturally. We avoid geopolitical competition for influence in Romania-our goal is to
develop the country, not geopolitics. However, we are convinced that the relationship of Member
State of the European Union is the surest way to achieve our goal.

7.1. Development of the bilateral relations

In the framework of the bilateral dialogue PPR will promote an active and dynamic foreign
policy, directed towards the promotion of national interest and mutual respect. It is evident the
need to intensify bilateral relations with EU Member States and other major partners, particularly
in the field of trade.

In dealing with neighbors PPR will pay particular attention to relations with Moldova, including
in the context of the development of the strategic partnership for the European integration. In this
respect, Moldova has been and will remain the country with which relations are built in a special
policy framework, based on historical and cultural ties. At the same time, this framework will be
used to promote joint projects with persistence and interconnection infrastructure. Likewise, PPR
will promote deepening relations with Ukraine in political and economic fields, in ensuring
energy security, regional cooperation and international regulation of the Transnistrian conflict.

The U.S. is an important partner for Romania, which grants us a significant support for the
implementation of reforms and modernisation of the country. In this context, PPR will promote
further development of the Romanian-American strategic dialogue.

8. Security and defence system

To increase the security of the PPR seeks the country through regional and international
cooperation, including within NATO, the UN and the OSCE.

We advocate for reform and to improve institutional, organisational and functional institutions of
maintaining public order, such as the Ministry of the Interior. You must be an institution
compact and apolitical. Service Information should be brought to the demands of the
contemporary world and the real risks and challenges facing the country.

Along with regional security risks, a serious threat are internal problems that grinds and society
that have reached highs: increased level of corruption, malfunctioning and capturing the State
institutions, low standards, lack of social and economic development. And here, the best model
available for modernisation and development of our country, which is also a guarantee for the
consolidation of security policy is the integration of the Schengen space.
9. Education
For improving the educational system is POPULAR the best investment in our children and in
our country, and it is the best foundation for a better future. According to some studies, the
education system does not produce the skills required by employers, what has become one of the
key constraints to economic development.

PPR will continue reforms to ensure equal opportunity for all educational standards, which aim
to combat fraud in the sector, to increase the level of investment in teachers. Will support the
modernization and development of the vocational education curricula so that skills and trades for
those trained to be linked to the demands of a modern economy. By doing this, we ensure young
people the best qualifications for a successful integration on the labour market, and this will
generate a better investment in our country and better jobs paid for our citizens. We advocate for
an education system geared to the demands of contemporary life, and for more autonomy
afforded to educational institutions.

All children between the ages of 0 and 18 years of age will receive a monthly allowance of 800,

Real education and literacy to a large number of Roma, through their integration into society.
The granting of subsidies and incentives conditional on school going children school within this

Development of a National Festival of Traditions and customs to be attended by representatives

from all the national minorities.

10. Health
PPR promotes the right of every citizen to health. PPR opted for ensuring universal access to
care and treatment services through sntatei system efficiency and strengthening essential
public health functions. The set of services for all citizens must be of quality and affordable.
A primary task for PPR, is the Elimination of informal payments for health services and
corruption by introducing modern management practices in every medical facility, including the
promotion of managerial cadres trained. Will implement transparent mechanisms to purchase
medicines and equipment within the health system, including through the internet. PPR calls for
expanding medical insurance for the uninsured, as well as improving the process for the selection
of target groups from the budgetary transfers. PPR will work out mechanisms of motivation of
health workers, on the basis of quality indicators. To this end, we will introduce mechanisms for
payment based on performance, with the establishment of sets of standards-quality/performance
indicators for health care providers.

PPR calls for optimizing service primary care and promotion of broad autonomy to institutions
of primary care, especially in rural areas.

11. Agriculture
Wealth of our soil, quality of our products, and our rural culture are a national of Romania and a
heritage which must be preserved for future generations.

PPR will promote the modernization of agriculture, because producers do benefit the most from
the opening of the European markets, but also to preserve and improve access to markets. We
will also encourage the exploration of new markets outside Europe. We will improve the
infrastructure and we will develop tools to provide enhanced financial protection for producers,
so that they can better cope with floods, drought or any trade restrictions for political reasons. To
do this, you must bring access to finance on the basis of nepotism, to improve the availability of
loans with fair interest rates, including those arising from foreign aid or loans to small scale.
Subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery will be distributed safely discriminatory and
equitable, regardless of the size of the agricultural society or policy beneficiaries.

PPR will reduce regional differences in terms of technical equipment for farmers; will support
the modernization of the agricultural sector by extending the irrigated areas; will support the
creation of power units with modern and quality inputs for agriculture and agricultural products,
to increase production and average yields; encourage programs designed to promote local
agricultural products, competitive prices and quality for the domestic and foreign markets;
expanding the range of crops grown and increase the assortment of vegetable and animal
products, such as aromatic plants used in the production of essential oils, aquaculture and

PPR will work to stop the exodus of rural population and to create conditions for the return of,
the setting and placing in employment of persons who go abroad after winning. Fighting rural
poverty, the rural population's access to stable jobs with decent wages, education services and
qualitative health is a priority of the party.

To do this, it will support the development of PPR and the diversification of economic activities
in rural areas and the increase of employment of the population through the development of
micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, by creating jobs and improving the quality of life in
rural areas. It will provide facilities to encourage the purchase of agricultural land by young

PPR Task is to come to power to build another Country, on the other principles and for all those
who want to live in a different country. A country where State institutions are not penetrated to
the bone of the contagion of corruption, and their only concern is not getting revenue for
political-oligarchic clans. A country lacking a business yourself, but provides equal opportunities
for all citizens to assert its and encourages individual initiative.

Citizens of our country have different visions. None of them, however, is not hostile to the
development model which it proposes to PPR. They are against the return and poverty, against
corruption, bribery and the courts against negligence. They rebelled against the feeling of despair
and hopelessness, which are covered by more and more people.
But Romania is not doomed to everlasting stagnation. The surrounding world has gone before,
towards economic and social progress, and we have a lot of things to be recovered. It is certain
that, if we don't succeed, we are waiting for the collapse and chaos. But it is equally obvious that,
without trust and without the direct participation of citizens, the State's reconstruction is
impossible. The people's Party from Romania is able to build a different Country. And we will
do it together with you!