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Lesson Plan

Created by Stacy McNutt

Title: Writing Words Related to School and the

Classroom Date: June 13, 2016
Grade Level: Grades 9-12 (Level 1 Spanish)
Common Core Standard: NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statement NL.PW.3: I can
label familiar people, places, and objects in pictures and posters.
Objective: Students will be able to correctly write vocabulary words associated with
places and objects in the school setting by creating a PowerPoint presentation using the
words they are learning.
Materials Needed:
A class set of small white boards and dry-erase markers
Access to a computer lab with PowerPoint or a similar program installed
Background: Before approaching this lesson, students need to have already learned
the following basics of Spanish pronunciation:
The names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet
The basic rules of accentuation (i.e. if a word ends in a vowel, n, or s, the stress
falls on the second to last syllable)
Furthermore, I would have already introduced the school-related vocabulary words to the
students. We would have gone over the definition of the words and practiced pronouncing the
words as a class. Students also will have had an opportunity review their words for homework.

Lesson Presentation: After giving the students a chance to review their words silently for a few
minutes at the start of class, I will pass out white boards and markers to each of the students. To
help them practice writing their words, I will say their vocabulary words in English. I will give the
students a few moments to write the Spanish word (definite article included) on their white
boards. Then, all at once, I will have them hold up their white boards so that I can see what they
wrote. I will then write the word in Spanish correctly on the classroom white board so that those
students who misspelled the word can see how it is written. We will do this activity with each of the
students vocabulary words. As the teacher, I will pay close attention to the students answers to see
which words they find to be most difficult. If several students miss a particular word or misspell it, I
will explicitly take the time to review that given word with the class.

Assignment/Activity: Following this lesson and practice exercise, I will lead the students to
the computer lab. There I will explain the following parameters of their two-part assignment:
Each student will have 20 minutes to create their own PowerPoint presentation.
The presentation will include all of the vocabulary words, written correctly, one
word per slide.
Each slide will need to include an image representing the vocabulary word.
To help the students along, I will write all their vocabulary words in English on the board. From
this list of English words, students will first have time to search the Internet for images. After
they have found and saved all the needed images, they will be told to move on to the second part
of their assignment, which is creating the actual PowerPoint. It is important for them to
do this assignment in this two-step process so as to encourage them to write the
Spanish words from memory rather than look up the spellings online. I will monitor
them as they make their presentation and offer help and support where needed.
Assessment: To assess the students performance and their knowledge of and
ability to write their vocabulary words correctly, I will ask myself the following questions
when revising their presentations:
Did the student complete the assignment on their own (without using the
Internet to look up the spelling of their words)?
Did the student create one slide for each vocabulary word, and does each
slide have both an image and the word?
Did the student write the definite articles in front of each of the words?
Did the student spell the word correctly (including accent marks)?

I will know if students have mastered the content or if they need more help by looking at their
accuracy. If they spell the words correctly and provide pictures that reflect their understanding of
the words meanings with at least 90% accuracy, then the students have mastered the content
and require only minimal to no correction. Students who do not reach the 90% accuracy mark,
however, will require more help and support in learning the material.
Student Example of the Assignment: