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Set 1:
1. In Olympic Swimming medley, in which order the swimmers swim?
A. Butterfly Breast Stroke Back Stroke Free Style
B. Butterfly Back Stroke Breast Stroke Free Style
C. Free Style Back Stroke Breast Stroke Butterfly
D. Breast Stroke Back Stroke Free Style Butterfly
2. Along with who did P. Chidambaram had established Tamil Maanila Congress, a
breakaway faction of Congress?
A. Jayalalitha B. N.T. Ramarao C. M. Karunanidhi D. G.K. Moopnar
3. Which one of the following kinds of organism causes malaria?
A. Bacterium B. Fungus C. Protozoan D. Virus
4. Which among the following is poorest source of Fat?
A. Curd B. Egg C. Fish D. Milk
5. Where was India's first computer installed?
A. ISI, Calcutta, B. IIT, Delhi, C. IISc, Bangalore, D. BSNL, Delhi
6. Commercial name of Sodium bicarbonate is
A. Washing soda B. Baking soda C. Bleaching powder D. Soda ash
7. Vitamin A is also known as________?
A. Ascorbic acid B. Retinol C. Thiamine D. Riboflavin
8. Fish and sea foods are very rich in______?
A. Magnesium B. Iron C. Calcium D. Sodium
9. Which one of the following is known as first line of defence for the body?
A. WBC B. antibodies C. Skin D. Nails
10. The yellow color of Yolk is due to the presence of _____?
A. Livetin B. Phosphate C. Riboflavin D. Vitellin
11. What is the main component of biogas and natural gas?
A. Ethane B. Methane C. Propane D. Butane
12. Nail polish remover contains mainly?
A. Methanol B. Ethanol C. Acetone D. Limonene
13. Which of the following measurements is not a unit of distance?
A. Ammeter B. Cubit C. Parsec D. Angstrom
(An ammeter is a device that measures the current in an electric circuit, the amount of
charge per unit time through a point of reference).
14. Which part of Potato plant is used as Vegetable?
A. Modified root B. Modified stem C. Modified leaf D. Modified flower
15. Among the following fruits, which one is not a True fruits?
A. Apple B. Tomato C. Coconut D. Date
16. Parsec is a measure of-
A. Brightness of heavenly body B. Astronomical distance
C. Density of stars D. Orbital velocity of giant stars
17. Atoms of the same element, i. e., having the Same atomic number that differ in atomic
Weight, are called-
A. Isotopes B. Isomers C. Isobars D. Isotherms
18. The manufacture of iron ore involves the process of-
A. Oxidation B. Reduction C. Fractional distillation D. Electrolysis
19. Which is the largest drainage basin in the world?
A. Nile basin B. Amazon basin C. Congo basin D. Mississippi basin

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