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Could you tell me a little bit more about this job?

Basically we are looking for buyers who will purchase cars using our money. We
just use your name to purchase the car and our company still has the car
ownership. The reason why we hire individual buyers not we buy directly from
dealership is because we are exporters. We will export those cars later. You know,
the manufacturers dont want to see the cars being exported. They can sell the
same cars with a much higher price in other countries. But always remember you
need to behave like you are buying for yourself. Otherwise the dealer wont sell
you the car.

Is this job legal?

Of course! This job is 100% legal. You are just a purchasing agent. And you are
getting paid by commission. The reason why we not buy directly from dealerships
but hire individual buyers is because the manufacturers dont want the car being
exported. But as you can judge it by common sense, its never the law that you
cannot export cars. And in the overseas markets, it is also legal. For example,
these cars are called parallel import cars in China and the government even
encourage this business to rein in luxury car prices in their country.

Do you cover the tax?

As described in the contract, we pay all applicable taxes, including the GST and
PST. We will reimburse every other expense when you get ant bill.

How do you do with the insurance?

Before you are going to pick up the car, we will buy insurance for you. Or you can
also add the car into your current policy and remove it one week later. We will
reimburse you the expense.

The car will be under my name for a while. If any accident happens, will I have
liability for that?
No. Once you give the car to our employee, we will have a transportation
company carry it back to our warehouse. Then the car will stay in our warehouse
and no one will touch it. Just dont worry. It is our money. If any accident happens,
we will have a huge lose. So we will definitely take good care of the car.

How many cars will I purchase?

On average you will buy one to two cars per month. This job will last around five
months so you will buy five to eight cars in total. Means you will earn five to ten
thousand dollars. You know its not a full time, but a part time job that you can
earn extra money.

How will I get paid?

We will let you contact the dealers to search the cars we want. Once you place an
order to build a car, we will pay you $100
200 upfront. Later when you pick up the car,
we will pay you the full commission.

Whats the next step?

Did you see the contract that I attached in the email? You can just print it out,
sign, then scan and email back to us with your driver license copy. We will do a
background check. If everything is good, we will add your name into our buyers
list. Then we will contact you to let you order cars.
Sign a contract with

Call dealers and check cars

If the car is in stock or If that dealer has none in

Arriving soon Stock or arriving-soon car
Make an appointment Make an appointment
With dealer With dealer

Put down the deposit Put down the deposit and

To secure it Place an order

Make a schedule with Pick up the car when it arrives

Us to pick up the car and receive full compensation

Buy this car and receive Start over and buy more
Full compensation Cars for company

Start over and buy more cars

for company

A federal corporation incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act
(Hereinafter called WHOLESALER)
of the city of __________________ in the Province of Qubec (hereinafter called the AGENT)

WHEREAS WHOLESALER is wholesale dealer dealing in new motor vehicles which WHOLESALER purchases
from the authorized dealers for such products and sells the said products to its customers.
AND WHEREAS the AGENT and WHOLESALER have agreed that WHOLESALER shall have the right to
purchase the vehicles it requires in the name of the AGENT upon and pursuant to the terms and conditions
set forth herein.
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein and other good and valuable
consideration the receipt and consideration of which is acknowledged by each of the parties hereto, the
parties hereto hereby covenant and agree as follows:
Purchase of the Vehicle (VIN: __________________________) as AGENT
The parties hereto agree that from time to time WHOLESALER shall have the right to purchase
motor vehicle units in the name of the AGENT. In these circumstances, it is understood and agreed by the
parties hereto that the AGENT shall be a bare AGENT of WHOLESALER and shall have no beneficial interest
in the units purchased. WHOLESALER shall have all beneficial interest in the units purchased.
It is understood and agreed by the parties hereto that WHOLESALER shall be responsible for the
payment of the purchase price for the purchase of the units purchased hereunder in the name of the
AGENT. If the dealership allows the AGENT to buyout the vehicle with fill amount upon delivery,
WHOLESALER will provide the AGENT with a bank draft of the total buyout amount. If the AGENT is
requested by the dealership to finance a portion of the vehicle, WHOLESALER will pay all the expenses
incurred, including down payment, monthly payment, implicit finance charge and insurance of the vehicle.
In order to protect the AGENTs benefit and credit, WHOLESALER will provide the AGENT either a post-
dated cheque or a certified cheque payable to the AGENTs name as collateral with the estimate total
buyout mount for security purpose.
The parties hereto agree that some authorized dealers may ask for a certified cheque or a bank
draft drawn from the AGENTS account. In these situations, WHOLESALER will deposit the funds in the
AGENTs account for the sole purpose of purchasing the motor vehicle units. It is the AGENTs
responsibility to ensure that he/she has no outstanding financial obligations which may result in AGENTs
bank putting a hold on WHOLESALERs cheque or using the funds to pay AGENTs debt obligations.
Agency commission
After the vehicle is delivered to WHOLESALER without any damage or debt, WHOLESALER will
make a payment of ___________CAD to the AGENT as commission of purchasing listed vehicle by
(Cash/Cheque/Wire Transfer/Bank Draft).
Commission has received in full on ___________________, Agents signature______________________.

Agent Initial _______ PAGE 1/2

The AGENT agrees that ownership of any such motor vehicle purchased in his/her name shall be
that of WHOLESALER. In the event that it is necessary in order to purchase a motor vehicle to register
under the Highway Safety Code, it is understood and agreed by the AGENT that, notwithstanding the said
registration, the AGENT shall not receive any legal or beneficial interest in the said motor vehicle.
Power of Attorney
The AGENT hereby irrevocable constitutes and appoints WHOLESALER to act as his/her lawful
attorney to execute any document, cheque or filling in connection with the purchase of the motor vehicles
referred to herein, including without limitation, the registration of the motor vehicle in the name of the
AGENT under the provisions of the Highway Safety Code, and the collection of all rebates of all taxes paid
by WHOLESALER on the vehicle including without limitation, the Qubec sales ta (QST), the Goods and
Services Tax (GST), and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
Outstanding Tickets or Fines
The AGENT represent that the AGENT does not have any outstanding tickets or fines with the
Socit de lassurance automobile du Qubec (SAAQ) or any other regulatory body. In the event that the
AGENT does have outstanding such tickets or files, the AGENT is responsible for reimbursement of these
tickets or fines to WHOLESALER.
Use of Agreement
It is understood and agreed that WHOLESALER shall have the right to deliver a copy this
agreement to the Revenue Qubec or Revenue Canada in order to satisfy the said Ministries that the
AGENT has no legal or beneficial interest in the units purchased by WHOLESALER in the name of the
AGENT in order to facilitate the processing of the claims of WHOLESALER for the remission or rebate of
any taxes including the Qubec sales ta (QST), the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the Harmonized
Sales Tax (HST).
The AGENT has requested and the WHOLESALER agrees that the WHOLESALER will protect the
confidential material and information which may be disclosed between AGENT and the WHOLESALER. The
AGENT agrees to disclose his/her social insurance number (SIN) to the WHOLESALER solely for use to apply
for a rebate of the Qubec sales tax (QST) in respect of new motor vehicles shipped outside Qubec with
Revenue Qubec. The WHOLESALER will hold the AGENTs SIN in confidence and will not use or disclose
the AGENTs SIN for purposes other than the purpose to which the AGENT consented indefinitely.

The AGENT acknowledges that he/she has received a copy of this agreement (Agents Initial_________).

This agreement has been duly executed by the parties hereto as of the ____ day of _______, 2017.
This agreement shall expire one (1) year from the Effective Date written above.

WHOLESALER____________________________ AGENT____________________________________
DEALER#________________________________ ID#_______________________________________
PER____________________________________ SIGNATURE________________________________

Agent Initial _______ PAGE 2/2