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Professional Training and Consultation

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API 510 Preparatory


1. Hydro-Test is Standard Pressure test on Completed Vessels.

Hyd. Test Pr. = 1.3 x MAWP x stress ratio
Min. Insp. Pressure (hydro) = test pr. / 1.3
Min. Test temp. = MDMT + 30F (recommended)
Max. Inspection temp. = 120 deg. F

2. Pneumatic test is performed if Hydro is not possible due to design

or process reasons. Prior to the test, NDT as per UW-50 is
mandatory. Pneumatic Test pr = 1.1 x MAWP x Stress ratio,
Pressure should be increased in steps (Total 6).

1st step 50% of Test pressure

2nd to 6 step 10% of Test Pr. Insp. Pr. (pneumatic) = Test pr. /1.1

3. Pressure Gauge range should be about twice the Test Pressure,

However, in any case it shall not be lower than 1.5 times and not
higher than 4 times the Test Pressure.

4. Vessel MAWP represents the Maximum Safe Pressure holding capacity

of the vessel. Vessel MAWP is measured at top-most point. And is
lowest of vessel part MAWPs adjusted for static pressure of liquid.

5. For vertical vessels, Hydrostatic pressure due to liquid with specific

gravity =1
1 ft of height = 0.433 psig.

6. Total pressure at any point of Vertical vessel is given by:

Total Pr. = Vessel MAWP + h x 0.433.
(h = height from top in ft.)

7. If part MAWP and elevations are known, Vessel MAWP can be

calculated by the deducting hydrostatic pressure from part MAWP.

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Professional Training and Consultation
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API 510 Preparatory


8. External Pressure analysis is required when vessels are operating

under vacuum or they jacketed type.

9. Ext. pressure is worked out on basis of Geometric factor A (which

depends on L/Do and Do/t ratios) and factor B ( depends on A, )

Allowable Ext. Pressure, Pa = 3 Do / t

10. For values of A falling to left of material line in the material chart,
2 AE
Pa = 3( Do / t )

11. Name plate shows The Code stamping, MAWP, design temp.,
MDMT, and Extent of Radiography.

12. For the impact test requirement, use UCS 66 curve. If MDMT-
thickness combination falls on or above the curve, impact testing is
exempted. Additional Exemptions are given as per UG-20(f) and
UCS 68 (c).

13. ASME materials (SA) shall be used for code stamped vessel
fabrication instead of ASTM (A) materials.

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