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1. Complications of Local Anaesthesia

2. Perio charting Q - Middle aged person,mobile upper anteriors with deep

pockets,had FPD w.r.t 11,21....had poor prognosis, indicated fr extraction, How
will u replace them and what tissue changes will take place after extraction?

3. Importance of medical history?

Cardiovascular etc..


1) Which pulp horn exposed when preparing cavity for lower 1 st molar?
2) What is the function of matrix band in composite restorations?
A)Gives shape and better condention
b)Prevent bonding to adjacent tooth
c)Prevent marginal leakage
d)Prevent gingival extension of restoration
3)Before you restoring tooth with cervical aberration, what u do first?
A.Clean it any dry
.B Apply bicarbonates acids
C.Perform prophylaxis and polish with brush
D.Perform scaling and polish
4)What you do with the marginal leakage of composite restoration?
a) Fill it with unfilled resin
b)Replace it
c)Place GIC
5.What you do when margins of amalgam was ditched in several places?
A.Fill with filled resin
B.Replace it with amalgam
6)Which material is unaffected with pin retained restoration?
a. Amalgam
c. Composits
d. Inlay gold cast restoration
7)What is the most preferred pins?
a.Self threaded
b. Frictional retained
8)Which of the following statements are false?
a.Salivery buffering action reduces ph
b.Saliva is both bacterialcidal and static
9.Ph is reduced in mouth during mastigation
10.What is the best method of caries prevention in community?
Water floridaton
11.Good oral hygiene practice
12. What are the fracture influencing root caries in elderly pt?

13..Poor oral hygine

14) A cavity with depth on 1mm into the dentine, wat you can see?
Some dentinal tubules and peritubular dentin and more interradicular dentine
15) What is the reason for apical periodontitis after one week of rct?
a.Shift of bacterial flora into preiapical region
b.Over instrumentation
c.Reaction to Chemical irrigants
d.All the above
16) A finished rct restoration should finish at
Radiographic apex

17)Cementdentinal junction (anatomical apedx)

1 or 2mm away from anatomical apex
18) At pt with rare sensitivite to hot and sweet ......
a. Poorly localized pain is due to
b.Pulpal origin
c.Periapical origin

19) A patient with sensitive to hot , cold and sweet, wat is the possible diagonise
a.Irreversible pulpitis
b.Apical peridontitis
c.Reversible pulpitis
20) A 8 years old pt avulsed tooth about 25 min ago, presented to dental office and replaced
successfully and what u do next?
a.Wait and oberve
21) A pt with deep caries lesion and the tooth is open apex, wat u do?
22) Reaction of pulp to dental caries
a.Formation of reparative dentin
b.Formation of primary dentin
23) Initial Irritation of pulp during caries progression is due to
a.Reach of bacteria to pulp
b.Reaching of bact toxins before bacteria
24) In which direction does the palatal root of the upper first
molar usually curve towards
A. Facial / buccal/
B. Lingual
C. Mesial
D. Distal
25) Your employer in an attempt to update office sterilization
procedures; what would you recommend as the BEST method
to verify that sterilization has occurred**
A. biological monitors
B. Use indicator strips in each load and color change tape on each
C. Use indicator strips daily and spore test weekly
D. Use color change tape daily and spore test monthly
E. Use color change tape in each load and spore tests week
26) Patient received heavy blow to the right body of the mandible
sustaining a fracture there. You should suspect a second
fracture is most likely to be present in
A. Symphysis region
B. Left body of the mandible
C. Left sub-condylar region
D. Right sub-condylar region
E. sub-condylar region

27) Signs and symptoms that commonly suggest cardiac failure in

a patient being assessed for oral surgery are
A. Elevated temperature and nausea
B. Palpitations and malaise
C. Ankle oedema and dyspnoea
D. Erythema and pain
E. Pallor and tremor
28)Carcinoma of the tongue has a predilection for which of the
following sites**
A. Lateral border anteriorly
B. Anterior dorsal surface
C. Posterior dorsal surface
D. Lateral border posteriorly
E. No preferred location
29)Carcinoma of the tongue initially present as
A. nodules on bilateral submandibular region
B. nodule on unilateral submandibular region
C. palpable reginal lympnodes

30)Typical features of Downs syndrome (Mongolism) do not

A. A multiple immunodeficiencies
B. Sever caries but minimal periodontal disease
C. Susceptibility to infections
D. Multiple missing teeth and malocclusion
E. Hepatitis B carriage in institutionalised patients
31) A radiograph is taken with old film and developed in poor developing room, how
does the radiograph look like
A.Too light
B.Too dark
32) What is the effective techniques of reducing radiation exposed to pt
A.Fast films
C.Redcing time of exposer
33) What is the indication for ankylosed tooth
A.Dull purcation sound
B.Stop erupting
C.Supra erupted
34) When primary molars are prepared for stainless steel crowns
should the depth for reduction of the proximal surface be
similar to the depth of the buccal and lingual surfaces

A. Yes; reduction of all wall is similar for best retention

B. No, proximal reduction is greater to allow the crown to pass the
contact area
C. No, the buccal surfaces has the greatest reduction to remove the
cervical bulge
D. Yes, all undercuts are uniformly removed so that the steel crown can
be seated
E. No, because of lateral constriction, the lingual surface needs greatest
35) 8 years old child who has sustained a fracture of maxillary
permanent central incisor in which 2mm of the pulp is exposed;
presents for treatment three hours after injury. Which of the
following should be considered

A. Remove the surface 1-2 mm of pulp tissue and place calcium

B. Place calcium hydroxide directly on the exposed pulp
C. Pulpotomy using formocresol
D. Pulpectomy and immediate root filling
E. Pulpectomy and apexification
36) What is the radiographic feature of dentinogenesis imperfecta
Small pulp chamber
37) What is the most common site impaction of supernumary tooth
38) Which is not a feature of class ii div 2 malocclusion?
A.Narrow maxilla
B.Deep bite
C.Lingual inclination of centrals
39) What is true regarding anterior teeth arrangement
Always should be arranged in class one
40) What is true regarding cuspal contact in balance occlucion during mastication on
balanced side
A.Buccal slops of maxillary palatal cusps should contact with lingual slops of
mandibular buccal cusps
41) The most accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of root
planning is by

A. Inspect the root surface with an instrument for root smoothness

B. Use air for visual inspection
C. Activate a curette against root surface and listen for a high pitched
sound which indicates a smooth, hard surface.
D. Evaluate the soft tissue at the end of the appointment for a decrease
oedema and bleeding
E. Evaluate the marginal gingival after 3 week
42) What is the advice for child with high prevalance of caries
A.Twice in office fluorides per year gives better results
B.Increase intake of high calcium diet
43) ideal pin hole depth?
44) how long before an acrylic special tray should be made prior to taking
A.12 hours
B.Immediately after fabricating
45) pt with class2 div2 with deep bit and he lost his lateral incisor, which of the
following is indicated
Mariland bridge with canine and central abutment
Pfm bridge with canine and central abutment
Division of single tooth bud into two
47) Periodontal pocket is measured between
CEJ to the base of the pocket
48) how is the pressure applied during measuring the pocket depth
49) GTR

50) most unfavorable fracture

51) position of disk in TMJ at normal state

52) palatal roots of molar is curved towards

53) pterygomandibular rapha is attached to buccnator and passes through
Superior to medial pterygoid
Lateral to medial pterygoid
Anterior to medial pterygoid
54) long span bridge?
55) pt complaint of inflammation under the newly inserted denture, wat you will do
Apply tissue conditioner
Antifungal agent
Make new denture
56) pt complaints of paraesthesia of lower lip shortly after using of new denture?
A.Check the occlusion
B.Mental nerve is superficial to ridge
C.Check the VD
57) action of indirect retainer in distal extention partial denture
58) clasps used in deep under cut
Wroug gold
Wroug steel
59) clasp action on the periodontally weekend abutment
60) which of the following statement is true?
A.VD at rest is decrease with age
B.VD at rest is less in dentulous pt
C.VD at rest changes with change in position or tilting the head
61) wat is free way space
A.VD at rest mines VD at occlusion
B.It is 2-4 mm different in each pt
62) difficulty in processing of all ceramic crowns
B.Investment material
63) an impression taken half an hour ago, which impression should not put in water
Poly ether
64) an impression taken and it has to pour after 2 hours
65) anatomical landmarks used to determine the posterior limits of denture
Hamular notched
Hamular processes
Fovaen palatine
66) objective of RCT before final restoration
A.No exudate
B.No pain
C.Obtain a ve culture
67) wat mandibular component interferes with disto buccal region of denture
Coronoid processes

68) palatal cannal of maxillary molar is found under

Mesio lingual cusps

69) wat is minimum labial reduction required for PFM crown

70) porcelain boned to metal is strong in
71) hypodontia is seen in
Downs syndrome
72) wat is true about hypersensitivity reaction due to mercury?
A.Reaction to lowest level of hg
B.Brain toxicity
C.Systemic toxicity
73) which one of the following is expanding lesion of jaw bone
B. Central hameangioma
CRadicular cyst
74) after amalgam setting
C.Neither expands nor shrinks
75) wat is the lethal dose for paracetmol
A.4 cap
76) length of the post in tooth restoration
A.2/3 to root
B.Length of crown
C. of the root
77) pterygoid raphe inserted into buccinators and also inserts to
Superior constrictor of the pharynx
78) incisal color of the tooth is different from gingival colour in the gingival region
A.It has dentinal back ground
B.It is thicker than incisal region
79) voids in the thickest parts of the denture
80) calcification seen at the birth
All deciduous and permanent 6
81) objective of pulp capping
Maintain the vitality Of entire pulp
82) wat is true regarding elevation technique
Works better with 3rd molar???
83) extraction tech for lower 2nd premolar
D.Split the tooth
84) wat is true regarding to the preparation of occlusal rests in lingually tilted tooth
A.Use inverted cone bur
B.Use straight fissure bur
C.Prepare parallel to occlusal plain
D.At right angle to the long axis of tooth
85) cervical finish line of full veneer crown preparation should placed at?
At normal gingival margines
86 )in vital pulp therapy , wat is the optimum depth for pin hole in a tooth
A.Appro 2mm
87) an irregular shape voids on surface of a gold cast restoration is due to
A.Left over investment material
B.Left over investment in wax
C.Low temperature of casting
D.High tem of casting
88) inflammation of marginal gingiva after removal of rubber dam is due to
A.Lack of lubricant
B.Holes are too close
C.Holes are too far
D.Due to clasps