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Saturday, June 24 Tuesday, June 27, 2017 Colleagues of SHADAC

Interest Group Meetings Saturday, June 24

State Health Research and Policy Interest Group
Presenting Type Session Title Topic/Abstract Title Time & Location Co-Authors/Presenters

Brett Fried Podium Understanding Wading into Unknown Waters: 11:45 a.m. Jennifer Schultz (MN House of
Health Insurance and Understanding the Potential Size, 12:30 p.m. Representatives)C
Provider Markets Composition, and Costs of State High Risk Strand 10 Level
Pools 2

Peiyin Hung* Podium Abstract Impacts of Hospital Obstetric Unit Closures 2:45 p.m.4:15 Stephen Patrick (Vanderbilt);
Presentations: Child on Access, Procedure, and outcomes of p.m. Caitlin Cross-Barnet (CMMS);
Health Services Obstetric Care Strand 13 Level Liza Creel (University of
Utilization and 2 Louisville)
Disparities Interest Group
Podium Welcome, Introductions 8:30 a.m.
M (chair) Introductions, and 12:30 p.m.
Rachel Hardeman Opening Remarks Celestin B/C
Level 3
Podium Access to Fair? Insurance-Based Discrimination and its 11:10 a.m. Yang Tan (RTI International);
Patient-Centered Association with Access to Care in 12:10 p.m. Leigh Evans (Boston University);

Kathleen T. Call Perspectives on Minnesota before and after Health Reform Celestin B/C Wendy Camelo Castillo
Healthcare Level 3 (University of Maryland)
Child Health Services Research Interest Group
Peiyin Hung* Podium Abstract Impacts of Hospital Obstetric Unit Closures 2:45 p.m. Stephen Patrick (Vanderbilt);
Presentations: Child on Access, Procedure, and outcomes of Strand 13 Level Caitlin Cross-Barnet (CMMS);
Health Services Obstetric Care 2 Liza Creel (University of
Utilization and Louisville)
Health Economics Interest Group
Peter Huckfeldt Podium Research Panel: Medicare Advantage Penetration and 9:50 a.m. Haichang Xin (University of
(Discussant) Outcomes from CMS Hospital Costs (presentation by Zeynal 11:05 a.m. Alabama at Birmingham); Rachel
Hospital Readmission Karaca [AHRQ]) Strand 11 Henke (Truven Health Analytics);
Reduction Program Level 2 Zeynal Karaca (AHRQ)
Long Term Services and Supports

Tetyana Shippee Poster #185 Poster Session Racial Differences in Preventive Health Care 12:30 PM -
for Older Adults Receiving State-Funded 02:30 PM,
Long-Term Care Services and Supports in Elite Hall
Translation of Communications
Heidi McLeod* Poster Poster Session Redefining Shared Decision Making in 12:30 PM -
#259 Primary Care: A Video-Reflexive 02:30 PM,
Ethnography with Patients and Clinicians Elite Hall

ARM, June 2527, 2017

Sunday, June 25
Presenting Type Session Title/Theme Topic/Abstract Title Time & Location Co-Authors/Presenters
Colleen Longacre* Poster #49 Student Posters Using SEER Registry Data to Evaluate Racial Poster Session A:
Disparities in Hormone Receptor Testing 12:15 p.m.1:45
Racial Disparities and Breast Cancer Subtyping p.m.

Jiani Yu* Poster #88 Student Posters Evaluating the Effects of Medicare as Poster Session A:
Secondary Payer Legislation 12:15 p.m.1:45

Tetyana Shippee Poster #150 Aging, Disability, and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Nursing Home Poster Session A:
End-of-Life Residents Self-Reported Quality of Life 12:15 p.m.1:45

Kathleen Call Poster #183 Coverage, Access, and Who Gets It Right? Characteristics Poster Session A:
Medicaid Associated with Accurate and Inaccurate 12:15 p.m.1:45
Self-Reported Health Insurance Coverage p.m.

Lucas Higuera* Poster #347 Organizational Entry and Exit of Emergency Departments Poster Session A:
Behavior and and Emergency Services Utilization 12:15 p.m.1:45
Management p.m.

Fredric BlavinSHARE Poster #175 Aging, Disability, and How Different Is Medicaid Than Poster Session A: Genevieve KenneyC (Urban),
and #176 End-of-Life Marketplace Coverage at Easing the Burden 12:15 p.m.1:45 Michael Karpman (Urban),
of Out-of-Pocket Spending for Near Poor p.m. Benjamin Summers (Harvard)
Adults? and The Effects of the 2014
Medicaid Expansion on the Financial Health
of Hospitals: Updated Evidence Through
Rachel Hardeman Podium Building a Culture of Special session: This interactive session will 4:00 p.m.5:30 Deborah Love (Tulane); Tiffany
Diversity: Whats the focus on best practices that foster inclusive p.m. Love (Overton Brooks VA
Secret Sauce? diversity with the goal of changing the Celestin E Medical Center); Robert Weech-
culture of institutions, research practices, Level 3 Maldonado (University of
and individual interactions. Building on a Alabama at Birmingham); Margo
study of diversity in the HSR workforce, Edmunds (chair)
panelists will share strategies for retention, (AcademyHealth)
mentorship, and engagement of
underrepresented minorities in various

Monday, June 26
Presenting Type Session Title/ Theme Topic/Abstract Title Time & Location Co-Authors/Presenters
Schelomo Marmor Poster #462 Complex Chronic Geographic Inequality or Advantage: The Poster Session B:
Conditions Impact of Distance to Transplant Center on 8:00 a.m.9:15
Outcomes After Unrelated Donor a.m.
Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in the
United States
Tsan-yao Huang* Poster #489 Consumer Choice and Bayesian BLP Demand Model for Highly Poster Session B:
Incentives Aggregated Market Shares 8:00 a.m.9:15
Jiani Yu* Poster #509 Consumer Choice and Who Is Affected by Health-Contingent Poster Session B:
Incentives Workplace Wellness Incentives? 8:00 a.m.9:15
Astrid Knott Poster #548 Improving Safety, Potentially Preventable Readmissions for Poster Session B:
Quality, and Value Heart FailureWhat Does the Minnesota 8:00 a.m.9:15
All-Payer Claims Database Tell Us? a.m.
Kristi Swanson* Poster Payment and Delivery A Profiling of High Cost Episodes Under 08:00 AM - 09:15
#781 Systems Innovations Bundled Payment Models for Lower AM Poster
Extremity Joint Replacements Session B
Carrie Henning-Smith Poster #617 Measuring Safety, Rural-Urban Differences in the Impact of Poster Session B:
Quality, and Value Risk-Adjustment on Quality Measures for 8:00 a.m.9:15
Medicare Beneficiaries a.m.
Nathan Shippee Podium Identifying and This session covers methodological, 9:30 a.m. April Kimmel (Virginia
(chair) Addressing Risk Across observational, and interventional 11:00 a.m. Commonwealth University); David
the Spectrum approaches to predicting, understanding, Celestin A Meyers (Harvard T. H. Chan School
and addressing high-risk conditions and Level 3 of Public Health); Roch Nianogo
serving groups at special risk for high health (University of California Los
care needs. Angeles)
Christopher Frenier* Podium Measuring Safety, Structural and Organizational Factors that 09:30 AM -
(Co-Chair) Quality, and Value Influence Care Quality and Outcomes 11:00 AM
Bolden 5
Coleman Drake*SHARE Podium Labor Market Effects Employment Responses to Affordable Care 9:30 a.m. Laura Dague (Texas A&M);
Lucas Higuera* (chair) of the Affordable Care Act: Part-Time Workforce Composition and 11:00 a.m. Marcus Dillender (W. E. Upjohn
Act Employer Coverage Offers Celestin G/H Institute for Employment
Level 3 Research); Kosali Simon (Indiana
Lucas Higuera* Podium Consumerism: New Narrow Provider Networks and Willingness 11:15 a.m. David Cowling (California Public
Insights on How to Pay for Continuity of Care and Network 12:45 p.m. Employees Retirement System);
Patients Choose Breadth Celestin G/H Rebecca Gourevitch (Harvard
Providers and the Role Level 3 Medical School); Jessica
of Price in Choice Greene (Baruch College); Susan
Koch-Weser (Tufts University)
Katy Kozhimannil Podium Quality of Obstetric Black-White Disparities in Early Elective 11:15 a.m. Laura Attanasio (Sewanee: The
Care: The Influence of Delivery Following Statewide Policy 12:45 p.m. University of the South);
Provider Behavior and Implementation Imperial 5C/D Katherine Donato (Harvard
Hospital Systems on Level 4 University and Ariadne Labs);
Outcomes Kristen Kjerulff (Penn State
University); Xiao Xu (Yale School
of Medicine)

Giovann Alarcon* Podium Examining the Offering Paid Sick Leave to Employees in 3:15 p.m.4:45 Erika Martin (State University of
Upstream Factors: Minnesota Improves Their Health p.m. New York, Albany); Glen Mays
Social Determinants Celestin B/C (University of Kentucky); Richard
and Health Level 3 Puddy (Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention)
Timothy BeebeM Podium Applying PROs in Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) provide 03:15 PM -
(Chair) Clinical Practice a unique method of including the patient 04:45 PM,
perspective at the point of clinical care. The Strand 10
vision for the collection of PROs in clinical
care is that information such as symptoms,
function, well-being, and other aspects of
health status will be integrated into care as
yet another vital sign. Yet, there are few
examples of clinically-integrated PRO
collection to facilitate care management.
Coleman Drake* Podium New Analysis of ACA Consumers Highly Sensitive to Premiums 3:15 p.m. 4:45 Timothy Layton (Harvard Medical
Lynn Blewett (chair, Marketplaces and Deductibles When Choosing Between p.m. School); Alisha Simon (Minnesota

discussant) Marketplace Plans: New Analysis Using Strand 10 Department of Health); J. Frank
20142015 Plan-Level Enrollment Data Level 2 Wharam (Harvard Medical School
and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Kristi Swanson* Podium Measuring Safety, Leveraging New Data Sources for Quality 03:15 PM -
(Co-Chair) Quality, and Value Measurement and Reporting 04:45 PM
Imperial 5C/D
Lianna Weissblum* Podium Issues in Post-Acute Quality and Costs in Narrow Network Skilled 5:00 p.m.6:30 Terry Eng (RTI International);
Care: ACOs, Home Nursing Facilities p.m. Karen Joynt (Harvard T. H. Chan
Health, and Skilled Strand 12 School of Public Health); Amol
Nursing Level 2 Navathe (University of
Coleman Drake* Poster #872 Behavioral Health Evaluating the Effects of Federal Mental Poster Session C
Health Parity Legislation on Mental Health 6:30 p.m.8:00
Services Use and Spending p.m.
Carrie Henning-Smith Poster Health Workforce The Maternity Care Nurse Workforce in Poster Session C
#1059 Rural U.S. Hospitals: Challenges and 6:30 p.m.8:00
Opportunities p.m.
Xuyang Tang* Poster Public and Population A Pilot Study of the Effect of a Discount Poster Session C
#1269 Health Produce Card and Educational Programming 6:30 p.m.8:00
on Health Eating in Low-Income Households p.m.
Jiani Yu* Poster Public and Population Womens Awareness and Perceived Poster Session C
#1279 Health Importance of the Harms and Benefits of 6:30 p.m.8:00
Mammography Screening: Results from a p.m.
2016 National Survey

Tuesday, June 27
Presenting Type Session Title/ Theme Topic/Abstract Title Time & Location Co-Authors/Presenters
Rachel Hardeman Podium Structural Racism, 8:00 a.m.9:30 Margarita Alegria (Harvard
Health Systems, and a.m. Medical School); Brandi White
Health Inequities Strand 13 (Medical University of South
Level 2 Carolina); Joia Crear Perry
(National Birth Equity
Jiani Yu* Podium Improving Health Does Participation in a Workplace Physical 11:30 a.m. Jay Desai (HealthPartners
Behaviors through Activity Tracking Program Improve 1:00 p.m. Institute); Douglas Levy
Financial and Social Biometric Health Outcomes? Celestin G/H (Massachusetts General
Incentives Level 3 Hospital); Mitesh Patel
(University of Pennsylvania);
Melissa Romaire (RTI

* Graduate or PhD student

Faculty & Staff
University of Minnesota Colleague
SHARE Grantee
Colleagues of SHADAC