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Strategic Management Khoe, Sean Hanjaya Prasetya

BMI - 10315038

1. Question 1: What is the companys vision and mission?

From the study case, it seems that Atlantis Paradise Island have been change their vision and
mission to a new one. Their previous vision was to have the Atlantis experience regarded as
one of the wonders of the world!, while the previous mission was to provide every guest
with a Blow Away Experience that is inspired by a celebration of the sea and the myth of a
lost civilization.

Because of the obsolete vision and mission they decide to renew them as well as to recover
the declining revenue of this company. The new vision is: To be the most desired and
complete destination resort experience in the world. While their mission is: We will amaze all
who we touch through the uniqueness of our product, the warmth of our people, and the
engaging wonders of our mythical world.

2. Question 2: What is the companys strategy focus?

Strategy focus is a strategy in which a company concentrates its resources on entering or

expanding in a narrow market or industry segment. As Atlantis wanted to reach all the
customers generations, both children and adults, Atlantis positioning themselves by vary two
kind of programs that specialize for both adult and children. Atlantis has widen their market
for all generations of customers by adding facility like Atlantis Kid Adventure (AKA) that
specialised for children, and Cove Atlantis facility for adults only. They expand more and
more facility and areas in order to excite the customers. This made good feedback from the
customers and turns out there are 22% to 25% of returning customers. This diversion, shows
that the positioning way were able to increase the loyalty of the customers as well as the
revenue during that time.

From the given study case, it shows that the four pillars is the mainly strategy that this
company concentrate in. This four pillar consisted of revenue, controlling expenses to boost
profits, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. However, the employee and
customer satisfaction are two of the most strategy that Atlantis focused on. This was because
the satisfaction of employee will encourage and motivate them to serve and provide better
Strategic Management Khoe, Sean Hanjaya Prasetya
BMI - 10315038

service to the customers happily without hesitate, where the customers will also feel the same
way of the employee feel the satisfaction, and as a results the credibility of the company and
loyalty of the customers will increase and the revenue increase as the outcome.

They also wanted to develop and emphasis their leadership, from top to bottom. So the
leadership they wanted is a type of leadership that goes all the way down to the line
employee, so it has to flow up and down the chain of command.

3. Question 3: Why did the company renew their vision and mission?

When the business life cycle of Atlantis already face the maturity phase, in 2007 they were
having issues about the scale between the number of the employee and the customers. At that
time, Atlantis almost having accomplished most of the goals related to expansion of its
facilities and attractions, meanwhile, they were facing dangerous situation. Many of the
trends at that time like declining customer satisfaction, declining reservation enquiries,
declining conversion rations, and reduced average spend/reservation, as well as facing
forecasting difficulty.

During that time, the number of employee reach almost 30,000 people, with the workplace
that even bigger. They are too focused on developing their facility, which losing the concern
of two important strategies, which are employee and customer satisfaction. Lack of
leadership became one of the reason the crash happens in the internal. It was difficult at that
time to manage thousands of people and create synergy as a unity. Because of the unfulfilled
demand of the customers expectation, the satisfaction decreases, and results into many
declining trends.

The vice president, was then finally decided to renew the core vision and mission of the
company. They change their vision from represent Atlantis as one of the wonderful objects
into something that more measurable and adjusted with the demand changes. They more
focused on giving an extraordinary experience to the customers. So what changes here, is
about the perspective of how people see Atlantis.

The renewed of vision and mission also being supported and strengthen by the workshop that
conducted on 2009 by board managers which discussed about how the renewed vision and
Strategic Management Khoe, Sean Hanjaya Prasetya
BMI - 10315038

mission can give benefits and advantages for the company. The part of the workshop closed
by distilling the characteristics of effective visions and mission statements into seven key

1. CLEARto both internal and external customers

2. CONCISEbrief and to the point
3. CREDIBLEthat we can do it
4. ASPIRATIONALmakes us all stretch
5. ACHIEVABLEin the foreseeable future
6. ALIGNEDwith our stakeholders
7. CONSISTENTwith our core values

4. Question 4: How did the company maintain its success?

Atlantis found that in order to maintain its success, they need to do in the first place adapting
and adjusting new culture into the working place and fit in to the employee by choosing
Karen Carey to supervise and manage the new vision and mission. She conduct a team that
called Vision Champions. This team will lead and be the representative of the company for
all of the divisions of how and what the new vision and mission looks and works like. They
motivate and give example, so every employee will fit in and able to adjust easily with the
new working environment and renewed vision and mission.

Finally, Atlantis measured and keep monitoring of thee working progress. They measure by
determine whether the company can be better than they were before of not. The
measurements done by conducting feedback that they got from both the employees and