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Account #40044548 (CIF: R001668) titled Reef Gallery Inc.

Profile Deviation

The profile deviation alert was generated due to the account of Reef Gallery Inc. exceeding the expected
activity for checks issued. The Reef Gallery is an art dealer who sells artwork in the Fishing Village
section of the Ocean Reef Club and it is owned 50% each by Bruce W. Elliot and his wife Kim Ferguson
Elliot. Inside the business location is Kimbe, Inc., a small high-end jewelry store 100% owned by Kim
Elliot. The Elliot's source of wealth come largely from the inheritance received from Bruce's deceased
stepfather, Dexter Coffin. When Dexter Coffin married Bruce's mother, Mary Coffin, his fortune was
about $50 million and he was part owner of Dexter Corp. The entities estimated annual revenue is
$650,000.00 per KYC. This account was established as the business operating account.

The alerted activity consisted of (18) checks issued totaling $76,340.18 ranging from $79.89 - $29,475.00
between 04/04/2016 and 04/29/2016. This activity includes Anne Neilson ($29,475.00 ref: April Sales)
Anne Neilson an artist nationally known for her ethereal Angel Series paintings; Chance & Anthem
($10,000.00); Q Art Studio LLC ($9,000.00 ref: Black & White); Shimshon Avrahami ($4,966.66) jewelry
sales business; and Ocean Reef Club, amongst others. Transactions appear to represent operating

According to RFI response submitted from account officer, the check in the amount of $10,000 was
issued to a law firm Chance and Anthem. The Officer further stated, purpose as stated on the memo of
the check is: Loan to Bruce Elliott, (scrible) Jeffrey Siskind (attorney) 10% down on 2 Shores in
Maryland. Bruce Elliott and Jeffrey Siskind, have a business relationship, attorney client.

Internet search was unable to identify Chance & Anthem as a law firm. Further research identified
Chance & Anthem LLC is a Florida registered Company with principle address of 525 S. Flagler Drive STE
501 West Palm Beach FL 33401. Registered Agent is listed as William L Siskind (previously also listed as
managing member) and current Managing Member listed as Jeffrey M Siskind. The address listed for
Chance & Anthem is also tied to Palm Beach Investment Group, Jeffrey M Siskind Law Office, and
William Siskind Law.

Jeffrey M Siskind is identified as a lawyer in Palm Beach County and Managing Member of Siskind Legal
Group. During research conducted it was identified that William L Siskind was disbarred from practicing
law in the State of Maryland for misconduct involving a conflict of interest with a former client and for
his false testimony at a deposition taken in his personal bankruptcy case.

Due to information provided by account officer and research conducted this alert is being escalated for
further review.

Milly Rodriguez