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Aristo Success 2B

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Unit 5 Reading and Comprehension
Challenging reading and comprehension

The School Counselling Unit is putting on a play about teen problems. Study the school
notice and the drama script excerpt to find out more.

Growing up is full of frustration, but are affected by classic teen problems, such
remember: every cloud has a silver lining, as school and study issues, fitting in and
so be bold and come forward to seek relationships. The SCU hopes that the play15
advice. This is the message of the annual will encourage more students to go to them
production of the School Counselling Unit5 if and when problems arise.
(SCU), Everyday Problems.
Admission is free, so there is no reason to
Based on real-life stories of students who miss this amazing performance which starts
Students tackle teenage have sought help from the SCU and at 4 pm in the school hall on Friday, 1220
problems on stage. featuring Sean Wu and Kit Lee in the March. The show is one hour long with a
leading roles, Everyday Problems focuses10 15-minute interval. See you there!
on several young people who

[SCENE 1: SAM meets JOE in the school canteen]

SAM: Hey, Joe! Whats that worried look on your face? Is something wrong?
JOE: Im just very stressed about the exam. I seem to feel constantly tired and am unmotivated in
my studies, even though I know I cant afford to fail. My parents expect me to do well; they
dont like failures. 5
SAM: Relax. Why not join our newly set-up study group? Studying with others could help you
deal with exam pressure. We can work together and help each other out. Lets get
the ball rolling this weekend, shall we? Were having our first meeting on Saturday
afternoon. You should join us!
[TRACY enters from stage left, busy reading from a tablet computer; she is totally10
unaware of SAM and JOE]
JOE: Thanks! That sounds like a great idea. Hey, isnt that Tracy over there? Lets go
and talk to her.
JOE & SAM: Tracy!
TRACY: (startled) Gosh! Sorry, guys. I didnt see you there! I was focussing on 15
getting this message to Annie, the school counsellor, before our meeting
this coming Wednesday. Ive just finished writing it.
SAM: School counsellor? Is everything okay?
TRACY: Its my parents; I need someones advice.
SAM: But yours are such doting parents! They are always dropping you off 20
in the morning and picking you up after school. Your mum even
prepares packed lunches for you.
JOE: Sams right. Youre so lucky my parents only care about my
TRACY: Ill read you my message to Annie, and youll understand. 25
(SAM and JOE nod) Okay, here goes:

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Aristo Success 2B
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Unit 5 Reading and Comprehension
Challenging reading and comprehension

Dear Annie
Everyone thinks I am so lucky to have parents who are always there for me, but if they truly understood my situation,
they wouldnt want to be in my shoes. Mum and Dad are constantly watching over me like hawks, monitoring my
every move. I feel imprisoned and really fed up, too. I want to join the extra-curricular activities Im passionate about,
and not the ones they think are useful for my future. Recently, they have stepped up their watch by monitoring my
social-networking account to make sure I mingle with the right friends! How can I tell them to stop and respect my
Tracy 35

JOE: Thats totally unacceptable! I would strongly protest to your parents if

I were you.
TRACY: I did, but they wouldnt listen. They kept saying they knew whats best
for me. Thats why I need Annies advice.
[SCENE 2: TRACY, SAM and JOE are at the school gate]
JOE: Hi, Tracy! Youre looking perky today! Has everything worked out well
with your parents?
TRACY: Yes, thanks to Annie! Let me share her advice with you. (TRACY taps the
tablet and reads from its screen) 45
Dear Tracy
Thank you for your message. From what you describe, it seems that your parents are extremely overprotective and I
understand this can sometimes be overbearing for you. I think they are doing it out of love because they truly care
for you. Why dont you have an honest chat with them? If you show your parents that you are mature enough to
handle things sensibly by explaining your feelings calmly, they may see things from your point of view. Then, work
together to sort out your differences. Hopefully, they will begin to see that you can make responsible decisions 50
independently. Be patient, I am sure things will look up from there.
Good luck!
SAM: So, did you talk to your parents? How did they react?
TRACY: They listened to me this time and were very impressed by the way I handled the matter, and 55
theyve promised to respect my privacy and independence more. Im so relieved!
JOE & SAM: (together) Thats great!/ Cool!
JOE: Hmm Tracy, theres something Id like your advice on
TRACY: Sure. What is it?
JOE: You see, Im sort of interested in the new girl in your class. 60
TRACY: You mean Amy?
JOE: Yes! I cant keep her out of my head, but I dont think she notices me. Is it possible for you
to try to find out if ...
TRACY: But Joe, this is exam time you should focus on your studies!
JOE: I know, but I cant get her out of my mind.
SAM: Joe, you shouldnt let yourself get distracted with exams looming! It isnt wise.
TRACY: I think talking things over with an adult that can be trusted can help us see things from a
different perspective. Why dont I take you to see Annie?
JOE: Sure! Thanks, Tracy!
TRACY: No worries.

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Aristo Success 2B
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Unit 5 Reading and Comprehension
Challenging reading and comprehension

It is Well-being Week at school and your teacher would like to talk about the SCUs play in
class before the performance. She gives you some questions. Refer to the notice and drama
script excerpt to answer them.

1 Complete the following sentence based on information from Text 2`.

They ______________________________________________________________________
and only allow her to join _________________________________________________ .

2 Look for words or expressions in Reading which are similar in meaning to:
a. theres always hope _____________________________________________
b. happening soon _________
c. get better ___________________

3 Read Scene 1 in Text 2 carefully and decide if the following statements are true (T), false (F) or not
stated (X).
a. Sam is a member of a study group. ________
b. Joe is struggling at school. ________
c. Annie is good with computers. ________
d. Amy and Joe are good friends. ________

4 Which phrase below best describes the expression get the ball rolling in line 8 of Text 2?
A play sport
B meet a target
C start something
D relax at weekends

5 The word doting in line 20 of Text 2 can be replaced by

A strict
B loving
C annoying
D persistent

6 What does Tracy compare her parents to when describing how they check up on everything she

7 Why does Joe ask Tracy specifically for advice?


8 Do you agree with Annies advice for Tracy? Why/Why not?


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Aristo Success 2B
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Unit 5 Reading and Comprehension
Challenging reading and comprehension

Your best friend Julia is working on a poster to promote the play. Help her complete the

Feeling stressed? Finding it hard to make friends?
Having problems with parents?

Come to our drama performance youll see that youre not alone,
. and perhaps youll find some answers!

Title: _________________________________
Time: ________________________________
Date: ________________________________
Venue: _______________________________
Ticket price: ___________________________
Duration of show: ____________________

We hope that the play will _____________________________________


Julia wants to promote the play in other ways as well. Based on two characters from the play,
she designs a feature about teen problems for the school magazine called Emotional Health
Check. Help her finish the feature.

[*Underline the correct option.] [*Underline the correct option.]

Name: Joe Name: Tracy

*Problem 1 *Problem 1
exam stress / dating / peer pressure / exam stress / dating / peer pressure /
health / money / overprotective parents / health / money / overprotective parents /
other other
Feelings/Symptoms shown: Feelings/Symptoms shown:
____________________________________ ____________________________________
Solution: Solution:
___________________________ ___________________________
* Problem 2 * Problem 2
exam stress / dating / peer pressure / exam stress / dating / peer pressure /
health / money / over-protective parents / health / money / over-protective parents /
other other
Feeling/Symptom shown: Feeling/Symptom shown:
_____________ _____________
___________________________________ ___________________________________
Solution: Solution:
Aristo Educational Press Ltd. 2012
___________________________ ___________________________