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Coating Technology
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High tech solutions Grenzebach Your partner

have a name Grenzebach for coating technology

World-wide, the name Grenzebach stands for intelligent handling, Flat glass producers place their trust in Grenzebach
processing and automation focused on quality and perfomance. technology. Now including coating technology to become the
sole supplier of completely integrated production solutions.
At locations in Europe, America and Asia more than 1500 Grenze- of a very few companies today that offer a portfolio covering
bach employees develop and realize individual, high-tech solu- the complete range of glass manufacturing: from the thinnest
tions for complex manufacturing and automation tasks. Within glass for mobile phones, to solar modules and up to the biggest With the extension of its product portfolio towards coating The yield of todays fabrication lines depend more and more
our discrete business units, Building Materials, General architectural glass sheets, 24m long. systems Grenzebach becomes the sole supplier covering on appropriate material handling flow and product data
Industries and Glass we continue to focus our many years the entire manufacturing chain from the cold end to the collection solutions as manufacturing processes become
of experience and competence on the needs of our customers. Architectural coatings on glass contribute significantly to meet finished and processed product. increasingly sophisticated. Hence the integration of coating
Thus we create solutions that enable our customers to achieve the high demanding, energy saving requirements of todays technology is the logical step towards higher outputs at
their goals. strict regulatory codes. One cannot imagine todays modern Including our expertise in float glass handling equipment even higher quality levels.
window and facade architecture without the use of high-quality and knowledge in automation of complex production lines
Business Unit Glass Low-E and Solar Control coatings on expansive glass surfaces. (such as solar panel production and logistics) Grenzebach can With its extended capabilities in layout planning and mate-
At Grenzebach, execution of innovative machine technologies provide solutions beyond sheer automation. rial flow simulation, Grenzebach has proved a highly reliable
Since the early seventies, Grenzebach has accomplished a great and forward thinking PVD process technologies provide our partner for top global players in the thin glass and display
deal in the glass market all beginning with windows, mirrors customers with the highest yields and superior product quality. Now Grenzebach has once more extended its innovative power industries.
and facades. Our varied applications of todays equipment are The continuous improvement of existing systems and processes, towards new frontiers covering coating technology with the
built upon the experience and numerous technical innovations of coupled with the development of new technologies, guarantee same passion and dedication to fulfil our customers demands.
years past. Our innovative and intelligent solutions can be found coated glass products that are aligned with the future.
in all areas of modern glass production. World-wide, we are one
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Applied nanotechnology

Solar Control Coatings Low E-Coatings Low-E Sun/Double, Triple Low-E Coatings

Low-E Spectra Comparison

Top Coat
1,0 Visible Infrared

High-solar-gain low-E


Top Coat IR Mirror
Seed 0,4 gain low-E
Bottom Dielectric
Glass Glass 0,1 Low-solar-gain low-E
Solar Control Double silver Low-E 0,3 0,8 1,3 1,9 2,3
Keep the heat outside! Standard hight performance Wavelength (microns)
coatings Low-E Spectra Comparison

Nanotechnology today. Transmittance & lightening living comfort is kept on

a maximum level
Industrialization of To transfer the latest technology into production requires
sophisticated and up to date coating equipment which is
Sophisticated coatings help Energy efficiency heat transfer is limited to keep our Nanotechnology. simultaneously future proof and ultimately dedicated to

to keep our future bright. planet green

Neutral appearance colors can be adjusted to please
Enable the technology of maximized uptime and lowest running cost. As coating systems
for architectural, solar and display applications become more
any given demand tomorrow today. and more complex the coating platform allows also to choose
complementary technologies such large area PECVD, ion
Energy efficiency becomes more and more important hence The Grenzebach coating platform allows producing these cleaning and treatment, heating, etc., which truly protects
sophisticated layer stacks for coatings have been developed. cutting edge coatings on a single machine with consistent our customers investment in a Grenzebach coating system.
But it is of similar importance for our comfort that objects quality and output. Grenzebach coating systems a perfect fit to pair maximum
have colors which we are used to green grass, blue sky, flexibility with highest reliability.
yellow sun and white snow.
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The heart of coating technology

Grenzebach vacuum coating machinery


Rapid removal drop-in shield and transport roll system = increased uptime due to
shorter maintenance time = highest productivity
Process gas inlet at pass line and top pumping = highest process stability
and reproducability at lowest gas cost
Integrated process heating devices allow for substrate temperatures
up to 225 C = greater product line flexibility
Two planar cathodes in one process compartment = longer campaign time
and shorter coater length


Gas bar segmentation easily adoptable to process requirements = superior process
control maintenance time = highest productivity
Fixed gas separation at varying glass thicknesses = improved process
stability and shorter coater
Stable and reliable 30 mm glass gap = higher productivity and lower
maintenance requirements = longer campaign lengths
Minimal floor reinforcements and no special foundation requirements =
reduced total CAPEX

Coating technology of tomorrow. Using latest coating Two machine sizes for all demands. Customized configuration
technology allows for maximum profitability. for virtually any product in glass coating.

The versatile compartment concept includes features like The technology compartment with 870 mm of width offers: The overall length of the machinery depends on the required
a robust transport system for the process zones, remote production output and the individual product specifications.
adjustable gas isolation tunnels, tub design for aperture Highest process stability with process gas feed in close Due to its inherent flexibility, the machine configuration can
shields, multi couplers for main media and many others. proximity to the substrate surface be easily changed during maintenance cycles in order to
adapt to any given product mix of the user.
The top pump capability for the coating positions helps to Capability of running two standard planar cathodes
reduce footprint costs to a minimum. side by side GB 3300 GB 2650

Glass dimension [LW] mm 6,2003,300 3,7002,650

The coating tools and related environments as offered are Easy access during maintenance cycles plus simplified
max. LW [mm]
designed in a way to easily match layer uniformities of1% exchange of shielding assemblies in a single frame.
Glass thickness [mm] mm 219
for all common processes
Min. cycle time [sec] sec 30 20
Annual productivity Mio m2/year up to 18 up to 13
Typical factory footprint [LW] m 20025 15025
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Grenzebach turnkey coating

lines One supplier for
the entire production line

Quality inspection PVD coating Washing Manual loading

Manual unloading Automatic unloading Automatic loading

Grenzebach is uniquely Sophisticated glass processing SmallFastNeat Medium High Productivity

positioned to optimize a Built upon our long-standing experience in float glass hand- Optimized for smaller scale production Down to 45 s per load cycle This high end, turnkey coating

total production line solution ling, Grenzebach has designed dedicated loading, unloading
and conveying equipment to perfectly partner with todays
requirements but readily prepared for
throughput upgrades at any time, this
time, these systems are optimized
for 58 Mio m per annum for given
system targets mass production of
a well established product portfolio
that meets the customers state of the art PVD coating machinery. system is set up for 25 Miom per customer tailored product mix at cycle times down to 2030 s,

market goals for year one, annum initially, at a cycle time of 60 s

per load.
requirements. yielding an annual production of
up to 18 Mio m.
three, five and beyond.
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Highlights in coating technology

@ Grenzebach
Coater Handling equipment Cathodes Spare parts, upgrades and consulting Coating lab
The Grenzebach coater platform Based upon the long-standing experience Inhouse made planar and Spare parts Spare parts packages & services for the Based in the Grenzebach
GB 2650/3300 is designed to push in float glass handling Grenzebach has rotary cathodes in combination existing global installed PVD coater base headquarters, a full size lab
productivity, uptimes and final product designed dedicated coater handling lines with latest state of the art MF-, Endblock refurbishment services for coater equipped with multiple
performance towards the limits while to serve the increasing demand in coated DC- and pulsed DC technology rotatable cathodes coating positions in different
flexibility and ease of maintenance are glass. deliver reliable, consistent process zones serves as an R&D
unbeaten. coating performance to meet Upgrades Control retrofit Additional coating positions tool for new layers, a training
Typically working offline, these lines can the latest demands as well (sputter cathods) system for customer projects
Combining well established features with process all sizes of glass. Taken from as face future challenges of Vacuum system optimization/ and a qualification platform for
smart improvements and new ideas result temporary glass rack storage, jumbo or the coating industry for cycle time reductions new hardware technologies and
in a unique coating platform which serves mid-sized (LES) glass sheets are fed into architectural glazing. Reconfiguration Retrofit of controls/drive systems components.
to satisfy the market needs of today and the line by swing-arm stackers or gantry Increase of production throughput
tomorrow. feeders. Robots are also used to handle Optimization of layer stacks & recipes Grenzebach stays one step ahead
LES sizes as well as small glass plates. in the industry through constant
Additionally, sheets of any size can also Process Technical Development of new layer stacks as development of new hardware,
optimization consulting
be loaded manually. onsite support or as remote service at components and processes as
Grenzebach Coating Lab continuous duties.
Technology support for ongoing

Grenzebach supplies fully integrated, turn key systems with all required equipment for a Grenzebach is serving the existing installed coater base with service products from
complete coating production line from a single source. upgrades to spare parts and extensive on-site production or maintenance suport.